The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 27 - Riding the Dragon

Lillian could feel a sense of unquenchable desire for her husband as he held his muscular body up by both arms over the top of hers while she lay on their large bed just below him.

Her sheer red nightgown was now pulled right up to her waist as Draxus then proceeded to continue pulling it further up and then over her head, throwing the light fabric aside without breaking his gaze upon her; upon such desirable beauty.

“I’ll ask again...” Draxus teased with a mischievous smile, baring his white teeth.

“...are you ready for me?”

Without realising it Lillian’s tongue flicked out and brushed over her suddenly dry lips, moistening them as her hooded emerald eyes watched him with powerful lust.

“How do you want me?” she asked with a taunting brow raised.

He chuckled deeply.

“Roll over.” he gestured with his head.

As Draxus sat up he quickly reached down to grasp her by her firm thighs, manoeuvring her to roll over and position herself on all fours with her exposed pussy now facing toward him.

She sucked in a sharp breath of air as he grasped one of her ass cheeks and squeezed it firmly.

Then his left hand did the same to the opposite cheek and she moaned to herself with desire.

“I love it when you touch me...”

She spoke softly, closing her eyes to fully enjoy all of the sensations she was feeling.

“Mmm... I know you do!” he teased as his fingers began rubbing over her swollen clit and her glistening juices started to emerge.

He suddenly paused and Lillian immediately noticed his change in demeanour as she turned her head back to meet his gaze.

“What’s wrong?”

He placed his hand on the small of her back as he spoke almost hesitantly, as if he were afraid to ask something.

“Lillian... I want to do something with you, but I want your permission before I do.” he began to explain vaguely.

“I wouldn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, after what happened with... well, you know...”

She furrowed her brows and replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Would it be alright if... we... got a little rough?” he seemed genuinely concerned for her as he spoke and she could tell why.

The truth was that Draxus was worried that anything rough during their intimacy may remind her of the rape she endured at the hands of King Rathman and he felt uneasy about asking her.

He half expected her to refuse him straight out, or even get angry for asking but her reaction startled him as she bit her bottom lip and gave a small smile.

“Oh Draxus, I thought you were the Dragon King... a man who takes what he wants when he wants it.”

Her voice was lower than it normally was as her apparent desire for him had taken over all sense of thought.

“Unless I was wrong...”

Upon hearing her challenging words, Draxus’ eyes narrowed with a newly charged level of lust and a need for domination.

He would make her regret having said that.

Reaching down and weaving his large fingers through her long golden hair he suddenly grabbed a small bunch of it and pulled her head backward roughly.

Lillian gasped with surprise and a strange sense of enjoyment as he did this and she was forced to kneel with her naked back against his bare chest.

She could feel his rock-hard cock poking into her back as it stood erect and ready just behind her.

By now Lillian was finding it hard to control her breathing as his warm breath caressed the back of her neck and side of her face which had instinctively turned toward him.

He brought his lips up to brush against her left ear lobe as he whispered to her with a darkened expression.

“I think it’s time you learned your place, my Queen.”

Before she could reply with yet another taunting comment, he pushed her back down into the mattress with one hand and positioned his throbbing cock at her moist entrance with the other.

“A Queen’s place...”

He found the opening to her moist pussy.

“ to please her King.”

With those words, Draxus suddenly surprised her as he thrust his hard length straight into her soft, warm opening.


Her eyes widened and she exhaled small breaths with each thrust he made afterward, not bothering to considerately ease his way inside of her tight folds as he normally would have.

The initial thrust hurt her slightly but she had to admit that the force was actually quite arousing, as was the sensation of his large hands as they held onto her hips firmly.

“Oh my god...” she moaned with her eyes closed as he pounded into her repeatedly from behind.

Lillian could feel as his soft sack hit her heated mound with each of his powerful thrusts, over and over again as he grunted like an animal and reached underneath to take a firm hold of her luscious breasts.

His fingers began to play roughly with her nipples, massaging them in circular motions and squeezing them tightly as his pelvis maintained its fluent motion, slamming into her again and again.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” he moaned deeply.

“Don’t stop Draxus.” she cried out, her hands grasping at the bed linen tightly as she clenched her fists in order to try and control the unbelievable sensations she was lost in.

“Please, don’t stop... uh!”

Draxus could sense she was nearing her climax as he quickened his pace, ramming into her from behind with such brutal force.

The sound of their flesh slapping against one another could be heard from across the room.

“Cum for me, Lillian... cum all over my hard cock.”

He was commanding her to do it.

