The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 24 - Forbidden Thoughts

Lady Lynn stood in complete darkness inside of one of the smaller caverns of their underground hideout as she used her incredible Veemon eye sight to see through the pitch blackness before her.

She stood before a large wall made of thick rock and appeared to be waiting for something to happen.

Suddenly, the wall began to illuminate appearing as a dim glow at first, then becoming brighter and brighter within a matter of seconds until the entire wall in front of her was glowing red.

Lynn remained still, her bright purple eyes locked in place and her expression showing hints of concern as she waited patiently for him to appear.

The once solid wall seemed to move in more of a liquidy form before her as a darkly-dressed figure suddenly appeared through its surface, stepping out from the glowing red light and onto the rocky ground below.

The figure was tall at around six foot three and wore a long black hooded cloak over his body; the oversized hood was obviously there to disguise his appearance from view.

A pair of strangely bright neon blue eyes with outstretched black pupils peered out from the shadow beneath the hood as he came to stop about a metre away from where Lady Lynn stood.

“Master Xytsis, you honour me with your presence.” Lynn flattered him with a respectful bow of her head as she spoke.

“Enough with the pleasantries...”

The hooded visitor spoke with his strangely deep and demonic voice as his haunting eyes glowed brightly.

“What have you to report?”

“I’ve located her, the one with the ancient marking.” she replied with a smirk.

“At last...”

He seemed pleased by her reply.

“Where is she now?”

“I have my best men on the job as we speak. They will have her here soon enough.” Lady Lynn reported proudly.

“Inform me as soon as she arrives and ensure she remains unharmed.” Xytsis commanded sternly.

“Oh, I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of what will happen should you fail...”

Lynn swallowed nervously as she replied quietly.

“No master. I will not fail you.”

With that the hooded figure turned and march back through the glowing red doorway, disappearing out of sight entirely.

Lady Lynn rose her head just in time to see the glowing red light fade away and begin to vanish completely, leaving her standing alone once more in the middle of a dark cavern as she had been only moments before.

With closed eyes she finally released a massive sigh of relief as she turned around and made her way out through the narrow doorway, leading back down another darkened underground tunnel.

It was imperative that Flynn find Queen Lillian and bring her back to their hideout as soon as possible.

Their very lives depended on it.

She knew there would be a big consequence should they fail to apprehend the Dragon Queen.

Lillian had been fast asleep since her return to Castle Krillian later that day and King Draxus commanded his soldiers to keep watch over her while she slept so that in the meantime he could see to his duties as ruler.

He needed to quickly spread word of King Rathman’s treacherous act and to inform his allied Kingdoms of what had happened immediately.

They could not risk the cowardly King slipping through the cracks and managing to escape.

Draxus was adamant that he would have his revenge for what Rathman did to Lillian, one way or another!

As soon as they had arrived back at Castle Krillian, King Draxus had his Master Mage Paladin get to work on removing the golden ring binding Lillian’s powers as it sat around her neck.

Luckily, it only took a short amount of time until Paladin located the right enchantment in his various spell books, which managed to successfully unlock the golden ring and release her from her magical binding.

Finally, Lillian was once again free to use her powers.

But she was utterly exhausted from the past few days and desperately needed to sleep.

She had been out for about fifteen hours straight now!

Prince Marcus had been sent by his older brother to go and check in on the Queen, to see if she had woken by now.

Marcus made his way through the familiar corridors of the castle and eventually ended up at the large doors leading into the royal chambers.

Marcus stopped to think for a moment, remembering what had happened the last time he walked through these same doors and had come face to face with his brother fucking his beautiful wife in their pool.

He grinned at the memories of her luscious breasts bouncing up and down in front of her as she panted heavily, her hooded emerald eyes almost glowing with sensuous lust as she spotted him standing there and chose not to react.

It was true, Lillian could have stopped what they were doing. She could have brought Draxus’ attention to his brother’s presence but instead she chose to continue on staring right at him as she enjoyed such heated pleasure.

