Pit Princess

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{She continues with the vibe on her sensitive clit, writhing through the sensitivity.}

D: Daddy wants to fuck you.

A: Daddy?

D: Yes baby.

A: Can I please take the vibe off my clit? It’s so sensitive.

D: Mmmm.


A: Okay Daddy, I wont.

D: Rub your clit, with your fingers.

A: Yes Daddy.

{She does what he says, increasing her moans of pleasure as her juices coat her sensitive clit.}

D: Vibe in.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: You’re such a good girl.

Would you like Daddy’s cock in you?

A: Oh yes Daddy, I would love your cock in me.

D: Daddy would LOVE to fuck your tits.

A: Mmm yes Daddy, that would feel so good.

D: Take it from there and fill your pussy.

Fuck baby

A: Oh yes Daddy, please.

D: Daddy is so hard.

A: Mmm I like that I make Daddy hard.

D: On your clit now, the vibe.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: Daddy wants his baby to cum.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: Say it.

A: I love you Daddy.

D: Again.

A: I love you Daddy.

D: Such a good girl.

A: Thank you Daddy.

D: So nice.

You like playing for me?

A: I do Daddy. I love playing for you.

D: Mmm, you’re mine.

A: Yes I am yours Daddy.

D: All mine to fuck...


A: Yes Daddy, all yours to fuck and control how you see fit.

D: Mmmm.

So good.

Is my pussy nice and wet?

A: Yes Daddy it is very wet.

D: Let me hear.

{She takes the mic from her ear and puts it close to her pussy where her finger works it, making the sloshing sounds from the extensive wetness coming from her.}

D: Yes baby.

A: Daddy, can I cum please Daddy, please.

D: You may do it.

A: Oh yes! {whimpers as her body contracts, expelling another orgasm} Thank you Daddy!

D: Mmm.

Nice baby.

A: Daddy?

D: Yes baby?

A: Keep the vibe on my clit?

D: Yes baby, cumming speed.

A: Yes Daddy.

{He listens as she squirms and writhes through the urge to cum, knowing she hadn’t received permission to do so.}

D: You made Daddy leak through his shorts baby.

A: I’m sorry Daddy.

D: It’s ok baby

You’ll have to make Daddy cum next week as Punishment.

I Know you want to do it more.

Make daddy cum.

A: I enjoy making Daddy cum.

D: But baby can’t get everything she wants now.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: I know you want to sit on Daddy’s lap.

Feel your hand grip my cock.

A: Mmm yes Daddy.

D: Wet the head with your pussy.

Place it on your lips.

Slowly lower yourself on it.

Feeling it fill you.

A: Oh had that would feel so good.

D: Sliding down.

Arching your back.

A: Yes, mmm Daddy.

D: Reaching down, feeling my swollen balls.

Rubbing your clit.

Sliding back up.

Rotating your hips..

Slamming back down on me.

Arching again.

A: Oh Daddy. It feels so good.

D: I grab your big tits from behind.

Squeeze them.

Pull you hard down onto my cock.

You wince as it fills you.

A: Mhmm feels so good.

D: I hold you as you grind.

Forcing my cock deeper inside you.

A: Oh Daddy.

D: You need me to fill you with my cum.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: You put your feet on the chair.

Bring your knees up high.

Giving me all access.

A: Mm yes.

D: Forcing my cock even deeper.

My balls so full.

You squeeze them.

Loving their size.

Wanting what they hold.

Wanting to have the sticky cum splash on you.

A: Oh yes Daddy, I want it.

D: I pick you up, with you still on my cock.

Place you on the chair.

And REALLY start fucking.

Pounding your pussy.

Every stroke makes you whimper.

A: I love how you thrust hard.

D: It hurts, but you want more.

My cock slams into you.

Your big tits Bounce.

A: Mmm yes Daddy.

D: Hypnotic...

Your feet on my shoulders.

I fuck you furiously.

Wanting to cum.

Pulling my cock out, jerking myself off.

Pulling your face close to my cock.

You know I’m ready to blow.

A: Daddy? {Gasps}

D: Yes baby?

A: Can I cum... please Daddy. {Panting heavy}

D: I fuck your mouth for a stroke.

Continue pumping as cum sprays out of my cock.

Hitting your tongue, hair, face.

You need to cum baby?

A: *gasps* Yes Daddy.

D: Cum baby.

Fucking cum for Daddy!

That’s my cum baby.

A: Yes yes Daddy it’s your cum.

D: Say it.

A: I love you Daddy.

D: What?

A: I love you Daddy.

D: Good girl.

A: Thank you Daddy.

D: Is the vibe still in baby?

A: Yes Daddy.

D: Good.

I think it’s good there.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: So how are you?

A: Very aroused Daddy.

D: Your breathing is odd, are you safe?

A: Yes Daddy. Just trying to hold out till I get permission.

D: Hmmmm, seems ok.

Permission for what?

A: To {pants harder} to cum Daddy.

D: Cum, yes baby.

You could cum again?

A: Yes Daddy.

D: Would you like to?

A: If you will allow me to.

D: I’m just going to listen, no typing.

Do whatever you’d like.

Just let me hear lots.

A: Yes Daddy.

D: Good girl.

{She goes about rubbing her swollen clit, inserting the vibe and moaning in pleasure.}

A: Oh Daddy I love playing with my breasts for you. It feels so good and makes me so wet.

{She continues to describe how wet she is, how she pinches and tugs her nipples. The vibe on high and against her clit. Her moans growing in intensity as her body squirms around her bed. The heat growing in her pussy as she feels the tingle flow through her.}

A: Oh god yes Daddy, oh yes it feels so good.

Daddy, oh god, I’m going to cum.


D: Wow.

That’s nice.

A: My clit Is twitching.

D: Mmm.

A: You really do have control of me.

D: I know.

A: My vibe just died.

D: Cool down time.

A: I’m just blown away.

My heart is racing still and my clit is still twitching.

D: Feels good, don’t it?

A: Oh yes daddy. It does feel good.

I can only imagine what you could do to my body if you were actually here.

D: You would feel good. I guarantee it.

A: I have no doubt in my mind at all.

D: One day.

A: Thank you Daddy for letting me play tonight.

D: You’re welcome baby.

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