The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 25 - Convince Me

Several days passed by within the blink of an eye and with each feeting moment Lillian was finding it harder and harder to tell Draxus her secret; that she was with child - his child.

Having had a recent visit from the royal doctor to confirm the pregnancy, it was discovered that she was at least 2, perhaps 3 months into her new journey of becoming a mother.

During her check up she was asked a lot of questions and her tummy was checked, but all seemed perfectly normal and the doctor congratulated her insisting that he would now inform the King of this exciting news.

"What? No, no, please..." Lillian suddenly paused, realising that her concern may raise questions. She continued to try and explain with a calmer tone after her apparent panic.

"Its just... well, I wanted to tell him myself, when the time is right." she covered up. "I want to surprise him with this exciting news. You understand?"

Doctor Parsons seemed to hesitate further with his expression as he frowned, but his frown suddenly turned upside down into a warm and delighted smile as he replied at last.

"Of course, my Queen. I too feel that it would be best if the news came from you." he took her by her hand gently and added, "I am pleased that the Krillian name will continue to live on throughout yet another generation. You have done us all proud, my dear."

Lillian blushed, finding it hard to accept the compliment.

Doctor Parsons was an older man, aged seventy one and with short white hair and a matching beard. He wore a long grey and white robe and carried a large leather bag around with him at all times.

The doctor had worked for three generations of the Krillian line, with the Dragon King being the third genertation; Doctor Parsons had known the mighty Draxus since the day he was born. He was pleased that there would be yet another generation entering the family line sooner rather than later.

"Well, I will take my leave. Call on me if you require anything or if you simply want to ask me something. Day or night my Queen, I am at your service."

"Thank you." she smiled genuinely.

With those words he bowed his head quickly, turned with his bag in hand and made his way towards the doorway of the royal chambers. Lillian looked across to the fireplace as the doors closed behind the doctor, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

The truth was that Lillian had been procrastinating telling Draxus about her pregnancy as she feared that he would treat her like a priceless object and lock her away the moment he found out. And the fact was, he probably would! Draxus had always been overprotective of the things that meant the most to him, but she was having a hard time seeing it that way. All Lillian knew was that she would have her freedom taken away from her, again, and that would drive her beyond insanity!

She feared telling the man she loved, but how much longer could she keep this secret from her husband; the Dragon King?

“My Queen, what are you afraid of?” Willow asked with her back to Lillian as she folded another piece of clothing and placed it inside of a wooden cupboard. “You’re going to be a mother!”

“Yes, it’s not like the King will be displeased by this news!” Skye added as she came through the doorway from the bathing room with a bouquet of freshly cut flowers in her hands. “I’m sure his highness will be overjoyed to hear he will soon become a father!”

Lillian sat on the edge of the large bed, her right hand sitting on her tummy as she glanced down at the floor and sighed loudly. She was wearing a long red gown with sheer long sleeves and a lace boddice. The flowy skirt reached the ground when she had been standing, so as she sat here now, it pooled around her ankles neatly covering her matching shoes.

“It’s not like I don’t want to tell him...” Lillian spoke, still looking at the space on the floor below her. “... I mean, he should know. It is his child after all... I just...”

She shook her head and closed her eyes in despair for a moment. They opened as soon as she felt the bed shift beside her and she turned her head to see a familiar face sitting next to her, a warm smile spread across her youthful face.

It was Ruby, her former handmaiden who had recently been released from the castle’s dungeon by command of the Queen and shortly after that promoted to ‘Lady-in-Waiting’ by royal decree.

After a brief argument with her husband about the meaning of the word 'treason', Lillian had managed to convince her loving husband to release the girl from imprisonment. Then for her loyalty and aid in the Queen's time of need, Ruby was promoted and given a title; she would henceforth be known as ‘Lady Ruby of Westoria’ and would continue to serve at her Queen's side faithfully. It was a duty she took much pride in!

Ruby was also wearing a beautiful dress in a jade colour, with matching jade earrings and a golden jade necklace. Her curly blonde hair was styled neatly up behind her head as she placed her hand on top of Lillian’s and spoke.

“You’re not worried about how he’ll react to the news of your child, are you my Queen?” she asked softly, reassuringly.

Lillian swallowed nervously; she didn't know how but Ruby could see right through her nervous demeaner! As if she could read her mind, somehow.

Ruby continued.

“You’re worried he’ll take away your freedom to come and go as you please. Lock you away as he did before-”

Lillian cut in.

“-The second he finds out!” the young Queen sobbed nodding her head. “I’ll never be able to leave this room up until the birth, perhaps even longer than that once I've had the child! I just, I can't do it! I can't stay locked away my entire life! I won't live like that!”

Lillian could feel the tears threatening to form behind her eyes as she sat staring deeply into Ruby’s blue irises. Ruby squeezed her hand gently as she gave a forced smile.

"I understand your concerns, I do..." she began to explain comfortingly. "But you must think this through carefully, my Queen. How will the King react if you, the mother of his child and the one he trusts most of all, aren't the one to tell him?"

Lillian blinked as she turned her head and looked across to both Willow and Skye, who in turn nodded their heads with sympathetic expressions painting their faces.

"As hard as it is my lady, he deserves to know the truth." Willow regrettably announced.

"And you should be the one to tell him." Skye added with her quieter tone as she smiled.

Tossing her head back and looking up to the top of her bed, Lillian knew they spoke the truth; she needed to tell Draxus about the pregnancy, as terrified as she was of losing so much of her freedom, it had to be done.

As she lowered her head again she let out a large sigh, exhaling all of the air from her lungs as a way of steading herself and boosting her confidence for what she needed to go and do. A difficult task.

"Alright... I'll do it." she finally spoke, turning to look at Ruby again. "I'll tell Draxus the truth."

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