The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 26 - Waking the Dragon

King Draxus had worked late as he stepped through the open doorway leading into the royal chambers.

He stopped dead in his tracks as his tired amber eyes suddenly caught sight of Lillian lying on the bed before him; a sight he had not expected to come across so late at night.

She wore a full-length red sheer nightgown that had a long slit down the side revealing her slender legs which were bent and resting together neatly.

As the guards closed the doors behind him Draxus had to force his mouth shut after he realised it was gaping open from the initial shock of her tantalising surprise.

What kept you?”

Lillian smirked, sitting up onto her forearms.

Draxus grinned as he began to remove his clothing one piece at a time.

“A King’s work is never done, my dear.”

Lillian’s emerald green eyes watched needingly as her incredibly handsome husband removed his shirt, followed closely by his long pants.

Soon afterwards he stood beside the bed with a smirk of his own.

“You’re still awake.” Draxus commented tauntingly as he stood stark naked before her with his growing erection almost at its peak.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Lillian replied smugly.

Blinking slowly Lillian maintained eye contact with her husband as he bent down and began to crawl across the bed towards her.

“I wanted to talk with you about some-”


Draxus’ finger moved up to cover her lips in a minimal effort to silence her as he grinned defiantly.

“Hey, you started this...” he teased.

Lillian giggled as he suddenly reached forward and grabbed her by the back of her head, then pulling her in quickly to meet him face to face.

Their lips brushed against one another’s for a moment as Lillian’s breathing began to deepen; the sensation of lust beginning to take over.

She could feel his hot breath forming on her skin as his almost glowing amber eyes stared straight into hers.

“So I should finish it then?” Lillian asked, her left brow rose as she smirked defiantly at him, almost playfully as she bit her bottom lip.

Draxus’ eyes narrowed as he groaned with delight.

He always loved when she did that.

Every time Lillian bit her bottom lip he could tell that she was turned on; it was the only clue he had.

That is until he got the chance to feel how incredibly wet she was for him down between her thighs.

“What does my King command of his Queen?” Lillian spoke against his face, intending to send him crazy with animalistic lust.

“Tell me what you want Draxus...”

With his heart racing and his blood pulsing, Draxus’ breaths were deep, heavy and his teeth clenched together as he fought to hold himself at bay.

He wanted nothing more than to lunge forward, rip off the tiny sheer nightgown covering his beautiful wife’s body and have his way with her, but he could sense the playfulness in her voice.

She was not normally this keen to be so open to differentiation in their intimacy and it intrigued him.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he moved forward and locked lips with hers, kissing her with such raw and intense passion that it made it difficult to breathe for either of them as their tongues danced.

As their kiss continued Lillian’s gentle hands became needy as she moved them across his bare sculpted chest, her fingers tracing across his muscular form and down his chiselled abs toward his pulsing member below.

This caused him to pull apart and end their kiss suddenly.

“Hey, hey...” he warned her smoothly.

“...we’ll get to that.”

Lillian could feel the growing warmth inside of her, the sense that she had to have him throbbing inside of her right now and she lifted her face back up to his again.

“Tell me what you want.” she repeated.

After a moment of nothing but the sounds of their breathing, Draxus finally spoke with his deep and husky voice.

“Let me taste you.”

With a smile, Lillian slowly lay down flat on her back, her long golden hair splayed out on the silky black bedding below them as Draxus repositioned himself around to crawl up between her long legs.

He watched her like a predator would its prey as he began to slowly pull her long red nightgown up her thighs, revealing her glistening wet pussy at last.

Draxus moaned at the sight of it.

Without feeling the need to ask for permission, the King took what was his and leaned his head down, his tongue stretching out and sliding up the length of her plump clit.


Lillian gasped loudly at the sensation as his warm wet tongue slid up and down her most sensitive area, causing her whole body to shudder involuntarily every now and then.

Closing her eyes to try and control her reactions, she struggled to keep herself from building up and approaching climax.

“Mmm... does my Queen like that?” his voice vibrated against her thighs as he taunted from between her legs, his amber eyes staring up at hers.

“Mmm... yes...” Lillian managed to get out before she was once again fighting off yet another approaching climax.

“God yes... don’t stop!”

“You want release, don’t you?” he continued to tease as he skilfully licked up and down her throbbing clit.

“Beg me Lillian... beg me to make you cum...”

She wasted little time begging; this was the only time she would lower herself to that level of begging him for anything.

“Please, Draxus... please... let me cum...”

“You’re close, aren’t you?” he asked with a grin as he lifted his hand up and inserted a finger deep inside her.

“Oh my god!” she shuddered at the sudden change and flicked her head back against the bed.


“That’s it, say my name Lillian...”

He continued to command, asserting his dominance over her.

“Tell me who you belong to.”

She hesitated at first, but as he inserted a second finger inside of her she couldn’t help it; she needed release and was so incredibly close!

“You...” she paused, grasping the silky linen between her fingers.

“Say my name!” Draxus demanded, his voice deeper than usual and filled with need.

“Draxus!” she shouted loudly as she felt the first wave of her orgasm taking over.


As she tossed her head back again, hitting it against the mattress hard she closed her eyes tightly and her entire body shook as she rode wave after wave of her climax.

Her muscles clenched, her entire body was warm and fuzzy and her vision had become black with blotches of light.

Lifting his head up to watch her riding her climax, Draxus grinned triumphantly at his work as she lay before him, coming down from the high and settling her breathing once more.

Her breaths were long and deep as she suddenly looked up at him as he moved his body over hers, with his arms aimed down at either side of her head.

Before she could say anything he spoke with a mischievous expression as he stared down at his beautiful wife.

“Don’t look at me like that, you wanted to wake the dragon.” he reminded with a playful grin.

“Now... are you ready for me?”

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