“I want to feel the warmth of your pussy squeezing me tightly while you climax... Tell me you’re mine!”

Lillian could already feel as her body began to tense up and the incredible sensation washed over her like a warm blanket of desire.

Her heart hammered loudly within her chest as she panted between breaths, desperate for air.

There was no way she could deny herself any longer.

“Draxus, I’m cumming!” she cried out as her eyes closed and Draxus suddenly pulled her back against his chest, holding her in place while he continued to fuck her from behind.

“That’s it, cum for me!”

He spoke through gritted teeth as his narrow amber eyes looked down at her.

Lillian’s entire body began to pulse with extreme ecstasy as he gave her yet another command.

“Cum for your King.”

Draxus could feel as her entire body instantly became rigid, her inner walls clamped tightly around his thick cock, pulsing as she finally reached her climax.


Her head fell back against his shoulder and she rode the wave of euphoria until it eventually ended; she was in the warmth of his embrace the entire time.

As soon as her vision began to return to normal once more, Lillian felt an uncontrollable sensation flooding over her, as if she needed to ride his cock right then and there.

And who was she to deny herself such a wish?

Turning herself around she pushed his chiselled chest with such incredible force that it stunned even Draxus; he fell back against the mattress and watched in amazement as his wife proceeded to climb up and straddle him.

He had never seen this side of her before, with such power and strength, it was more of a turn on than he had ever imagined!

His eyes continued to roam across her entire body, taking in every single curve and feature as she desperately worked to position his large erect member at her opening.

Lillian’s eyes, hooded with lust, peered down at him as she lowered herself onto his thick cock, her moist folds parting slowly as his shaft slid deeper and deeper inside of her silky warmth.

Draxus closed his eyes and groaned loudly as the walls of her tight pussy gripped his throbbing member with such unbelievable force.

“Oh fuck yes!” he cried out.

Smiling with delight, Draxus watched as she lifted herself up slowly and then slid back down, almost as if she were teasing his most sensitive area with her super slow speed and effortless control; she eagerly continued to watch his reaction as she moved up and down.

“You like that?” she asked, a sly grin revealed as she continued to rise and fall slowly onto his fully-erect cock.

“You like how that feels, my love?”

He nodded.

“Mmm... That’s it, fuck me nice and slow.” he purred.

“Nice... and... slow...”

Her grin widened at his words, knowing the hold she had on him in this moment.

Finally, she was the one in control, not the mighty Dragon King and it felt beyond incredible; she felt indestructible.

Lost in a blanketing sensation of pure ecstasy Lillian hadn’t yet noticed that the marking on her wrist was beginning to glow as she began to increase speed with her movements.

Bouncing up and down at a faster pace now and using her hand placed on his chest to balance herself as she moved, Lillian could feel a warmth growing inside of her that she could not explain or understand.

The warmth seemed to engulf her entirely as she eagerly rode her husband’s massive cock.

She could feel his firm sculpted pecs beneath her fingertips as she flicked her long golden hair back and let out an animalistic moan.

By now, Draxus had noticed the white glow illuminating from her right wrist as Lillian, who was still completely unaware, continued to fuck him.

His expression changed to that of worry as he watched it begin to glow even brighter with each passing second.

“Uh... Lillian...”

He tried to get her attention with his words, but she was completely lost in her own sensations, grinding into him.

So he tried again, using both hands to firmly grasp her by the shoulders as he spoke again to her, this time with a heightened level of concern lacing his voice.

“Lillian, stop!”

Hearing his voice and panting loudly she looked down at him and furrowed her brows.

“What, what is it?” she asked as she remained seated on top of him.

“What’s wrong?”

He didn’t get the chance to reply.

Lillian suddenly sucked in a large breath of air and her eyes widened in terror as they instantly began to glow white!

Unbeknownst to her she had somehow been pulled into a magical trance by an unseen force beckoning her from a faraway location.

He watched as she fell limp into his arms and panicked when he noticed that her eyes remained wide open and were luminescing a bright white shade.

Her gaze appeared haunting as her body refused to respond to any of his movements or commands.

“Lillian?” he asked as he gave her yet another shake, “Lillian!”

A primal fear had taken over now as Draxus tried without success to wake her from the magical trance she had somehow been forced into.

His heart thumped and his forehead sweat as he sat up in the bed and held her in his arms, carefully supporting her head as he continued to shake gently at her shoulders.

But she was completely unresponsive.

“Lillian!” he shouted again, this time in a heightened state of terror.

“My love, speak to me... LILLIAN!”

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