The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 15 - The King's Dragon

Rayvinn had almost drained herself of all her dark powers transporting King Rathman and his men back to Castle Shayde through a magical portal she had created about half a mile from the tavern's location. It worked well to save them time, as the trip on horseback would have taken at least a minimum of a three days to have completed.

But within a matter of mere minutes the King and his men had arrived safely back at the Kingdom of Ordanna, with their prize.

The sorceress Rayvinn escorted King Rathman as he carried the Dragon Queen, cradled in both of his arms, up a flight of narrow and winding stairs toward the tallest tower located in Castle Shayde; the sorceress' temporary living quarters.

As they entered through the arch-shape doorway Rayvinn sat down on a chair to rest as she appeared to be much weaker than she had initially thought.

“Put her down on the bed over there... Bind her wrists and ankles with the shackles chained to the bed posts...” she panted between speaking and gesturing with the direction of her eyes toward a small bed located in the corner of the room.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Rathman grinned as he moved across the room to do as the sorceress had commanded.

Hearing his snide comment she turned and snapped angrily at him.

"You will not dare touch her, is that understood?" Rayvinn warned, her eyes seeming to glow brighter suddenly, though not as bright as they had earlier on.

Placing Lillian down onto the mattress of the small bed, the King rolled his brown eyes playfully as he spoke softly to himself.

"Fine... though it seems such a waste."

He began to shackle the unconscious Queen's wrists up behind her head one by one, chaining her to the large wooden bed post. He then moved down the bed and did the same thing with both of her ankles.

The chains linked to each of the four shackles was quite short so Lillian wouldn't be able to move from the bed when she eventually woke up.

Then his eyes spied something.

The shackles attached to the chains had strange markings carved into their iron surfaces and he peered at them with intrigue.

"These markings?" he announced. "What are they for?"

"Protection." Rayvinn spoke softly, leaning back against her chair, "They will act to suppress her powers from being used against me... Without the use of her powers to assist her she will be completely at my mercy."

Rathman's left brow rose. "Hmmm."

"A necessary precaution for someone as powerful as she is." Rayvinn added.

"When you speak of her powers, are you referring to what happened back there at the tavern? With my men being thrown across the room like rag dolls and the blinding white light?" Rathman turned to face the sorceress, "Just how powerful is she?"

Rayvinn let out a massive sigh as she looked out the single window of the tower.

"You have absolutely no idea..."

Forcing herself to stand, the sorceress began to walk across to join the King standing by the bed that the young Queen was fast asleep on top of. Rayvinn's white eyes were much dimmer than they were normally as she knelt down and lifted her hand up, hovering it over Lillian's chest.

Closing her eyes, the sorceress began to speak fluently in another language, one the King did not understand, summoning up her remaining powers to perform the power transfusion she intended to use on the sleeping Queen.

"Mazanna kries krien de vellah, sabar lahnas zanna friellos..."

Rathman merely stood over her, watching in surprise and astonishment as a glowing bright white light began to form underneath Rayvinn's outstretched palm now, originating from Lillian's chest!

Even while she remained asleep, the Queen's body suddenly arched upward from her chest suddenly as the light emanating from her drifted up and was absorbed in through Rayvinn's open palm, straight into the sorceress.

The transfusion took a matter of minutes until Rayvinn at last closed her fist, sealing off the transfusion and allowing Lillian's unconscious body fall back down to the mattress once more.

"Is it done?" Rathman asked, seemingly unsure of what he had just witnessed. "Did it work?"

Rayvinn suddenly lifted her head back up as she stood with ease, turning to look at the King with a large deviant grin. Holding her hands out to either side of her, she suddenly lifted up off of the floor and began to levitate in the air as her eyes beamed out with a blinding white light.

"Oh, it worked alright!" she announced, her voice back to it's usual hauntingly commanding tone. "And this feels incredible!"

By the time King Draxus and his men arrived back at Castle Krillian on horseback the sun had been up for several hours, bringing about a new day along with it.

