The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 32 - Family Ties

The room was back to it’s darkened state when Prince Marcus slowly slipped inside of the royal chambers and quietly made his way across the room to where his older brother lay sound asleep on the bed. As he reached it, Marcus circled the bed keeping his hazel eyes locked on his brother the entire time; like a predator stalking its prey.

So much envy, so much hate and greed had filled the young Prince’s black heart and he had the perfect opportunity to solve all of his problems right here and now.

All he would have to do, is grasp it!

Coming to stand over his brother now, Marcus started down at him with a serious expression as he thought things over for a moment. He had waited so long for this chance; trained hard, been through so much and now the key to his ascention to power lay still before him.

“I’m sorry it had to be this way, brother.” Marcus spoke softly as his right hand reached behind his back and pulled something out of his belt band.

Bringing it to his front, it revealed what looked like a strangely shaped dagger covered by a stone sheath. As he gripped the handle firmly, Marcus continued his speech, not even caring if his brother could actually hear his words or not.

“You’ve always had it all Draxus. Ever since we were little, you were the first to do and see everything there was to experience in life. And in your shadow I have waited patiently, plotted and schemed for the right moment to take what was meant to be mine from you...”

His hand pulled the dagger out of the stone sheath slowly, revealing it’s almost glowing blue blade which appeared to be made of ‘Lunai’, a bright blue material with the same consitancy as glass. This weapon was in fact one of the Veemon warrior’s most commonly used weapons and was intended to misdirect others into blaming the Veemon for what the Prince was about to do to their King.

This had been Marcus’ plan all along; not to side with the Veemon but to use them as a scapegoat for killing his brother! When Draxus’ body would eventually be found, the dagger would be their only clue as to who had killed the Dragon King and fingers would all point straight at the same race who had just kidnapped their Queen and future heir; the Veemon!

Although Marcus would appear to be foolish at times, he wisely hid just how ruthless he could truly be from others. It was actually one of his greatest comodities. He was always one step ahead.

Marcus continued to speak down to his sleeping brother as the blade came out and he held it for a while, looking down at the beauty of the Veemon craftsmanship.

“...And then you brought her into this...” he announced with a grin. “The woman who stole your heart; your beautiful Lillian. I have to admit, you sure know how to choose a suitable Queen brother! She’s smart, powerful and incredibly sensuous... that body, those soft round breasts, her firm behind...mmm... everything a King could ever want in his Queen. I suppose I should thank you in some respect for finding her for me...”

Marcus placed the sheath down on the bed beside Draxus and leaned down to whisper something into his ear.

“And when the throne is mine, I’ll make her my Queen.”

Lifing his head back up, his right hand grasped the dagger by its handle as he hoisted it up above Draxus’ bare chest. Marcus was prepared to do the unthinkable; murder King Draxus in cold blood, his own brother!

Far to the South, still a long distance away from the Kingdom of Westoria, the infamous King Xytsis had been travelling across the lands with his massive army. He was on his way to retrieve Queen Lillian after being informed by Lady Lynn of their successful mission of apprehending her.

With his army of over one hundred thousand loyal soldiers stopping to set up camp and rest for the night, the demonic King had a moment to himself, which he had chosen to indulge in.

Several young slave women who had been abducted from their homes along their journey were forcefully dragged into the King's tent by his soldiers and thrown to the floor before him, each now kneeling in a neat line as Xytsis sat staring down at them cringing in fear.

His neon blue eyes glanced from one woman to the next, sizing up which he would share his bed with first. The woman on the left had mid-length brown hair and grey eyes. The next was a blonde with large breasts and blue eyes. She appeared to be crying as she kept her head down out of fear. The third had rather pale skin and long black hair which ran down her back and over her shoulders. His gaze settled on her for a moment, as if something was compelling him to choose her out of the three before him.

With a gesture of his head, Xytsis had chosen and the soldiers moved in, grabbing the other two women and pulling them up to their feet again. The women were forced out of the tent and the demon King was left alone with the remaining woman he had chosen; the one with the long black hair.

"Stand up, my child." his demonic voice boomed as he watched her slowly move to do as he had commanded. She kept her head bowed and her face from him, to conceal her identity.

"Lift your head up..." he spoke calmly with his haunting voice. "...Let me see your face, my dear."

As she slowly lifted her head up to reveal her face, the King's expression changed from a grin to a look of frustration. Her white eyes locked onto his and she in turn grinned back at him in delight at his surprise.

"You!" he bellowed angrily, his eyes narrow as he glared down at the menacing sorceress standing before him.

"It's nice to see you too..." Rayvinn announced playfully as she stared back at him. "After all, it's been a long time... Father."

*** END OF BOOK 2 ***

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