The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 5 - Rayvinn's Wrath

King Rathman and his men had recently returned to Castle Shayde empty handed and he knew the sorceress Rayvinn would not take the news well, in fact he could almost count on it!

Choosing to purposely keep his distance from her for the time being, he had commanded his soldiers to ensure that he was not disturbed until further notice as he sent for three of his favourite harem women, Lola, Natalia and Selena to satisfy his unquenchable needs. He needed to get his mind off of their failure to kidnap the Westonian Queen.

A knock at his door alerted him as he spoke loud enough for whoever it was on the other side of it to hear him.

“Who is it?”

A soft voice on the other side of the door answered, “My King, you sent for us?”

“Enter.” he commanded with a sigh of relief.

He was clearly nervous about running into Rayvinn, though he was not man enough to admit it to anyone else.

As the door opened slowly three finely dressed women with see-through robes entered one by one, each making their way across to where their King sat alone on his bed.

The harem women then proceeded to each remove their robes, revealing their skimpy black gowns which had been carefully designed to show off their breasts as they began to join Rathman on the bed.

“My lord, are you alright?” the first woman with short black hair and green eyes asked with furrowed brows, as if she actually cared about him.

This woman’s name was Lola and she was the youngest in the harem, at only sixteen years old.

“You look troubled.” the brunette, Natalia added as she lay down on the bed with her head on his lap as her long brown curly hair fell across his knees; her brown eyes gazing up at him.

“I think he needs some cheering up!” the third, a blonde named Selena announced as she stood beside the bed with a deviant grin.

Selena was the most dominant of the three and Rathman enjoyed having her take command over him when it suited his needs.

The King wore nothing but his pants, revealing his chest and all of the tattoos covering him from underneath his neck, down his shoulders and along the length of both arms. The black markings also ran down the pecs of his chest and stopped just below his ribs.

“Rough night I’m afraid, ladies.” Rathman spoke as his brown eyes moved from one pair of naked breasts to the next, “I need some distraction... Think you can help me with that?”

“Oh, I know we can!” Selena agreed.

She narrowed her blue eyes as she proceeded to move in closer towards him, her hand pushing Rathman by the chest roughly and forcing him to fall back onto the mattress facing upwards.

All three of the harem girls moved in to surround him now as he lay there grinning, watching as Selena took charge and climbed up onto the bed, straddling him like a horse.

Her blue eyes were locked onto his, hooded with desire and unblinking as she leaned down to rest both of her hands on his chest, their faces mere centimetres apart now.

“Mmm... Yes you can!” he moaned, possessed by overpowering lust as he looked up at her, “Show me how, Selena... Show your King how you can make it all better, hmm?”

Her eyes darted down now as she then proceeded to lower her head and body down the length of his body, hovering her head over his pelvis as her hands worked to remove his pants, pulling them down the length of his legs and throwing them across the room.

She licked her lips as she hovered her mouth over his partially-erect cock which she then grasped firmly in her right hand as she lowered her lips over it’s length and took into her mouth until his tip hit the back of her throat.

“Uhh... yeah, that’s it...” Rathman let out a loud moan of ecstasy as his eyes closed and he rested his head back on the soft mattress, “More tongue... use more tongue!”

Selena obliged as she began bobbing her head up and down slowly, taking him deep inside of her throat as her tongue slid tauntingly around the tip of his cock. Her blue eyes stared up at the other two women who were now joining in.

Lola licked and sucked at his right nipple gently as Natalia forced her lips over his in a passionate kiss which continued on and on; their two tongues tangling deep inside of each other’s mouths as they fought to breathe between kisses.

While Selena was giving him some of the best oral sex he had had in a long time, Rathman was completely lost in the sensation surrounding him; lost in the moment.

An unwelcome sharp pain suddenly pulled him back from it as he hissed and pulled his head up, looking to Lola with a frown.

His nipple was bleeding!

“Ow! Take it easy, Lola... Be gentle.” he reminded her.

She gave a child-like pout in response.

“Sorry my lord.”

With a large sigh, he then lay his head back down as she licked up the blood from his tiny wound hungrily.

Shortly afterward the King could feel he was close to his release. He moved his hands down and grabbed Selena by the back of the head, forcing her head down to take him in incredibly deep, causing her to choke slightly as he cum hard and let out a monstrous moan of delight.

Releasing her head he closed his eyes as she pulled her head back up and licked her lips with a grin.

“Mmm... I want some more!” she winged with a pout of her own.

Rathman was clearly out of breath as he gave a small chuckle, then moving his hands across to fondle Selena’s perfect breasts as his chest heaved up and down, fighting to catch his breath again.

“No it’s my turn!” Natalia argued at Selena. “I want to feel his hard cock inside me...”

