Pit Princess

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The Winner Is...

“...the winner of that race is ...”

Ariana stood and held her breath.

Tia squeezed her hand.

“Say it” Ariana heard the familiar voice in her ear and as she spun around to see who had said it

“The winner of that race is none other then your very own Queen of the Track, Ariana!”

Ariana heard the announcer but stood frozen as she looked into the eyes of whom she could only assume to be Dallas.

“I love you daddy” she said as she looked up into his beautiful blue eyes.

Tia’s jaw dropped as she looked over Dallas.

“It’s you!” Ariana proclaimed when she realized Dallas was none other then the same drop dead gorgeous blonde she had met a week ago at the derby.

“Small world baby girl” Dallas said and a smirk crossed his face as he watched Ariana shift, a visible expression on her face that told him everything he needed. He made her wet, just like that, and he loved it.

“I’m Tia, Ari’s best friend” Tia cleared her throat and introduced herself seeing as Ariana was a tad taken by mister wonderful here.

“Pleasure to meet you Tia” Dallas said politely, taking her hand and kissing the top of it.

“So you’re the reason Ari has been coming undone all night,” Tia said. “You’re the one she calls daddy for fun?”

“Tia!!” Ariana screeched.

Dallas just laughed. “No worries baby girl, I’m glad to see you shared the experience and embrace it.”

Ariana could feel her insides flutter. She was practically panting, almost at a loss for breath. She wanted to feel his hands on her. To feel his lips against her own. Her pussy ached and begged her to ask him to play with her.

The night was winding down at this point and a lot of the people had already left.

“Ari, I have to get going home” Tia said, “you really should too before your mother gets upset.”

“Mother will be fine” Ariana said. “Besides, if she’s going to be mad at me for anything tonight it will be for not trailering my bike.”

“Okay Ari” Tia said with a chuckle, “see you soon. Have fun.”

Ariana turned around to face Dallas, who now had a bit of a scowl on his face.

“Have you been bad baby girl” Dallas asked her.

“No daddy” Ariana started to say but as she noticed the look on Dallas’ face she paused and continued, “well not exactly. Mother just prefers me to trailer my bike, but tonight I just needed to clear my head and...”

Ariana stopped speaking. She didn’t want to say too much. She wanted him to be happy. To be pleased with her.

“I’ll let it go this time baby girl, but you really should get home before your mother worries.” Dallas said.

Ariana thought for a moment and feeling she had nothing to lose she finally looked at Dallas and shared her thoughts.

“You know” she began, “mother has been asking about the man who is capturing my thoughts.”

She watched as Dallas looked at her, curious as to where she was headed with this.

“She actually said the other day that she hopes I will introduce her to you soon.” Ariana said as Dallas’ expression became questioning.

“Well not YOU exactly” she chuckled, “but, as mother put it, the young man who has kept me smiling these last few days.”

Dallas smiled at her, thrilled to hear he has had a positive effect on her.

“You want to introduce me to your mother?” Dallas finally asked.

Ariana paused, wondering if it was as crazy as it sounded, but finally replied, “well, that is if you wouldn’t mind. I mean, it would just be tea and mother would be so thrilled, and..”

Ariana paused as she watched the smile cross Dallas’ face. “Baby girl, I am thrilled that you want me to meet your mother, and I’d be honored to join you both for tea.” He said, pulling her into his arms and kissing her head.

“Now”, he continued, “lets trailer that bike and get you home.”

Ariana looked at him curiously as he walked her bike down the aisle. As they arrived to his area she gasped.

“You... you..” Ariana stuttered, “you were my final competitor?!?”

Dallas laughed and replied, “great race by the way baby girl. You really did earn that win.”

Ariana just stared at him as he put both their bikes on his trailer, securing them safely.

“Hop in baby girl” he said holding the door of his pickup open for her.

As they drove to the castle Dallas reached over, placing his hand on her thigh and caressing up. Ariana squirmed in her seat.

“Are you getting wet baby girl” Dallas teased as his hand pressed against her mound.

“Yes daddy” she breathed out feeling the ache and burn of desire building in her.

As they arrived at the gate Dallas kept his hand pushed against her, his fingers putting pressure against her leather covered swollen clit. He continued to tease her as the guard approached his window.

“May I help you” the guard asked.

“Oh it’s you Ariana,” he then said when he saw her lean forward and smile giving a royal wave. “Forgive me Princess, I didn’t realize.”

”It’s alright Geeves” she replied, “this is Dallas. He’s a, well he’s a friend you might be seeing more of.”

“Very good Princess” Geeves replies, “it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Sir Dallas.”

“Thank you Geeves” Dallas replied cordially.

“Shall I prepare a room for your guest, Princess” Geeves asked.

“That won’t be necessary” Dallas said before Ariana could even think to answer. “I won’t be staying. Just helping Ariana home safely.”

“Well thank you Sir. Her mother will be quite pleased.” Geeves said appreciatively.

Ariana smiled at Dallas as he looked over at her. She now realized why he had made sure to trailer her bike home for her that night.

After helping Ariana settle her bike in the garage, Dallas kissed her forehead before bidding her goodnight.

“I’ll see you tomorrow baby girl” he said.

“Thank you Daddy” Ariana replied.

“Oh” she called after him, “tea will be at 1300 hours, here at the castle.”

“I won’t be late” Dallas assured her and then drove off, waving goodbye to Geeves on his way through the gate.

Ariana rushed up to her room and hurried into bed. Her whole insides were on fire and she wanted nothing more then to have Dallas take her in the ways they had talked, but for now a good night sleep will have to do.

Before closing her eyes she pulled out her phone and sent Dallas a message in their app.

“Goodnight Daddy, it was so nice to meet you in person. Thank you.”

As she started to set her phone down she heard the familiar chime of a message received.

“Goodnight baby girl. If it pleases you I hope to see a lot more of you too.”

Ariana smiled at the thought as she fell asleep.

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