The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 22 - The Confession

King Draxus had arrived just in time to find Lillian standing alone in the middle of the courtyard; she was shaken but otherwise unharmed from Rayvinn’s surprise attack. The Queen’s emerald eyes moved across to her husband as he came to stand before her with a look of concern.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his left hand instinctively moving out to brush her gently on the cheek as he looked over her with worried eyes, “Did she harm you?”

Lillian shook her head and stared deeply into the warmth of his amber eyes as she replied to him softly.

“No... I’m fine.”

Lifting his left hand from her face up toward the top of his head, Draxus grasped his large helmet by one of its thick, curved horns and removed it, dropping it to the ground as his eyes remained fixed on her; on his beautiful wife.

Draxus could feel the unbelievable power of his heart pulsing within his chest as he reached behind her neck and leaned his head down.

He gently placed his forehead against hers as the couple proceeded to close their eyes for a special moment; a moment they had waited so long to share.

A moment of thanks in silence.

“I thought I’d lost you...” Draxus suddenly announced, his voice was still it’s usual deepened husky tone, but softer than it usually was; far more vulnerable, “...that I’d never hold you again.”

As they then slowly parted from one another, their eyes opened simultaneously as she replied.

“I can’t believe you came all this way for me!”

“How could I not?” his expression looked pained now, “I’ve been torn without you. Lost and alone in such a cruel and terrible world.”

Lillian could feel the tears creeping in behind her eyes as she fought to hold back her emotions which were slowly breaking though to the surface.

Draxus wanted nothing more than to apologise for the way he had treated her back at Castle Krillian.

The guilt had been unbearable and he hated the feeling which was continuing to eat him alive from the inside.

He had to say something to her.

“Lillian, I owe you an apology...” he suddenly spoke with a serious expression on his face.

“Draxus...” she warned shaking her head, but he continued over her anyway.

“No, I do. When I found the maiden posing as you in our chambers, I’ll admit that I was angry, furious even.” he began to explain, “Not at you for leaving but instead at myself for causing you to leave; for the way I’d treated you...”

She closed her eyes as the tears welled, filling her eyes.

Opening them again she sniffed as he continued.

“I acted inexcusably towards you, Lillian. I hurt you and I’ll never be able to forgive myself for it; I...” he exhaled, seeming deeply distraught by the honesty of his words.

“It’s alright...” she assured him with a kind smile and her palm holding the side of his face.

“I’m tougher than I look.”

He allowed a small chuckle to escape his lips.

“In the time we’ve spent apart I’ve come to realize that you are my world, Lillian.”

He paused as he prepared himself for his next words; words he wasn’t sure he would ever say and actually mean to anyone.

“I hadn’t realised it until I lost you... But now I know.”

“Draxus, what are you trying to tell me?” she asked with a slight frown.

A pause of silence occurred between the couple as Draxus gathered all of his courage to express the truth; how he had been feeling for so long and unable to communicate it to her.

He swallowed nervously.

“I’m saying that... I love you.”

Both her brows rose as a beautiful and bright smile spread across her face in response to his confession.

The Dragon King had a heart after all.

Before she could voice a reply he pulled her head in towards his, smashing his lips passionately against hers and igniting an unbelievable kiss between them.

She fondly wrapped both arms around the back of his neck as the kiss continued; a heated expression of the love they shared.

Lillian’s lips and around her mouth were now red and raw from the stubble of his beard scratching against her delicate skin.

But she didn’t seem to notice.

The intensity and sensation of what this man could do with his lips and tongue had otherwise distracted her from the pain.

As their lips finally decided to part, both took a deep breath of air as they smiled at one another, reunited at last.

Glancing just behind him for a mere second, Lillian frowned upon noticing the now empty courtyard.

Only a small patch of dried blood remained.

“Rathman.” she spoke softly, causing Draxus to turn around and notice the same thing.

“He’s gone.”

Draxus scrunched up his nose in frustration as he snarled.

“The fucking coward, he ran off!” he added.

While Draxus’ back was to her Lillian looked up and noticed that yet another familiar face was standing up above them, high on the remnants of the castle wall.

It was Flynn and he was leaning back casually on one of the stone towers surrounding the castle with his right leg up against the stone.

A cocky smile had spread across his face as his glowing purple eyes looked down at her.

“It’s you again!” she suddenly announced, alerting Draxus to look up and notice the figure standing above them.

Lillian continued her queries, “Who are you? Why do you keep helping me?”

Draxus looked puzzled by her comment.

What did she mean by ‘keep helping her’?

Had they met before?

“I am but one of many who have a great interest in your well-being, Queen Lillian of Westoria.” Flynn announced.

The Dragon King was green with envy as he made his next comment aimed at the stranger with the purple eyes standing before them.

“My Queen has her King’s protection...” he snapped sternly, “And that is all she needs!”

Flynn’s eyebrows rose as he smiled and nodded in response.

“Sure thing.”

Draxus’ amber eyes narrowed in warning.

Turning around Flynn surprised them as he began to climb up the side of the tower, brick by brick until he had at last reached the top.

With a grunt he looked back down at the couple one last time as he called down to them.

“Stay safe, Dragon Queen.”

Both Lillian and Draxus simultaneously gasped with concern as he suddenly leapt off of the edge of the tower roof and began to fall down!

But he had done such a death-defying stunt with an intended purpose...

The wind suddenly flew by at a tremendous speed along with the giant red-scaled dragon which zoomed across just in time.

Flynn somehow managed to land on the giant’s back and grasp at it’s protruding thorns with his hand in order to hold onto it as they continued to ascend into the sky.

Lillian gave a small laugh.

He made it look so easy.

As they circled around the castle one last time Flynn gave a taunting bow of his head as he smiled down at them.

They watched as the giant crimson creature finally flew away in an Easterly direction with its rider.

Lillian was left smiling, clearly astonished by this stranger’s skills and cheek.

Whoever he was she got a good feeling from him.

“How do you know him?” Draxus asked her calmly as they stood watching the dragon grow smaller and smaller as it began to disappear off into the distance.

Lillian replied as she shook her head. “I don’t.”

Turning to take her hand Draxus spoke with a smile as they began to make their way to the steep staircase leading up to the castle wall where Drako waited patiently for them.

“Come on, let’s get you home.”

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