“Ladies... patience, you’ll all get your turn.” Rathman announced cockily as he went to sit up and forced all three of them to move off of him as he moved to the side of the bed.

With his back facing them and reaching out he grabbed the goblet of water and began sculling it quickly down the length of his throat.

“Parched sire?” came a somewhat familiar voice and his sculling ceased the moment he heard it. He actually choked slightly, coughing up the liquid onto the mattress.

Panic instead began to set in as his eyes widened with terror.

It couldn’t be, could it?

Forcing himself to slowly turn around, his eyes moved to see all three girls kneeling behind him on the bed, but there was one notable difference.

The one to the far left, Lola, now had glowing white eyes!

“Sire, is everything alright?” Natalia asked, seeming concerned by the expression of horror painted across her King’s face now as he stared in fear.

“My lord?” Selena questioned, “What’s wrong?”

Lola did not speak now, she just stared at him with a devilish grin, waiting to see what he would have to say next.

“What have you done to her?” Rathman suddenly demanded.

Both Selena and Natalia who were kneeling beside each other were confused as they looked to one another, not noticing that Lola was not responding as they were; instead her stare remained fixed on King Rathman.

She was toying with him and thoroughly enjoying how this was playing out.

“Answer me witch!” Rathman suddenly shouted in anger.

His tone frightening the other two women as they gasped and moved back from where he sat on the bed.

“What have you done to her? Where is Lola?”

The white eyed woman kneeling on the bed bent down and began to slowly crawl toward him now like a beast moving in on its prey. Rathman’s brown eyes widened and he immediately jumped off of the bed, completely naked and walking backwards to keep some distance between himself and the terrifying impostor.

“No, you stay back! Don’t come any closer to me, do you hear me witch... stay away.” he warned with his hand held out, his finger pointed firmly in her direction, “I said stay back!”

Selena and Natalia both watched in terror as the woman they thought to be their companion Lola began to climb off of the bed and slowly move in on their King. With each step forward she took, her body began to transform back to reveal her true form; that of the dark sorceress Rayvinn.

“Oh my god!” Selena whispered fearfully.

Natalia could not speak; she was merely frozen in terror upon witnessing this dark magic occur before her very eyes as she and Selena held one another, kneeling on the corner of the bed.

“Guards, guards get in here at once!” Rathman shouted out loudly as he backed into a table and realised he was being cornered, “GUARDS!”

“I’m afraid they’re not going to hear your cries, my lord.” Rayvinn spoke with her familiarly haunting voice, “It’s quite difficult to hear anything without any ears...”

Rathman’s brows both rose at the sounds of sudden screams originating from just outside the door to his chambers.


It was the ghastly cries of his two guards who had just somehow had their ears removed by an invisible force as it instantly sliced through their flesh, causing blood to spill out from the gaping holes in either side of their heads as they held at their wounds in agony and ran around screaming wildly.

By now the two harem girls were panicked as they began to cry, looking at the door and wondering what was going on at the other side of it.

“Sire, what’s going on?” Natalia asked between sobs.

Rayvinn responded for him.

“What’s going on my dear, is that your King has broken a promise he made with me...” the sorceress announced coldly, “And I don’t like it when my promises are broken. It makes me want to break other things...”

She purposely trailed off, raising her left brow.


Natalia’s sudden shrill scream caused Rathman to flinch as the young woman grasped at her left arm which had now been broken. One of her bones was clearly visible as it poked through the open wound of her soft skin and blood began to run from it down onto the bed below.

Selena screamed upon seeing this, panicking and in shock.

“Stop, please stop this!” Rathman demanded as he held out both hands in a visual form of surrender, “Rayvinn, please stop this madness... I beg you.”

The sorceress narrowed her glowing white eyes for a moment as she finally had him cornered, stepping in slowly towards him. She needed to make an example of him for his foolish failure.

“You failed me...” she reminded, her face lacking emotion as she came to stand right before him now, “And I don’t accept failure.”

“I’m sorry I failed you, I did... I take full responsibility for what happened.” he practically begged before her, “It won’t happen again, I swear it. Give me another chance, let me prove I can do this... Please mistress Rayvinn... don’t kill me!”

Rayvinn stood looking down at this snivelling man filled with terror before her; it really was quite pathetic. Some King... But at least she had what she wanted; he now knew what would happen if he failed her again. He had a new sense of motive.

“Very well.” she announced after a pause of silence, “One last chance, my lord. But know that I will not consider holding back if you fail me again.”

“Yes, yes, thank you.” he said bowing his head down.

She grinned, clearly satisfied by his obvious display of fear.

“And this time King of Ordanna, we do things my way...”

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