Pit Princess

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Hello Baby Girl. Would you like to have some fun?’

What do you have in mind?’ She replies.

After changing into her bedtime t-shirt, Ariana plopped down onto her bed watching the new social app for a reply from this mysterious man.

‘What are you wearing baby?’ She read as her phone came alive again.

‘A t-shirt’ she replied, smiling to herself knowing it would likely intrigue her suitor.

‘Anything else?’ He inquired, causing her to smile.

Oh this could turn out to be rather fun, she thought to herself as she replied, ‘nope. Just a t-shirt.’

‘Mmm, very nice baby girl’ came his reply, causing her to feel a warm sensation between her legs.

Ariana sat in bed feeling the semi familiar urge to touch herself just to see if she were wet.

Although she was not a virgin, which her mother probably had no idea, she had not quite explored a lot sexually.

Ariana was, however, very curious and read plenty of erotica stories to turn herself on. She wanted to try so many things but didn’t know where to begin or who to try them with.

‘You still there’ he inquired.

‘I am’ she replied.

‘I’m Dallas’ he said. ‘I’m 6’4 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Just thought I’d let you know who you’re talking with.’

As she pondered the height and description of Dallas, Ariana couldn’t help but picture the man from the derby.

‘Charming’ she replied, ‘I’m Ariana. I’m 5’1 with brown hair and green eyes. Pleasure to meet you Dallas.’

‘That’s an interesting height difference’ he said.

‘Ah but I’m not short.’ Ariana typed. ‘I’m fun sized.’

‘Well then, fun sized it is.’ He replied making her smile.

Ariana looked at the clock and realized it was getting really late and she had a meeting in the morning with mother and tea at noon and another afternoon meeting.

‘Ugh’ she typed.

‘What’s wrong baby girl’ he asked, causing her to feel wet this time.

‘It’s really late and I have an early day tomorrow. Mind if we continue this later?’ She inquired hopefully.

‘I’ll be waiting to hear from you 💋’ he replied.

‘Good night’ Ariana wrote and then silenced her phone before curling up under her covers.

Ariana tried to sleep but she couldn’t stop thinking about the man at the derby and the blonde at the track and now Dallas.

Her core ached to be played with. To be teased. To be touched in ways not physical that caused her great pleasures.

Buzz buzz buzz.. went her alarm at 0700 hours.

Ariana rolled over, hitting off her alarm and groaning in displeasure.

‘Oh geez why the hell did I stay up so late’ she groaned as she pulled the covers over her head.

“Ariana——-“ she heard mother’s voice from downstairs. Mother always listened for feet after the alarm and if she didn’t hear her up and moving soon enough she would call after her.

“I’m up mother I’m up” Ariana called back as she rolled out of bed and headed to the shower.

“Ariana dear, if you insist on having things both ways you really need to figure out how to manage sleep” her mother was saying over breakfast. “The bags under your eyes are doing nothing good for you child.”

“I’m sorry mother. I’ll be good after I eat, I promise” she said before taking a mouthful of her eggs.

The morning meeting was short and Ariana found herself with some leisure time before tea. She headed out to the garden and sat down to relax as she pulled her phone out to check the app.

‘Goodp morning baby girl’ was the greeting she received from Dallas. Ariana smiled and then felt a tingle rise up from her core.

‘Good morning handsome’ she replied, not expecting him to see it right away.

‘I want you to be mine’ he said.

Ariana looked at the message and as she pondered his words she asked, ‘how so?’

‘I want to make your body feel things you never knew possible’ Dallas replied. ‘I want to claim you as my own and control your sexual desires, pleasures and fantasies.’

“Ariana?” Mother called out.

She could feel the heat rising between her legs as her nub began to swell and her panties became moist.

“Coming mother” she called back, giving herself a few moments to reply to Dallas.

‘Then I’m yours.’ She replied. ‘I belong to you, but right now mother is calling and I must go.’

‘Mmm yes’ Dallas replied, pleased at the thought of her being his. ‘We'll talk more later.’

Ariana hurried back into the house before her mother called for her again. The last thing she needed was mother all in her business, just when things were getting exciting.

That night Ariana made sure to be in bed at a proper time so she could pull out her phone and chat a bit.

‘Good evening handsome’ she sent the message to Dallas.

To her surprise he again replied right away, ‘hi baby girl.’

Oh bloody hell, she thought to herself. ‘You know that makes me tingle when you call me that?’ She replied to him.

‘Mmm good’ he wrote back. ‘Now who calls someone baby girl?’

‘Daddy’ she replied.

‘Very good baby girl. Would you like to call me that?’ He inquired.

‘Oh yes’ Ariana wrote back as she felt the heat between her legs grow.

‘You know, you do something to my body’ she said.

‘Good’ Dallas replied. ‘I want you to get wet whenever you talk to me.’

‘Oh I don’t see that as a problem’ she replied as she squirmed in bed.

Dallas took her through actions. Asking her to touch her breasts. Play with her nipples and tell him how it felt.

Ariana could feel the tingle between her legs growing. She was getting so hot, wet and so aroused.

Ariana did everything Dallas asked her to do. They sent voice clips to each other. Dallas giving direction and Ariana moaning or whimpering in pleasure.

She was panting hard and thrashing about her bed aching to cum and trying to hold back.

‘Daddy please let me cum’ she asked of him once more.

‘Cum for daddy baby girl but I want to hear when you do’ he replied.

Ariana came hard as she played with herself and recorded the clip of her heavy breathing and intense moans as she came.

‘Mmm, such a good girl’ he wrote to her.

Ariana smiled as she relaxed from her orgasm, ‘thank you daddy.’

‘Say it baby girl. I know you want to.’ Dallas wrote back. ‘Say it.’

‘I love you daddy’ she replied as she sunk into her pillow, exhausted and pleased.

‘You make daddy so happy baby girl’ he wrote, ‘now get some sleep.’

‘Goodnight daddy’ she sent just as she drifted off to sleep.

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