Pit Princess

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One Day

Friday night, race night came fast that week. As Ariana got dressed for the track she couldn’t stop thinking about Dallas and how things started as a fun flirting app thing to a growing interest in each other.

‘I am insane to think anything more is possible’ she thought to herself as she finished up her race outfit for the night.

“Thanks Geeves,” she said to the Guard as he handed her the keys to her bike and car, “but I’m just going to drive the bike to the track tonight. I need a little extra time to think.”

“Miss, I must object” Geeves said. “Your mother would not approve Princess.”

“She will get over it” Ariana said as she fastened her helmet and rode off out through the gate.

When she arrived at the track she found her way to her usual spot, went to check in at the registration table and as she walked back to her bike she found her thoughts wandering to Dallas again.

“Hey girl” her friend Tia said as she slapped Ariana on the shoulder and walked with Ariana to her bike.

Tia had been Ariana’s friend for years. They met when they were young at the track. Their fathers were good friends. Tia wasn’t royalty but that never mattered. She and Ariana were true till the end. They talked about everything. Knew all of each other’s skeletons and interests and fears.

“Girl what’s up, you look totally distracted?” Tia asked.

“I do?” Ariana asked, knowing the answer. “Ugh, I have got to get my head out of the clouds before I race.”

The girls grabbed a soda from the food tent and continued their walk back to Ariana’s bike talking about the past week’s events. Ariana was like a damn that had broken spilling all the torrid details of her kinky Virtual love affair.

“So wait, you mean to tell me you been having virtual sex all week with some guy you don’t even know?” Tia said excitedly. “That’s fucking hot Ari!”

Ariana laughed before replying, “ya but if I can’t get him off my mind I’ll never do well in this race.”

“What’s this app you downloaded,” Tia was asking as she started to search the App Store on her phone.

“Say it” Ariana heard the familiar voice say in her ear, sending a chill down her spine. As she turned around and looked down the pit aisle she noticed the tall blonde from last week walking away from her. Could it really be?

Ariana gasped in a deep breath and turned back to look at Tia, “was it that blonde that whispered in my ear?” She asked her friend.

“Huh” Tia asked looking up, “sorry Ari, I wasn’t even paying attention. What he say?”

Tia was now looking down the pit aisle in the direction Ariana had indicated. “Wait, what blond?” She asked.

Ariana looked down the direction the mysterious man disappeared in and saw nothing but the usual faces of other racers.

Ariana just sighed as she stood, staring and wondering, and then she heard that odd tone signaling a call on the app her and Dalla use to talk.

“Hello.. is that you daddy” she said into the phone.

“I should hope I am the only one who calls you on this number baby girl.” Dallas said.

Ariana could feel herself getting wet instantly.

“I thought I told you to say it” Dallas said amidst the silence from the other end of the receiver.

“I love you da... oh my god are you here?” Ariana’s pitched tone caught Tia’s attention now.

“Win your races baby girl and you will find out” Dallas said and hung up the call.

Ariana just stood there with her phone in her hand, her mouth open in disbelief and at a total loss for words.

“What? What is it?” Tia was saying in a panicked tone. “Is everything okay? Is your mother okay?

“ARI!” Tia now shouted to get her attention.

“Huh” Ariana finally come out of her shock. “Uh. Ya, ya.. um ya everything is good.”

“Ariana you are worrying me.” Tia pressed. “What is going on? You look like someone who was just told your dog died. Spill it girl.”

Just then the first three race pairs were announced.

“Racers 13 and 21, 18 and 5, 32 and 50 please find your way to the starting.” The announcer said over the speaker system.

Tia looked at Ariana, knowing full well 13 was her number, and she shooed her off, motioning with her hands in the direction of the pit entrance, “go go, you can tell me later.”

‘First race. Ugh I hate being the first race.’ Ariana thought to herself as she approached the line. She glanced over at her competition. Carefully surveying his bike she quickly formed her plan in her mind on how she would approach this race.

BEEP BEEP BEEP.. sounded the tones of the signal ... red red red yellow GREEN...

The two bikes came to life and took off instantly at the green signal. Ariana focused on the road and nothing else. She took an early lead but kept it close. Her frustration made her want to toy with the other driver.

She watched and waited and as she saw him reach his fingers for his NoS button she hit hers and took off, widening the gap just before the finish line and .... checkered flag.

Ariana circled back to her spot where Tia hurried back to from the fence.

“Great race” Tia cooed in admiration. “Next time could you not toy with the other driver so much? You made me a little nervous.”

Ariana pulled her helmet off, “I needed to release some frustration.”

“Okay girl, spill it” Tia said as she stooped down next to Ariana to help her inspect her bike in preparation of the next race.

“He’s here!” Ariana practically screamed.

“Who’s here?” Tia asked, a little confused at this point.

“Dallas!” Ariana breathed out his name as if it was the forbidden apple. “Dallas is here. He whispered to me earlier and then he called me and said something and ...” Ariana was sounding frantic at this point.

“Ari!” Tia broke her thought. “Relax girl. If he is here then that says something right?”

As Ariana regained her composure she listened to her friend. “Damn, you really got it bad for this dude, but hun get a grip. You are the Queen of the Track and the Princess if Sweden and HELLO drop dead gorgeous. And the fact that he is here and has made that known to you says he is obviously interested in you as much as you apparently are in him.”

Tia rested her hand on Ariana’s shoulder as her friend relaxed. Ariana finished checking over her bike and stood up, hugging her friend and thanking her for bringing her back out of that.

“Of course” Tia said, just as the app jingle toned.

“Hello Daddy” Ariana said when she answered the phone.

“Mmm very nice baby girl.” Dallas replied. “One race down, two more to go. Next race don’t toy with the other driver so much though. I really don’t want to have to wait another week to feel your flesh against mine.”

“Yes daddy” Ariana breathed out the words obediently and then heard him hang up leaving her to the feeling of wet tingle between her legs.

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