Pit Princess

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The Pits

Ariana was the Queen of the track, but her mother was the Queen of Sweden.

Ariana loved the excitement of the speed and the sounds that come from the Pit side at the race track. Her father use to take her there weekly, before he passed away.

‘Ariana, you need a life outside the castle too’ he would say.

At first they would sit in the stands like everyone else, but one day father decided to show her what it was like in the Pits.

After that moment, she couldn’t get enough of it and as soon as she turned 16 she got her first bike. She didn’t want to race cars. The adrenaline rush was greater when she was on a bike.

Most guys either worshiped her or felt she didn’t belong on the same track with them, but none of them knew her secret. None of them knew she was the only daughter of their Queen.

See Ariana made sure to wear her hair up when she was being a proper princess, and always had it down at the track. No one seemed to recognize this bike racer as the Princess of Sweden. That or they just fooled themselves into believing that could never happen. Either way, her secret was safe.

Tonight was no different. Ariana arrived to the Pits, paid the fee to register and signed in. She found her usual spot and began looking over her bike.

“You don’t belong here racing” she heard a male voice say. “You belong in a skimpy skirt standing next to the winner.. me.”

As she stood up he could see the sexy outline of her body. Her tight ass in her black leather racing pants. Her long flowing dark hair accenting the form of her upper body.

He smiled at her, thinking he had made his point but she simply looked at him and smiled before saying, “I’ll make you a deal. If you beat me to the finish line, I’ll stand by your bike in whatever skimpy shirt you choose.”

“Alright, now we’re talking” he said, nudging his friend.

“BUT” she continued, “if I beat you to the finish line you walk off this track and don’t come back.”

He and his friend just laughed in a cocky manner, believing the win was as good as his. “Tight leather mini my dear.” He said as they walked away.

Ariana checked over her engine, making sure all the connections were right. She checked her brakes and all the fluids. She secured her NoS and readied herself for the race.

She pulled her hair up into her helmet and headed to the starting line.

The man who had approached her pulled up next to her and raised his visor. She raised hers to hear what he had to say.

“See you at the finish line Princess” he chuckled.

Ariana pulled her visor down, not saying a word, and lined up at the ready.

The light beeped and flashed red, red, yellow, GREEN!

The two racers took off instantly. Bikes rumbling down the track. A quarter mile in 10 seconds or less was the goal.

Ariana took the lead from the start. As she allowed her competitor to close in she hit the NoS button and ripped away, leaving him in her wake.

As he arrived at the finish line, where Ariana sat, her visor up, he stopped by her side, raising his own visor to hear what she now had to say.

“It’s Queen to you” she said before riding back to her place in the Pit.

As he rode up to her, feeling humbled and embarrassed by his own actions.

“I.. I’m sorry..” he began.

“Don’t worry about it. Not the first time I’ve heard that” she said. “And don’t worry about the deal.. the Pits are more fun with people who think they know where I belong.”

She chuckled and went back to checking over her bike before the next race was to begin.

When she finished and sat down to relax she picked up her phone and began looking for an app to entertain herself with.

She came across a virtual social app. She read the description.

‘Engage in sexting with perfect strangers of like minds. Meet or don’t meet. Keep it as anonymous as you wish, all while exploring the deviant secrets of your own fantasies.’

“Interesting,” she said to herself as she hit download.

Ariana created a sexy character, a classy yet sexy bike racer named Artimus.

Before she has the chance to begin exploring, she hears the announcement for her next race.

Ariana puts her phone in her car and grabbs her helmet and bike and heads to the starting line.

Engines reved and as she nears the line she looks back and swears she sees him. The tall blonde from the derby that day.

Beep, beep...

She turns to face the track. Quarter mile in 10 seconds or less, that is the goal, she tells herself as she watches the light flash:

red, red, yellow, GREEN.

She flies down the track, making her fastest run ever. Adrenaline coursing through her veins as she doesn’t bother to stop. She continues over to her spot, leaping off her bike and pulling her helmet off as she hurried to the entrance of the track.

‘I swear he’s here. I know I saw him.’ She thinks to herself as she searches for the blonde man, but can’t find him.

The night grows late. Ariana puts her bike on the trailer and gets into her car to head home. Once a week she gets to escape the confines of the castle and live outside the walls, where no one is the wiser.

However, she always has to head back to face another long week of royal life.

As she locks her car away and grabs her phone to head up to her room she hears the ding of a notification.

She looks at her phone and sees she has a new message on the app she had downloaded.

“Oh I forgot about that” she says to herself as she opens the app to read the message..

‘Hello Baby Girl. Would you like to have some fun?’

As she pulls up the profile of the sender she sees his character.. what appears to be a well off business man, carrying a seductive smile and deep eyes that could see into ones soul.

Maybe the week won’t be so bad after all.

‘What do you have in mind?’ She replies.

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