The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 20 - A Welcome Surprise

As the Kings faced off, standing with their eyes fixed on one another in the main courtyard of Castle Shayde, Lillian was in fear for her life as she remained in Rathman’s arms with the dagger’s blade held firmly at her throat.

King Draxus had finally reached the ground level of the main courtyard and was making his way across toward where Rathman stood with Lillian held in front of him; his expression hidden beneath the disguise of his large horned helmet.

Rathman’s soldiers stepped aside as Draxus marched down the centre of them, appearing to show no signs of fear that they had clearly outnumbered him one hundred to one! He had nothing to fear...

He had his dragon.

His magnificent beast continued to perch itself high on the walkway of the castle’s outer wall, it’s huge spherical green eyes watching Draxus like a hawk. Drako was fully prepared to attack if and when given the signal.

“I’ve been waiting for your arrival, Dragon King.” Rathman spoke as Draxus came up to stop about two metres distant from where he was. “Though I have to say, we weren’t expecting you so soon.”

“I lack patience.” Draxus announced sternly with narrowed eyes.

“Clearly... I suppose I might be the same if I too had such a beautiful wife.” he leaned his head over Lillian's right shoulder and looked down at her as he spoke again. “Such a find, Draxus. You’ve certainly outdone yourself!”

Draxus’ amber eyes seemed pained as he looked to Lillian. He noticed the small streak of blood which had now appeared and begun to run down her neck from the dagger being held against her throat. She was afraid; terrified even!

Rathman’s next subject would be what awoke the merciless Dragon King from slumber... and for good reason. His part in their conspired plan was to keep Draxus distracted.

With his chin resting on Lillian’s shoulder blade he grinned as he spoke loud enough for Draxus to hear his words, though he acted as if he were intending to speak to Lillian alone as he said them.

“Should I tell him about our wonderful night together? Hmm?” he taunted, looking up at Draxus with only his eyes moving as he continued. “About how soft your skin was...”

Lillian suddenly looked panicked as her eyes became glossy with the promise of yet more tears.

“Please don’t...” her voice but a whisper.

Rathman continued.

“Should I tell him about how you writhed beneath me and moaned as I forced myself deep inside you?”

Draxus suddenly felt himself stiffening with fury as he listened to this maniac’s spiteful words, spoken with the sole purpose of enraging him.

And it was working!

While the two conversed in the middle of the courtyard, the sorceress Rayvinn had meanwhile led a small group of soldiers outside of the main castle walls through a secret passageway.

They were now currently positioned behind the massive black-scaled dragon, still perched high on the wall with its back now facing them.

They appeared to have the element of surprise on their side and the dark sorceress had a plan of her own; one which would take the dragon out of the equation entirely!

Giving them the upper hand once again!

Using her powerful dark magic and holding out her open palm at the ground below, she worked to create a ballista of her own with a large sharp bolt already loaded in place! Once it had completely materialized before their eyes, the nearest soldier stepped in and aimed the giant weapon up at their unaware and stationary target.

Rayvinn grinned with delight.

The beast didn’t know what was coming!

Back in the main courtyard, King Rathman showed no signs of stopping his verbal assault as he continued working to keep the Dragon King’s attention solely on him, as per his plan hatched with Rayvinn earlier.

Rathman spoke directly to Draxus now.

“My men stood by and watched as I fucked your Queen while she lay there begging for more... and then finally, when I could take no more, I spilled my seed deep inside of her!”

His smile was too much for Draxus to bare!

Lillian shook her head. Looking across at him, she could see Draxus’ black gloved hands clenched into tightened fists and shaking at either side of him and immediately knew what was about to happen...

The fury of the Dragon King was about to be unleashed!

Draxus’ normally amber eyes were glowing brightly with his untamable anger as he glared back at King Rathman from beneath his horned helmet with such malice; such hatred. He longed for Rathman’s blood and nothing else would quench his thirst!

“Stop this, please!” Lillian begged her captor.

But his next comment pushed Draxus over the edge...

“Who knows,” Rathman paused and moved his nose to touch against the side of Lillian’s face as he added, “... I may have impregnated your whore of a wife!”

“ENOUGH TALK!” Draxus suddenly shouted, quickly unsheathing his long sword and standing ready for a fight with this mongrel. "Fight me!"