After having an important meeting to plan and strategize their assault against King Rathman and his forces, the Dragon King stood in the middle of the large grassy field located at the front of Castle Krillian. The cool wind blew his long smokey-looking cape around as he and his General stood together.

"I don't like this plan of yours, my King. Not one little bit! You are running straight into a trap and you know it!" Shasharan announced with a frown. "There has to be another way for us to take him on. Preferably one without your life on the line."

"I won't allow that bastard one more moment alone with my wife." he paused and let out a sigh. "I refuse to abandon her."

"My lord, you are not abandoning her!" Shasharan reminded, shaking his head. "We will strike against King Rathman, and we will strike hard! But I'm telling you, this is NOT the way to do it! If you run in there on your own with no one to back you up... Sire, it's basically suicide!"

"Who said I'm going in alone?" Draxus said as he closed his eyes and stood silently for a moment, a small smirk forming at the corner of his mouth.

Before the General could ask what he had meant, the sudden shrill sound of a dragon's shriek filled the skies as Shasharan looked up to see it emerge from the thick white clouds high above them.

A dragon.

Not just any dragon, but Draxus' loyal dragon; the same giant beast that had paid them all a visit back at Castle Woodsend during the evening of his wedding to Lillian.

The magnificent creature let out yet another loud shriek which pierced the General's ears as it soared through the sky with its gigantic wings spread out either side of it.

Draxus slowly opened his eyes and looked up to see his scaly companion as it began to make its descent down toward the large grassy field where the King stood with his General.

With large flaps of its darkened wings, the beast slowly began to approach the ground below, then finally moving down with its back legs first, followed by it's winged arms as it hit the grass with a ground-shaking 'boom' sound.

The dragon was huge in comparison to the two men standing before it and it's large scales were shaded black like the night sky. Several long black spines protruded from around the back of its head and smaller spines around it's face. Two large fluro green coloured spherical eyes fixed onto the General standing next to Draxus.

General Shasharan watched in terror as his King casually walked across to the large creature, which instinctively lowered it's head to meet his gaze. Draxus closed his eyes and lowered his helmeted head to rest his covered forehead against the side of the great black dragon's head.

"It's good to see you again, old friend." Draxus spoke to the mighty creature as he lifted both of his gloved hands to give it a gentle pat.

Shasharan was lost for words as he watched his King acting so casually with the terrifying giant standing before him, towering over him like a mountain.

"General Shasharan, we stick with the plan we have. Organise my men and begin the journey to Ordanna immediately. Drako here and I will go on ahead." Draxus commanded as he began to move around behind the beast's head with the intention of mounting it.

The dragon had to be at least 20 metres in length (66 feet) from head to tail, with a long tail of jagged spikes leading all the way down to an arrowhead shaped tip.

"My King, are you certain I can not talk you out of this? We could come up with another plan, perhaps?" Shasharan asked one final time as Draxus grasped firmly onto the protruding spines of the creature's neck and began climbing up, step by step, to be seated at the base of its neck.

Once he was happy with where he had positioned himself, surrounded by several spines and with a great view of everywhere below him, Draxus looked down at his General.

"There is no time. Prepare the men now, General, GO!"

As Drako rose it's large head and began to stand up on all fours once again, the General watched with wide open eyes as the beast opened out it's glorious winged arms and leaned in as it took it's first flap to begin ascending up into the air.

The force of the air moving from underneath the dragon's wings caused Shasharan to gasp as he felt himself being blown backwards by an incredible gust of cold wind.

The dragon's scaly back legs appeared to take a few steps in a small run-up as it then began to lift up, up, up into the sky, quickly gaining altitude with each massive thrust of it's gigantic shadowy wings.

"Good luck, my lord..." slipped from between the General's lips as he stood staring in wonder as his King was carried off by a creature more terrifying than any he had seen in his lifetime.

It was time to prepare for battle..

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