The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 11 - The Dragon

As soon as the doors closed Draxus spoke, his voice deep and strangely calm as he fought to control his fury from spilling out. He was furious at the embarrassing scene his wife had just made in front of his loyal Lords and dignitaries.

“Are you out of your mind? Do you have any idea who those men were you so rudely interrupted?”

His amber eyes were beginning to glow with his heated anger now as he shouted.

"I am in the middle of intense discussions, Lillian! You can’t just stroll in here unannounced and demand a meeting with me. It doesn’t work like that!”

"We're here to talk about this..." she shouted back at him, holding out the scroll in her hand.

He rolled his amber eyes upon seeing it.

"You denied my request for my parents to gain entry into Westoria! Why?" she demanded sternly.

"Not this again. You know why Lillian." he spoke through gritted teeth.

"No, forgive me Draxus but I don't. Would you care to explain to me why I am not allowed to have my parents visit me here? In my Kingdom, at my home?"

"You know the reason, we've gone over this already. It's far too dangerous to be opening the borders of the Kingdom at random. You know the threats we are currently facing. You were kidnapped for fuck's sake!"

"They are my parents, Draxus. They're about as threatening as a mouse. What danger do they pose to us?" she continued to argue.

"Oh, and you know it's your parents for a fact do you?" he questioned her with both his brows raised, "You're absolutely certain that this isn't some kind of elaborate forgery made up to look like your parents have come to visit? That it's not perhaps the enemy attempting to gain entry for a second time?" Draxus shot back at her, his anger peaking now.

"The scroll bears my family's royal seal, Draxus." she pointed out.

"Seals can be manipulated, Lillian. The enemy is very powerful and extremely smart. They will do whatever it takes to find a way in here, by any means necessary." he reminded.

"So I'm simply to remain here locked away for the rest of my life? Never to see my parents again? Never to leave the safety of the castle?" she queried with a frown, "Am I your prisoner now, Draxus? Is that it?"

He closed his eyes and pursed his lips together in anger, trying to bite his tongue and not react to her obvious and understandable anger towards him.

He was trying to keep her safe, but she wasn't seeing it that way.

She continued to vent her obvious anger at him.

"Is that how you see me? As the King's pretty little wife who remains locked away in her chambers, solely to wait for him to come and fuck her whenever he so pleases?"

That was it!

Draxus snapped.

Whether it was the stress of the current argument he and Lillian were having, or the ongoing stresses of his duties as King which weighed down heavily on his shoulders...

Something inside of him just snapped.

As his eyes opened suddenly to reveal their glowing golden colour he marched forwards and grabbed her by the throat violently, hoisting her up off of her feet before him as his chest heaved in and out with his quickened breaths of untamable fury.

"That is ENOUGH!"

He shouted at her with darkened fury, his voice echoing off of the high walls of the throne room.

Lillian's emerald eyes were wide with a mixture of disbelief and terror as her hands struggled to pull his hand away from her neck.

She needed to be able to breathe.

He hadn't yet realised, but he was blocking off her oxygen and she was slowly choking to death.

She tried to speak but her words only came out as muffled gurgles as tears began to flood her eyes and fall down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Her feet kicked below her, helplessly fighting to get back down to the safety of the ground once more.

Just as she began to turn red in the face a voice called out from the main entry to the throne room, where Lillian had first come in.

It was the General; he had followed her inside.

"MY KING!" Shasharan screamed out in a panic.

Draxus turned and saw his General standing there with his eyes wide in disbelief as, at the same time Shasharan witnessed his leader holding the Queen by her throat.

The sudden sounding of Shasharan's voice seemed to break Draxus out of his temporary daze of pure fury as he turned back to see himself holding Lillian by the throat and instantly released his grip on her with a large gasp at what he had done.

He took a step back from her, guilt and fear coarsing through his veins.

Shasharan immediately ran across the room towards where the Queen now lay on the floor beneath Draxus, coughing and crying hysterically.

Draxus merely stood over her with an expression of pure shock and horror at what he had done to her; the woman he apparently loved.

"Lillian... I..."

His voice was soft and riddled with guilt as he slowly shook his head from side to side.

The General quickly knelt down beside her, assisting his Queen to sit up and take in deep breaths, filling her lungs with precious oxygen once again.

Feeling a sudden need to help, Draxus went to bend down and help her up but Lillian instantly held out her hand to stop him.

He watched as she even began crawling backwards and away from him with a look that could have killed him right there on the spot.

She was terrified of him!

"I didn't mean to..."

Draxus started, but couldn't finish his sentence.

"My lord,"

The General shook his head, as if silently asking for Draxus to leave her be for now.

"I'll escort her up to her chambers at once."

With a desperate frown Draxus watched as Shasharan helped his wife up from the ground and began to do just that; escort her back towards the main entrance of the throne room.

Lillian surprised them both when she suddenly stopped and turned back around to face her husband.

Glistening tears filled her emerald eyes as she glared back at him with such unrelenting hatred and loathing.

She made a final comment; one like a knife to the heart.

"You really are a dragon."

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