Pit Princess

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Photo Finish

Tia just laughed as he watched Ariana completely unravel.

As the announcer announced the break between race sets Ariana and Tia headed over to the food tent again to get something to eat and drink.

“You’re all set” the cashier said as the girls approached.

“I’m sorry?” Ariana asked.

“Your costs have been taken care of dear.” He said as he began ringing out the next person in line.

As the girls started to walk away Ariana paused and then turned back to the cashier.

“Excuse me” Ariana started saying to the young man, “who payed for us?”

“I’m sorry dear” he said as he took the payment from the next guest. “I didn’t get a good look. He simply handed me the cash and advised me it was to cover your meals.”

“Oh okay, well thanks anyway” Ariana said as she scanned the tent to see if she could find anyone watching them, but nothing.

“Two more races Ari” Tia was saying as she stuffed her mouth, “twoo morpf rages”.

“Tia” Ariana scowled, “don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Tia just laughed and then took a drink of her soda.

“What you gonna do if you don’t win?” Tia asked in jest.

“Don’t even joke about that” Ariana said. “I think I’d cry. Just yesterday I wondered if it were even possible to get a chance to meet him and now today here he is, at the same place as me and if I lost?! Oh my god don’t even go there.”

Tia just laughed at her friend. She had never seen Ariana so unraveled. It was kind of cute really. She assured her friend that she would be fine and they finished their food just in time for the next set to begin.

Once again Ariana was the first race, but this time she was more focused. She was determined and she directed her energy to what she did best, race.

The signal came to life with beeps and flashing lights and when the green light flashed Ariana took off leaving her competitor in the dust.

There was no toying with anyone this time. She hit the gas, ripped away from the starting line and blew past the finish line before the other driver even knew what happened. Hell, she didn’t even use the NoS this time.

“Holy shit Ari” Tia was squealing as she ran up to her at Ariana’s parking spot. “That has got to be your best time yet!”

“I didn’t even use my NoS” Ariana was saying, just as excited as Tia.

As the two girls finished each other’s sentences going over the 8 seconds it took from start to finish, Ariana hears the app ring again.

Giggling with excitement, Ariana answered “hello daddy.”

“Oh I love the sound of your voice and how happy you are right now.” Dallas said. “Very nice race baby girl. Keep that up and I’ll see you after the next one.”

“Thank you daddy.” Ariana said, “I love you daddy,” she finished and then they hung up.

“Daddy?” Tia inquires. “Whoa girl, that sounds rather kinky.”

Ariana had told Tia about the app and meeting Dallas, a lot of their sexual exploits and even the fact that she kind of told him who she is, but she didn’t completely tell her about the depth of their relationship, or the fact that she called him daddy.

“It’s really kind of hot” Ariana said. “And I love when he calls me baby girl. To be honest, it’s so nice to not have to make any decisions with him. To let him handle that.”

The announcer come on once more, calling out the racers for the final run. As the night had been going, Ariana was up first again.

As she rode to the starting line she noticed her competitor. It appeared to be a tall man on a bike she had never seen, or at best never noticed before. She was racing someone new.

‘Fuck’ Ariana thought to herself. ‘The one race that I just HAVE to win, and I know nothing of this guy.’

She settles in at the start and turns to give a nod at her competitor. He nods back and then nods to the track.

‘Hmm this guy means business’ she thought as the beeps began and the signal flashed.

Green hits the signal and both racers take off. Ariana had no intentions of toying with this driver. She wanted to win more than anything, but he was giving her a run for her money.

She hit her NoS at what seemed like the same exact time as he did. They were neck in neck the entire length of the track.

Ariana thought of Dallas and his voice. She thought of how much she wanted to feel his touch for real.

She accelerated hard and focused on the finish. She refused to look to her side because she knew that was just a distraction.

Focus on the finish. Focus on the run. That’s what her father always told her.

The checkered flag whipped in the air as the two riders flew across the finish line. Ariana heard nothing as she looked up to see who the winner was.

The scream remained blank. She pulled her helmet off and sat at the end of the track. Ariana wasn’t sure if she blocked out everything or if the crowd was actually as silent as it seemed.

Tia come running up “Ari, Ari, you okay?”

“What’s going on?” Ariana asked her friend, “why haven’t they posted the winner yet.

“They are reviewing the videos” Tia told her. “They can’t tell who won. It was that close.”

At that moment Ariana looked around for the other driver. He was no where to be seen. He must have returned to his place.

“Come on Ari” Tia said, “clear the track for the next race. They will announce the winner as soon as they figure it out.”

Ariana walked her bike back to her place. Tia walked along side her friend in silence.

No one had ever seen a race that close, especially not one that involved Ariana, The Queen of the Track.

Ariana sat shaking. She looked at her phone, hoping and waiting for Dallas to message her or call.

“What if..” Ariana started to say when she heard the announcer begin to speak.

“Thank you all for your patience. Never in the history of this track have we seen a race that broke records and was as close as race 1 of this set. However, after extensive and careful review of every video from every angle, we are proud to announce the winner of that race as ...”

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