As if she enjoyed him being there watching her.

It gave him a glimmer of hope; hope that he may somehow have his own chance to seduce such a sensuous woman.

The very thought of her beauty and the shape of her incredible body had caused him to harden between his legs as he licked his lips and nodded to the soldiers standing either side of the doorway.

“Open it.” he spoke calmly.

As they leaned in and opened the door Marcus stepped inside and waited until the doors closed behind him quietly.

He peered around the room silently for a moment.

It was quite late in the evening now, the sun had set over three hours ago and a cool breeze found its way in through the large window leading out onto the balcony.

At last he sighted her, lying beneath the covers of the large bed at the centre of the room.

Her otherwise still figure consistently rose and fell slowly with each of her silent breaths as she continued to enjoy the effects of her deepened slumber.

Taking a few more steps closer toward her Marcus finally stopped right beside the bed looming over her as she slept the night away, completely unaware of his presence.

His hazel eyes peered down at her with an unexpected sensation of both lust and desire.

He desired her though he didn’t quite know why.

True she was beautiful, far more beautiful than any other woman he had ever met, but there was something else.

Something about her that he found irresistible.

What was it?

His lustful thoughts suddenly ceased as Lillian began to stir and let out a loud groan as she rolled over with both her arms outstretched.

Her eyes slowly opened as she yawned.

Then she mat his gaze and gasped, flinching away from him with wide eyes as she pulled herself up to sit in the bed, her hands desperately pulling the covers up to cover her chest.

“Prince Marcus?” her voice was soft but cautious.

“What are you doing here? Where’s Draxus?” she looked around the room.

He held both hands out in a form of surrender as he spoke calmly.

“It’s alright, Lillian... Don’t worry, you’re safe.” he assured her.

“My brother sent me to check in on you. You’ve been asleep for the entire day. I believe he was merely worried.”

“Oh, I’m alright. Just tired I guess.” she said, holding her arm out towards the chair beside her.

“Would you pass me my robe, please?”

With a nod the Prince reached out and grasped her long black robe and stepped forward to hand it down to her.

She took it with a small smile, then speaking.

“Will you turn around?”

Marcus’ left brow rose with jest as he replied.

“Turn around?”

Her brows furrowed together.

“So I can get dressed...”

He grinned deviously as he slowly turned around so his back was facing her.

As he stood there he could hear her getting out of the bed and wrapping the warm robe around her naked body as he spoke again with a grin.

“It’s not as if I haven’t seen you naked before, your majesty.” he taunted playfully.

She paused upon hearing his comment, taking a moment to allow it to sink in before she finished tying the silk tie of her robe together in front of her with a roll of her eyes.

She too remembered what had happened in the heat of the moment and she involuntarily blushed at the thought of it as she pursed her lips together tightly and made her way around him.

Marcus noticed her moving out the corner of his eye and he turned to face her again as she made her way across to the bathing room.

“Will you inform my husband that I’ll be down soon?” she said as she walked through the doorway and out of his sight.

Shortly after he could hear the sound of water splashing and he curiously began to make his way across towards the doorway of the bathing room, silently and with a watchful eye as he peered inside.

Lillian was standing naked now with her back facing him as she slowly stepped into the heated water and immersed her entire body beneath the surface.

After a couple of seconds, her head rose out from the water and she took in a deep breath of air, opening her eyes and beginning to wash her arms one by one.

She had no idea that she was being watched by the Prince at that very moment as she bathed, rubbing over her soft skin sensuously as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

Marcus stood silently watching, thinking of all the tantalising things he would do that beautiful body; all of the ways he would be able to please her if only given the chance.

He could feel as the bulge in his pants began to grow in size and became warm with want.

Closing his hazel eyes and shaking his head to rid himself of such thoughts, the Prince forced himself to turn away and began making his way out of the royal chambers to pass on the message to his brother as she had requested.

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