The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 31 - Stolen

As the Westorian Prince stood practically welcoming the Veemon intruders with open arms Flynn narrowed his purple eyes, glancing down at the two bodies lying lifelessly on the ground behind him, each in a pool of their own blood.

“I thought we agreed that no one gets hurt.” Flynn reminded him, seeming hesitant with the new alteration Marcus had made to their agreed plan. Killing innocents was not something that the Veemon warrior agreed with, unless it was absolutely necessary.

“Minor casualities I’m afraid.” Marcus reported with an obviously fake expression of sadness. “They were asking too many questions, I had no other choice but to silence them.”

Flynn could sense the odourous stench of lies wafting from the Prince but he didn’t have time to argue the point; time was key in relation to their plan and they needed to get the job done fast.

Prince Marcus began to explain a brief outline of their plan.

“Alright so short version is the girl’s in there asleep with Draxus... however, I think you’ll find that you won’t get any resistance from him-”

“-Wait, you killed him?” Flynn assumed as he cut in, seeming horrified. “Marcus, you-”

“-Hey... You didn’t let me finish!” the Prince cut in this time, shaking his head.. “Unfortunately my brother remains with the living... for now anyway. He's been heavily sedated and won't wake for at least another five hours or so.”

Flynn and the other Veemon standing behind him simultaneously let out a sigh of relief. Killing the Dragon King was definately not a part of their plan!

"Now, the plan is to get in, get the girl and get out... But I would highly recomend you use this on her, just as a precaution against her powers should she wake and wish to use them against you..."

Flynn looked down as Marcus held out a small syringe attached to a fine needle with a blue coloured liquid inside. The Prince was suggesting they sedate her as he had done with his brother.

"You want us to drug her?" Flynn asked seeming hesitant.

"Relax, it's filled with only a mild sedative. It's not strong enough to knock her out completely but it may make it more difficult for her to concentrate on using her powers." Marcus handed it to the Veemon who took it and slipped it inside of his cloak reluctantly.

"Thanks..." Flynn said, half-heartidly.

"My pleasure..." Prince Marcus paused and frowned adding, "I'm assuming you already have a way to escape without being seen?”

Lifting his right hand, a bright blue light appeared, hovering in the shape of a sphere above Flynn's palm as he grinned back at the cocky Prince.

"You're not the only one who can create a portal, your highness."

Prince Marcus gave him a fake smile as he turned around and spoke quickly.

"I'll leave the rest with you then."

"Wait, where are you going?" Flynn asked as the Prince began to walk off in the opposite direction.

Marcus replied as he continued walking with his back facing them. "I can't risk anyone spotting me here... I'm off to bed."

Rolling his purple eyes, Flynn and his Veemon warriors moved across to the doorway leading into the royal chambers where the King and Queen were both fast asleep.

At that exact moment, Lillian was fast asleep in the comfort of her warm bed with her loving husband beside her. She hadn't heard as the Veemon intruders slipped inside of the royal chambers and crept over to where she and Draxus were sleeping, completely unaware of their presence.

Lost in a state of complete relaxation as she slumbered peacefully, Lillian was suddenly pulled out of her dream and awoken by the force of a large hand pressing down over her mouth, while several other hands ripped the blanket off of her and began grabbing onto her arms and legs!

Her muffled screams were not loud enough for anyone to have heard as she began to struggle against her attackers, pulling her arms and kicking her legs wildly as she came to the realisation of what was happening to her. She could see that the hooded intruders had glowing purple eyes as they stood over her, holding her down on the bed as she tried desperately to free herself, or perhaps even wake Draxus who was lying just beside her.

"Flynn, the sedative!" one of the hooded intruders whispered and Lillian's panicked emerald eyes went wide upon hearing the familiar name.

Flynn; she remembered that name! He was the name of the Veemon who saved her life twice already, so why was he now one of her attackers? What was his part in all of this?

Her eyes instantly flicked across as they caught the glimmer of the shiny needle one of the figures standing over her now held in his hand! Panicking her screams amplified and her movements became far more desperate as fought against them, trying to free herself from their grasp. She feared for the life of her unborn child, not knowing what it was they were about to inject her with as she tried to fight them off.

As Flynn carefully lowered the needle to the side of her neck, one of the Veemon warriors held her head still as she let out a muffled scream from beneath his palm spread out over her mouth. Flynn pierced the sharp needle through her skin and injected the sedative.

Feeling somewhat defeated, Lillian could feel the sharp sting of the needle as it entered through the soft skin of her neck and she let out a loud groan, closing her eyes tightly for a moment. As the pain subsided and the needle was removed she opened her eyes again and frowned. The whole world appeared to have slowed down dramatically; her vision seemed hazy as her entire body suddenly felt much heavier than it had only minutes before. The sedative appeared to have worked fast.

She could feel as the intruders grabbed onto her arms and legs, then pulling her off of the bed as one of the hooded strangers held her tightly with one arm around her waist and the other over her mouth.

Her legs were wobbly and she struggled to keep herself standing while they tied her hands up in front of her with what looked like some kind of silky black rope. Once her hands were bound in front of her they then got to work tying a second piece of black silk rope around her mouth in an effort to silence her cries for help.

Although the sedatives were swimming around in her system, she continued to struggle furiously against her attackers to make it as difficult as she could for them. They clearly had her outnumbered eight to one as she instinctively turned to see where her husband was lying, undisturbed and still fast asleep somehow.

Lillian wondered why he wasn't waking up; he would have heard something by now, even with her voice being muffled! Why was he unable to come to her aid?

What was wrong with him?

Her thoughts were suddenly put on hold as the one holding onto her suddenly released his grip on her allowing the largest of the eight figures to then reach out, grab her around the waist and flip her up over his shoulder like a rag doll.

Athough she kicked and punched her now tied hands against his back, he didn't seem to notice as they began to move toward the closest wall in the chambers where Flynn was already working on opening their portal of escape.

The very moment the portal opened the largest Veemon carrying Lillian stepped through it first, followed by the others quickly after him. Once Flynn was the only one remaining, he turned and gazed upon the sleeping Dragon King with a solemn expression, as if he felt guilt for what he was currently doing. With a large breath to steady his thoughts, Flynn proceeded to step through the magical opening and the portal closed while the wall returned to its normal solid state. All evidence of what had happened to Lillian was now gone and the Dragon King was left alone to sleep off the affects of his sedative.

Unfortunately for him, Draxus was never to learn what had transpired only metres away from him this very night. That his wife and unborn child were both taken from him right out from underneath his nose and he could have done nothing to help prevent it...

His path was about to take a different turn altogether!

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