The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 10 - Unreasonable

The sound of Lillian’s heels clicking against the marble floor beneath her feet with each of her hurried steps down the length of the bright corridor echoed loudly as she continued to make her way down to the main courtyard where she knew that her husband was currently in armed combat training.

She held in her right hand a rolled up scroll of parchment paper that had a cracked royal seal stamped along the edge of it; the royal seal of her home Kingdom, Rykiss.

The letter had come from her parents back home and had exciting news for her.

As she passed by the soldiers standing guard at the doorway, they bowed their heads with respect to her as she smiled in response and continued outside, entering the courtyard and making her way across to where several soldiers were standing in a large circle around him. In the middle, Draxus stood holding his long sword and in a defensive position as eight armed men began to move in on him, one by one.

While Lillian walked across toward where her husband was training, General Shasharan noticed her approaching and tapped Zaar on the shoulder, who then followed his gaze across to the Queen.

“What’s she doing here?” Zaar asked.

“I’m not sure.” Shasharan replied as he began to make his way across with the intention of intercepting her before she reached the soldiers in the yard training.

The last place a Queen should be is in the middle of armed combat!

“Your majesty, you grace us with your presence.” he complimented her with a warm smile as he stepped across to stand by her and she stopped to speak with him.

“General, good day.” she greeted him. “I was hoping to speak with my husband.”

Shasharan gestured with his hand as he spoke.

“Well, I’m afraid that’s difficult at the moment, my lady. You see he is currently training.” Shasharan explained. “But is it anything I can perhaps help you with? I’ve been known to solve problems from time to time.”

Lillian gave a smile as she shook her head.

“No, I’m afraid not. Sorry General. This is only a matter that only my King can assist me with.”

She handed the scroll over to him as she spoke rather excitedly.

“I’ve received word from my parents! They are requesting entrance into Westonia for a visit.” she explained as General Shasharan unrolled the scroll and skimmed his dark eyes over its contents for a moment in silence. “I was rather hoping Draxus may allow them entry inside the castle, so that I can see them. I miss them you see, it feels like forever since I saw them last.”

“Yes, I’m sure they would be very worried about your welfare.” he agreed as he finished reading over it and rolled it back up. “May I keep this to show the King?”

She nodded.

“Of course, please ensure that he receives it and as soon as he’s available that he comes to speak with me immediately. I’ll wait for him in our chambers.” she kindly commanded.

“As you wish, my Queen.” he bowed his head with a smile. “I’ll hand it to him myself.”

“Thank you General.” she said, her hand placed on his shoulder as she gave him a warm smile. “I can always count on you.”

With that she turned and made her way back inside the castle, leaving the General with the difficult task of passing on this message to the King. A message he knew Draxus would not take well.

“She wants me to do what now?” Draxus questioned as he and General Shasharan stood by the fountain after his training had concluded.

“Your Queen requests that you allow her parents entry into Westonia. She received a letter from them asking for permission to gain access with the intention of meeting up with their daughter. I’m sure they must miss her terribly, my lord.” General Shasharan explained. “Her highness is very keen to see them again.”

Draxus let out a large sigh at this. This was not the time for a catch up, not with so many enemies actively attempting to break into Castle Krillian. He couldn’t just open the gates for one couple travelling on their own.

His expression said it all, that he had already made his decision and the General knew what it was.

Draxus shook his head.

“You know better than anyone else I can not allow this. Not now anyway. Not with the events of late. I won’t risk her safety.” he explained.

“I understand, sire.” Shasharan replied, then adding “I fear the Queen may not though. They are her parents after all.”

“The Queen will do as her King commands.” Draxus responded sternly. “Lillian is aware of the dangers lurking out there. I’m sure she will understand.”

“I’m sorry my lady... I’m afraid that the King has refused your request to allow your parents entry into the Kingdom.” the General reported with a solemn expression as he stood before Lillian in her chambers. “For the time being anyway.”

“I don’t understand?” she frowned. “He refused my request? Did he give a reason as to why?”

Shasharan nodded.

“Yes, the King is concerned with the troubling events of late, what with the castle’s breach and your attempted kidnapping. He is worried that this could possibly allow our enemies entry onto Westonian soil.”

“But... they’re my parents. I only wish to see them, surely he understands this.” she pleaded with furrowed brows. “Is there anyway I can speak with him in person?”

General Shasharan seemed hesitant about what he would say to her next. He knew where the King would be, but if he told her she would undoubtedly go marching off to speak with him right away, interrupting his meeting. On the other hand, this was a very important issue for his Queen and he sympathized with her.

After a moment of silence he caved, closing his eyes and letting out a large sigh of anxiety.

“He’s in the throne room-” he began to explain, but she marched off just as he thought she would, before he had the chance to explain that he was in an important meeting and should not be disturbed!

“Wait, my Queen!” he called out as he walked after her. “Please, he mustn’t be disturbed! Your majesty, please!”

But his words fell on deaf ears; she was on a mission. Lillian marched through the castle halls on her way down to the throne room, hell-bent on speaking with her unreasonable husband.

King Draxus was in the middle of an important deliberation between two bickering Lords when the large doors suddenly opened and instantly grabbed all of their attention.

Draxus’ stomach dropped as soon as he saw her; Queen Lillian came marching in, an expression of frustration clearly visible on her face as she made her way down the centre aisle of the room towards where her husband sat upon his throne.

“My Queen, what is the meaning of this intrusion?” Zaar asked as he made his way across to where Lillian now stood at the foot of the stairs leading up to the throne.

“My apologies for the intrusion, gentleman.” she began with a bow of her head. “I have come to request a word with my husband, the King, immediately.”

“Your majesty, this is hardly the time-” Zaar began but she cut him off with her stern tone.

“-Then my husband will MAKE the time to speak with his wife.”

She looked up to where he sat on his throne, clearly displeased that she was doing this in front of his fellow Lords.

His amber eyes were narrow as he suddenly stood from his throne and began to make his way down the staircase toward where she stood, his eyes fixed on hers.

“My Lords, please excuse us for a moment.” he commanded as he made it to the bottom of the stairs and stepped across in front of her. “This shouldn’t take long.”

Looking to one another, the Lords all shrugged and began to make their way towards the exit to the left of the thrones, a small room mainly used for diplomatic discussions.

Both the King and Queen continued to stare each other down until the room was at last empty and the doors closed behind them with a ‘thud’.

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