Pit Princess

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Virtual Pleasure

The next morning Ariana woke and looked at her messages. Of course there was one from Dallas.

D: How is my baby feeling?

A: Getting aroused. Just knowing you are here.

D: Do you want to try a voice call?

Ariana looked at the calendar and listened to be sure mother had left for her hair appointment.

A: I would like that daddy.

{As she hears the strange tone of the ring, Ariana answers the phone..}

A: Hello (she says softly)

D: Hi baby girl.

A: Oh daddy, that really made me wet.

D: I need something from you.

A: Yes Daddy?

D: I need you to hold your tits for me.

A: Yes Daddy. Anything for you.

D: Just like a nice hug.

Lightly rubbing them.

Pull your t-shirt up so daddy can see them.

Daddy likes it when your tits hold up your shirt.

How do they feel? Nice and warm I’m thinking.

Do you want to pinch your nipples for daddy?

A: The cool air of my room is making my nipples erect.

D: Pinch them hard.

Pull them.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: Ok...lightly rub them.

Give each nipple a little lick.

Just a flick.

A: You make me so turned on Daddy.

D: Would you do that to the tip of Daddy’s cock?

A: I would definitely do that Daddy. 🥰

D: Good girl

You really want to play with your pussy now, don’t you?

A: If it would please Daddy then yes very much so.

D: Is your vibrator close?

A: Yes Daddy and I made sure it’s charged

D: Let daddy hear it

{Ariana turns on the vibe and places it to the mic so he can hear the buzzing of it.}

Good girl

For such a little thing it’s pretty powerful.

A: It has 4 speeds that are straight speed. Then a couple of other pattern vibes.

D: Buzz your nipples quick, low speed

A: Quick and then stop or keep doing it Daddy?

D: Just quick.


A: Yes daddy.

{As she turns the vibe to the quick pulse setting and does as she is told he can her her soft moans as her body reacts to the sensation.}

D: Stop

Nice baby?

A: Yes daddy

I’ve never done that before.

Then again I’ve never played with my breasts before as much as I have since we’ve met.

D: If you put your thumb behind your nipple and push on it with the vibe, I’m sure you’ll like it.

Use the vibe to ‘pinch’ so to speak

A: So the nipple is between my thumb and vibe?

D: Vibe - nipple- thumb.


A: Yes daddy

D: Nice?

{Mhmm, she moans into the mic.}

D: Stop.


A: Nice and different.

I’m squirming.

D: Does baby need to touch herself?

A: I would so love to touch myself daddy.

D: Daddy might like that.

A: I think I just got wetter just thinking of it.

D: You may check, just for curiosity.

{Ohh, she moans as her fingers slide over her folds, the wet from her pussy coating them.}

D: Is it easy to slide a finger in?

A: It would be yes. I only touched though daddy. You didn’t say I could slide in.

D: Good girl.

Let’s try it....with the vibe.

Don’t turn it on.

{Her soft moans echo through the receiver as she does as she is told.}

D: Slide it in and out a few times.

Push it in, leave it.

{He listens to her pant with desire, enjoying her struggle not to do more.}

D: Turn it on.

Don’t move it.

{He can hear the struggle in her breathing, doing only what she is told and wanting more.}

D: Slowly pull it out, halfway.

On your clit for 5 seconds.

{She groans from the sensation the moment it touches her swollen nub.}

D: Count it.

A: One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand.

D: Back in your pussy.

Slowly fuck yourself with it.

If you can, pinch your nipples.

A: Oh fuck {whispered}.

D: Going to put the vibe on your clit again...

10 seconds.

Count it.

{Panting fast and deep, trying to keep control, she counts..}

A: One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand, six-one thousand, seven-one thousand, eight-one thousand, nine-one thousand, ten-one thousand.

D: Back in your pussy, speed up.

Next speed.

A: Yes Daddy. Ohh {moans growing in intensity}.

D: Never forget your tits, baby girl.

A: No, of course not Daddy.

D: Daddy loves his baby girls tits.

He’d love to suck on them all day.

A: I’d love for you to suck them all day Daddy.

D: Vibe to your clit again....30 seconds.

Count it.

A: One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand, six-one thousand, seven-one thousand, eight-one thousand, nine-one thousand, ten-one thousand {she squirms and pants}

Eleven-one thousand, twelve-one thousand, thirteen-one thousand, fourteen-one thousand, fifteen-one thousand, sixteen-one thousand, seventeen-one thousand, eighteen-one thousand, nineteen-one thousand, twenty-one thousand, twenty.. twenty one-one thousand, twenty two-one thousand, twenty three-one thousand, twenty four-one thousand, twenty five-one thousand, twenty six-one thousand, twenty seven-one thousand, twenty eight-one thousand, {gasps as her clit throbs harder}

Twenty nine-one thousand, thirty-one thousand.

D: Keep going.

A: Yes Daddy {panting} from where I ended, or star over Daddy?

D: Start again.

{She begins counting, struggling and panting and whimpering in tingling pleasure.}

D: Say it.

A: I love you Daddy.

D: Push it into your pussy.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: Fast thrusts.

On your clit.

30 second.

Count it.

{She counts out the 30 seconds again, struggling through a lot of it, trying to pace herself and keep control.}

D: We should go crazy speed.

{She turns it to the highest speed and pants faster as she feels the burning lust within try to take over.}

A: Daddy?

D: Yes baby?

A: I forgot what number I was on.

D: You should start to count again.

Squeeze you tits.


{She does as she is told and whimpers in pleasure. He can hear the agony in her tone as she fights to hold against the orgasm threatening to release.}

D: Does baby want to cum?

A: If it pleases Daddy, then yes please, I do want to cum.

D: Daddy wants you to cum.

Say it.

A: I {panting} love you {more panting} Daddy.

D: Didn’t hear it.

A: I love you {panting and squirming} Daddy.

D: Good girl.

{He hears her groan and hold in a cry of pleasure as she cums for him. He can feel his cock so hard by now and as she continues to pant through her orgasm he just listens, pleased.}

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