The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 16 - Girl Talk

The sedative that Lillian had been given was quite powerful and forced her to sleep for the remainder of the day. By the time she began to stir it had been dark outside for several hours and the tower room she was in now was dark and extremely cold!

Opening her eyes and blinking several times, she groaned as she went to sit up in bed, but felt the cool grasp of iron against her wrists and ankles! She looked up to see the iron shackles chaining her wrists to the bed post behind her and went straight into panic mode.

"Oh no, no no no..." she spoke softly as she attempted pulling her hands down desperately, in some kind of pointless effort to free herself from her new restraints. "Please, no!"

Glancing down she saw her ankles were also shackled, forcing her legs to separate slightly as she pulled at them hopelessly with several loud grunts.

Her breathing was short and shallow as she fought to control her fear. Realizing she was not going anywhere anytime soon, Lillian began to look around the room she was currently in, but saw mostly darkness surrounding her.

"Where the hell am I?" she whispered.

Then she saw it, the light coming from beneath a single door and she decided she should try and call out for help. She was incredibly cold and her stomach was rumbling loudly with hunger.

"Hello!" she shouted in the direction of the door. "Is anyone out there? Hello... can anyone hear me?"

After about ten seconds of nothing but silence as her reply, she lay her head back down on the mattress with a large exaggerated exhale.

Then she had an idea; she could will the shackles binding her to the bed to break open!

Closing her eyes and focusing, she waited... and waited... and waited. Opening her eyes, she frowned with frustration as she pulled at the still firmly secured iron shackles around her wrists.

"Oh come on!" she spoke to the iron restraints angrily. "Why aren't you breaking?"

A sudden voice coming from the now open doorway gave her the answer she craved.

"I'm afraid that your powers won't work here, your majesty."

It was the white eyed sorceress standing silhouetted by the light coming from behind her in the open doorway.

"You... You visited me in the carriage the day I left Rykiss." Lillian announced. "Who are you?"

"My name is Rayvinn." she replied as she closed the door behind her, shadowing the room with darkness once again.

Rayvinn lifted her hand and every single candle and torch the room had been lined with suddenly lit up with bright flames. The instant this happened, Lillian gasped as she looked around, seeing all of the candles and torches now suddenly alight.

"Are you a witch?" Lillian asked as Rayvinn stepped closer with a tray balanced in both her hands.

"A sorceress, actually."

Lillian watched as Rayvinn lowered the tray to to the small table sitting beside the bed she lay on.

"And in case you're still wondering, your powers have been suppressed by these, my dear." Rayvinn reached down and tapped her slender finger twice against one of the iron shackles binding Lillian's wrists.

Lillian gave a visible expression of defeat as she looked away from her strange captor.

"Taking me as your prisoner will serve you no reward." Lillian spoke sternly. "You must understand my husband is a powerful man and he will come for me and destroy you for what you have done!"

"Oh, we're counting on an appearance from the mighty Dragon King. In fact, we're actually expecting him to arrive at Castle Shayde in about two days time, give or take... three perhaps if he brings his entire army along with him." Rayvinn bragged. "The more the merrier!"

"Are you insane?" the angered Queen snapped at her. "Draxus is a merciless monster of a man who will stop but nothing to destroy everyone in the entire Kingdom for your act of treason against him! Men women and children will loose their lives because of what you've done; you've doomed them all to die!"

Rayvinn frowned.

"Now now, that's a bit exaggerated don't you think? I mean, sure he's powerful and his army is quite large. Probably the largest ever assembled by a human before..."

She lifted her hand up and cupped her fingers as an instantaneous glow of powerful white light crackled loudly above her palm, spitting out sparks of electrical charge from it.

The sorceress was showing off her powers.

"But he's never faced anything quite like me before!" Rayvinn added, her eyes glowing white as she played with her magic in front of Lillian for a moment.

Closing her palm, the light disappeared and her eyes dimmed slightly as she turned to face Lillian with a satisfied smirk.

"I'm afraid your dear husband doesn't stand a chance." Rayvinn announced. "He's walking right into my trap."

Lillian's heart stopped for a moment as she came to realize what this witch was saying may be right; Draxus may be coming to save her, but he had no idea of what he was walking into. And she couldn't even warn him!

"Anyway, enough about war and all that boring stuff..." Rayvinn went to change the subject as she turned around to pour a goblet of water for her captive.

"Why have you brought me here?" Lillian demanded. "What is it that you want from me?"

"You're going to give me everything... and more, my Queen." Rayvinn spoke in riddle, doing nothing to help Lillian understand her current situation as the sorceress lifted the goblet of water and held it out as an offering to Lillian.

Lifting her head to oblige, Rayvinn lowered the side of the goblet to meet Lillian's dry lips as she began to swallow the refreshing clear liquid with several greedy gulps.

"Thirsty are we?" Rayvinn commented with a smile.

Once Lillian lay her head back down onto the bed and Rayvinn placed the goblet back onto the table beside the bed, Lillian decided to continue on with their conversation.

She wanted to know more about why she was here.

"No more speaking in riddle, no more distractions... tell me why you have brought me here! What do you want with me?" Lillian demanded with a frown.

Rayvinn's white eyes narrowed.

"You, my innocent thing will be my source of power from now on." Rayvinn announced. "I will continue to feed off of your incredible power whenever I require doing so..."

Terror filled Lillian's eyes as she broke gaze from the sorceress.

"So why keep me alive then?" Lillian continued to question. "If I'm as powerful as you say, why not just take it all in one go? Get it over with? You can't keep me locked away here forever!"

Rayvinn gave a small laugh at this.

"Oh, if only I could. It certainly would have made things a lot easier, wouldn't it? I'm afraid your power is far too concentrated for me to take on board all at once." Rayvinn explained. "Small doses will keep me alive and powerful for as long as I require."

She bent down to hover her face over Lillian's now.

"That's why you've always been so special to me, Lillian! From the moment I found you, all those years ago." she taunted with a terrifying smile. "Well, that and..."

Lillian frowned at what she had meant by her last unfinished comment.

"And what?"

Rayvinn decided she deserved to know.

Lifting her hand up to hover over the Queen's chest, she then slowly lowered it down the length of Lillian's body until it hovered above her pelvic area. There it remained as she spoke her next comment; one that would change Lillian's life forever!

"That and the child you now carry within your womb..."

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