The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 21 - Draxus vs. Rathman

Using nothing but brute strength and untamable fury, Draxus lifted his leg up and kicked King Rathman square in the chest. His enemy was sent flying into the stone wall behind him and landed against it with a hard ‘thump’ sound as he fell to the floor in a heap.

“I’m going to enjoy wiping that smug look off of your face!” Draxus barked as he started marching in toward Rathman, who was in the process of getting back up onto his feet.

“I’m afraid you won’t get the chance!” Rathman suddenly snapped as he reached behind his back and grasped the handle of a concealed dagger.

Lillian was watching from a safe distance away and had been standing at the right angle to notice what Rathman was secretly doing behind his back. She saw the dagger being unsheathed and her eyes widened in fear. She needed to warn Draxus!

As Draxus held his sword tightly in his right hand, he leaned in with his left outstretched to grab the conniving King by the scruff of his shirt.

“Draxus! Watch out!” Lillian cried out.

But her warning wasn’t fast enough!

Rathman reacted like a viper, striking incredibly fast and surprising the Dragon King as he suddenly stabbed the pointed blade of the small dagger directly into Draxus’ side, all the way up to the hilt!

Draxus let out a loud grunt as it happened.

“NO!” Lillian screamed out in terror, putting her hands on her mouth as she watched it happen.

Without thinking or worrying about her own safety, she began to run across the courtyard toward her wounded husband.

The Dragon King scrunched up his face in agonizing pain, then used his helmeted head to give Rathman a powerful headbutt, sending him back down to the ground.

Running across to meet him, Lillian suddenly came to a halt as he held up his gloved hand to warn her. His voice was laced with caution as he called out.

“No Lillian!”

Her brows furrowed with concern for him.


"Just stay back!"

Draxus took a step back and looked down to his side to assess the damage. He noticed the dagger still protruding from the side of his stomach and reached down with his left hand to yank it out, throwing it away with disgust as he glared down at Rathman.

“Raah!” Rathman growled in anger as his nose, now bent sideways gushed with blood.

The warm red liquid ran down his face, over his mouth and began dropping from his chin as he looked up from the ground at Draxus.

“Why won’t you just fucking die already!”

“You crossed the line when you kidnapped her, Rathman!” Draxus bellowed with his incredibly deep and husky voice as his amber eyes continued to glare down at him. “You took my wife from me!”

Bending down once more, the mighty Dragon King grabbed Rathman by his hair and threw him across the courtyard, watching as he landed hard on the ground, rolling to a stop. Draxus wasted little time catching up to him; he wouldn’t allow this animal a single moment to recover after what he did to poor Lillian!

Draxus continued speaking as he closed in on Rathman once again, stalking him like a predatory animal.

“But then you doomed yourself by daring to put your filthy hands on her!”

Draxus was in a rage now, fueled heavily by his hatred.

“For that, I will make sure you suffer greatly before the sweet release of death takes you!”

King Rathman snarled as he forced himself to slowly stand, stumbling as his face turned just in time to connect with Draxus’ oncoming fist!


Lillian gasped at the power of the sudden assault, her emerald eyes wide as he watched from a few metres away.

And just like that, Rathman was down on the floor lying on his back and groaning loudly as the pain had become too much. He needed a chance to rest, even if just for a moment. His entire body was aching from Draxus’ merciless assault on him. King Rathman no longer had the protection of his sword and his men had all somehow managed to disappear after the appearance of the second dragon!

And where the hell was Rayvinn?

Had she betrayed him?

After her attempt to take out the terrifying black dragon with a surprise ballista shot had been thwarted, Rayvinn needed to get a better look at what was going on behind the large stone wall standing in her way. It would have taken far too long to make her way back around the side of the castle and through the secret passageway leading inside.

She needed a shorter route.

Walking her feet through the dust and ash of the soldier’s remains still burning around her she stepped up to place her outstretched palm on the large stone wall and focused her power on the task at hand.

Her eyes began to glow a bright white colour as the wall before her began to instantly liquefy, allowing her hand to pass through the once sturdy surface. Her body moved through the surface of the wall until she was completely out of sight from her original position.

Re-appearing on the other side of the castle’s outside wall, Rayvinn stepped out casually onto the floor of the courtyard and looked around at the unfortunate sight before her as the wall behind her returned to it's solid state.

The few remaining soldiers were running for their lives in terror around the outskirts of the large courtyard. The sorceress let out a loud sigh at their stupidity, speaking softly under her breath.

“Cowardly fools!”

Turning her head to the right she caught sight of King Rathman lying on the floor, practically panting to breathe; his face was covered in blood and the Dragon King was headed right for him!

As the sun was now beginning to rise from behind the distant mountains, Rayvinn looked up and she could see the two massive dragons flying high up in the sky, shrieking loudly as they surveyed from high above.

This changed things entirely!

One dragon she may have been able to take out but two? And with so few remaining soldiers, it wasn’t looking good. The sorceress knew that their chances of walking out of this battle victorious were thin at best. Not worth the risk.

In truth, she didn’t care about King Rathman and his men; they were the unnecessary means to an end for her and it wouldn’t phase her if they fell defeated here today. After all, she had what she needed from them.

Her main goal was to get her hands on Lillian and the power she possessed! Rayvinn needed the Queen’s power to sustain her own, to keep her young and powerful forever.

But after using such a large amount of her power to first summon up the ballista, then to protect herself from the intensity of dragon’s fire and finally walking through the castle’s wall, Rayvinn wasn’t strong enough to make any attempt on grabbing Lillian; not with Draxus this close!

As much as she hated to face it, she had no other option.

She would have to retreat... for now.

But she would not go without first ensuring that she and Lillian would later meet up again, somewhere in the near future!

Her white eyes narrowed as she set her sights upon the Queen, standing alone in the middle of the courtyard.

She would only get one chance at this!

As Lillian’s former captor lie on his back coughing up blood, Draxus came to stand over Rathman, looming high above with his long sword held firmly in his right hand and ready for the final strike. He would end the menacing King once and for all.

“You will never harm another living soul, ever again!” the deep voice of the mighty Dragon King bellowed with such power and promise.

Raising his sword high into the air with a single hand, Draxus was about to swing downward and end King Rathman’s life, but Lillian’s cry stopped him mid-air, turning his head to see.

“No, get your hands off of me, you crazy bitch!” Lillian snapped as she struggled to get herself free of the sorceress who had suddenly grabbed her.

Rayvinn stood behind Lillian, holding her around the neck with her left arm, her right pressed down onto the Queen’s shoulder as her eyes glowed brightly and Lillian groaned uncomfortably.

It had only taken the fraction of a second to perform the silent enchantment, and then it was done. A small black marking in the shape of a spiral had been seared into the delicate skin of Queen Lillian's shoulder.

Draxus fearing for Lillian’s safety quickly dropped his sword to the floor as he turned to Rathman and leaned in. Grasping him by the scruff of his shirt again Draxus' right fist instantly slammed hard into the side of his enemy's face, knocking him back to the ground and unconscious.

“This time stay down!” he snarled.

Rathman's body did not move as Draxus quickly stood, grasped his sword and ran for his wife in need.

Meanwhile, the dark sorceress Rayvinn whispered from behind Lillian with a deviant grin as she noticed the Dragon King quickly approaching them.

“I’ll see you again soon!”

With that, Lillian gasped as the arm around her neck suddenly vanished into thin air, along with the dark sorceress Rayvinn.

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