Meanwhile, as the soldier standing at the loaded ballista had the massive dragon lined up and was ready to fire the shot he turned toward Rayvinn for the order. She smirked.

"Do it!"

But just as the soldier had reached to pull the lever back, which would have released the bolt from the large wooden weapon, a bright stream of dragon fire suddenly lit up the darkened sky and came down, aimed right at the soldier and ballista!

Rayvinn was fortunate enough to have her magic to protect her as she quickly raised both arms and activated an instant force field of red glowing energy around herself, fending off the intensive heated flames as they came down quickly from the sky.

She watched in surprise as if in slow motion the flames surrounded her in a spherical bubble, raging with heat and light from all around.

But the soldiers were not as fortunate.


All five soldiers standing around the giant weapon screamed out in sheer terror and incredible agony as the intense heat of the flames breathed upon them and set the entire area ablaze, burning them alive.

The flames had originated from the huge open mouth of a second dragon which had suddenly swooped back up into the air after breathing its fire upon them. This dragon however, was red in colour and slightly smaller in size than Drako was.

And mounted on it's neck was the same purple-eyed Veemon warrior who had saved Lillian's life once before; Flynn!

Circling his dragon around to come back down for a second assault, Flynn kept his sights on his main priority; Queen Lillian.

At that same moment, after being alerted by the second dragon, Drako pushed up off of the castle wall and flapped its giant black wings, rising up into the air with a ear-shattering roar of anger as it continued to ascend up into the air, higher and higher.

The sudden appearance of a second dragon had caused everyone in the courtyard to panic and run about attempting to find cover. One dragon was bad enough, but two?

No one was foolish enough to take that chance!

As soldiers ran off in different directions around the courtyard screaming in terror, Draxus stood his ground, glaring with terrifying fury at the bastard King who still had a hold of his wife!

While King Rathman was momentarily distracted by the appearance of the second dragon, Lillian made her move and suddenly smashed her head back into her captor's nose, causing him to stumble backwards and cry out in pain.

"Ah, FUCK!" he cried out as it started to bleed.

The moment his arms had released their hold on her she pushed off of Rathman and ran forward in an attempt to reach her husband.

At that exact second Draxus had noticed her surprise attack and began charging in to assist her by attacking the cowardly King as she darted behind him and out of harm's way.

Noticing that he no longer had the Queen as his shield, Rathman quickly pulled out his long sword from its sheath just in time as Draxus' massive blade came thrusting toward him at incredible speed and strength. Rathman managed to block Draxus' initial strike with an off guard parry, but this was only the beginning of his assault.

As soon as Lillian was safely behind Draxus, who was now sparring furiously with King Rathman, she stood watching with pride as her husband launched his attack with such ferocity and animosity that it almost frightened her.


Draxus' fighting mirrored his fury and anger in that moment as the Dragon King showed no mercy to this pathetic excuse for a man standing before him. Slashing and thrusting over and over in various ways and at different angles, each time his sword was parried or dodged by Rathman as he was forced backward while they continued their fight.

Lillian, who was busily watching the King's duel was surprised as a strong enemy hand suddenly grabbed her by the arm and the soldier attempted to pull her toward one of the entrances of the castle.

It appeared that not all of Rathman's soldiers had chosen to flea.

"No, get off of me!" she shouted at him in anger as he pulled her in closer to him, fighting to get a better hold on her.

"Come here!" he barked.

From high above them, a set of purple eyes immediately noticed Lillian in distress and Flynn quickly commanded his beast to swoop in to assist her.

The crimson-scaled dragon rapidly descended, down toward the courtyard as it prepared to open it's large claws.

"Get off!" Lillian snapped, pushing against her attacker desperately as the soldier reached for her again.

What happened next, happened so quickly; within the fraction of a second!

As the soldier held at her arm the red dragon swooped down, opening it's claw and grabbing the enemy soldier as it passed by in a single blur, detaching him from Lillian's arm and leaving her standing there alone.

Her emerald green eyes followed the mighty beast as it ascended once again into the sky, with the helpless soldier dangling from it's claw, kicking and screaming high up in the air!

It appeared that her ally with the purple eyes could also command and ride dragons, just like her husband!

But where had he come from and why was he helping them?

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