Pit Princess

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The rest of the week was a juggling act. The usual meet and greets and the royal meetings.

Ariana dressed in proper Princess attire, her hair up as usual. She smiled and did everything that was expected of the future queen.

“Mother.. do you mind if I step away and check my messages a moment” she asked.

“No dear, it’s been a long day and you need time to yourself too” mother replied.

“Thank you mother. I won’t be long.” She replied as she kissed mother on the cheek and ran off for some quiet time in the garden.

‘Hi daddy’ she sent a message, eager to feel that burning ache between her legs that she was beginning to feel every time Dallas so much as said hi to her now.

‘Hi baby girl’ came his reply moments later. ‘How is your day going?’

‘Oh daddy I love how you make me feel.” She replied as she felt her arousal grow. ‘It’s been a good day. Busy, but good. Mother let me take a break and I’m out in the garden now.’

‘Did baby girl come to see me?’ He asked.

‘Yes daddy.’ She answered.

‘This pleases daddy.’ He answered. ‘Play with your tits for me baby girl.’

‘Yes daddy’ she replied as she began caressing her breasts. Gripping up from the bottoms and squeezing up and together as her thumbs rolled over her nipples.

‘Oh daddy that feels so good.’ She wrote.

‘Mmm good girl’ he answered.

“Ariana... time for us to leave for the ribbon cutting” mother called out to her.

‘I’m sorry daddy’ she began writing, ‘duty calls.’

‘No problem baby girl, I’ll let you play some more later.’ He answered.

‘I should be free after the ribbon cutting daddy’ she replied.

Oh shit.. she thought. I screwed up.

‘I’ll see you later baby girl” Dallas answered. Even though he caught what she had said, he respected that they had not yet discussed much personal.

Ariana sent a 😘 to Dallas and ran to the car before mother called after her again.

“Ariana dear, I do hope it isn’t too long before you introduce him to me” mother said as they got into the car.

“Introduce who to you” Ariana said, trying to hide the smile in her heart.

“The young man that keeps you smiling these last few days.” Mother replied.

Ariana just smiled and looked out the window. She had no idea where Dallas was from or if it were even possible that they could meet for real. Plus, what would he think if he found out she was the future queen.

Little did she know, today’s comment wasn’t her first mistake. Dallas was very observant and caught a couple things she let slip. He was beginning to piece together who she really was, but still he respected her privacy.

The fact that she was the future queen however, it made her calling him daddy that much more erotic.

That night as Ariana settled into bed she pulled out her phone again to message Dallas.

‘How’s my baby girl’ he wrote immediately after her message to him.

‘I’m good daddy. Tired but good.’ She relied and took a deep breath. She was actually starting to have real feelings for Dallas and decided now was as good a time as any to tell him who she really was.

‘Daddy, I want to tell you something about myself’ she began, ‘and I truly hope it doesn’t make you walk away because I truly am enjoying you.’

‘What is it baby girl’ he replied. ‘And don’t you worry, feelings run deep and I have no plans of going anywhere.’

As much as she wanted to know that was true, she feared that playing sexually like this with a future queen just might be too much for anyone.

‘My mother is the Queen of Sweden’ she said and then held her breath.

‘So you’re telling me that the single heir to the throne of Sweden calls me daddy for fun?’ He wrote back.

Ariana smiled at the way he turned it into something to laugh about.

‘Pretty much, ya’ she replied.

‘That’s hot as hell baby girl’ he said, ‘and as long as I’m the only one who can call you mine, you’re pretty much stuck with me.’

Ariana felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. Well, she thought, he knows who I am now. All I have to do is see how close we are. Maybe, just maybe, one day we can meet.

‘Any other secrets you hold dear’ he asked.

‘I like to race motorcycles’ she said, thinking she may as well tell him everything at this point.

‘Sounds fun’ he said, ‘what do you think about maybe doing a voice call?’

As Ariana thought about this a moment, Dallas messaged her again, ‘there is an app we can use that gives you a number. That way you don’t have to give me your actual phone number if you’re not comfortable.’

Ariana agreed and after Dallas told her the app she downloaded it and they exchanged information.

‘Get some sleep baby girl’ he wrote, ‘you’ve had a long day. We will play tomorrow.’

‘But but’ Ariana wrote back. Even though she could hardly keep her eyes open she didn’t want to go. She felt even closer to him now.

‘No buts baby girl, or it will be your butt that gets sore.’ He replied. ‘There is plenty of time for us later, right now you need your sleep.’

‘Yes daddy’ she replied obediently, and then added, ‘mother would love you.’

As she dozed off to sleep Ariana played back the last few days in her head.

She was amazed at how quickly things had developed with Dallas. Even though they had never met yet she still felt so close to him.

She couldn’t help but wonder if it was even possible that they could meet, and then feared that they would never and she would forever merely love the man on the other end of the chat.

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