The Order of the Pearl Dragon

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Chapter 9 - Being Watched

Queen Lillian was having a difficult time attempting to ignore her husband who was currently using his fingers to pleasure her while hidden beneath the large table they sat at.

She unintentionally let out a small sigh as she bit her bottom lip to steady herself as Prince Marcus continued on with his exciting tale of his recent adventures. But Draxus was making it impossible for her to concentrate as the blood began to rush from her head, down below.

In truth, there was a long crimson tablecloth covering the table they sat at and anything he was doing beneath it could not be seen by anyone else in the room. But the very thought of him touching her in such a public place was beginning to turn her on, not to mention the overwhelming sensation it was causing her!

Her eyes met his as she glared at him in warning, as if silently telling him not to do this here, not now. That she could not take it. But he ignored her warnings and his long fingers began circling her most sensitive area, located between her milky soft thighs.

She couldn’t take it any longer and forcefully used her hand to push his hand away and pull her skirt back down as she stood suddenly, her face flushed.

Everyone suddenly halted mid-conversation as they looked up to see what was wrong with her.

“Your majesty, is everything alright?” Marcus asked.

Lillian forced a smile.

“Of course. I’m just feeling a little tired, it’s been a rather exciting day and I’m utterly exhausted.” she explained, all the while Draxus sat behind her with a triumphant grin spread across his face.

“You look quite pale, are you sure you’re alright?” the General queried with a frown.

Lillian blushed; there was a reason she was pale!

“Yes, I’m sure. If you will all excuse me, I think I may retire for the night.” she turned to face Draxus as she gave him a coy smirk. “Good night, my King.”

He merely grinned back at her as he bowed his head in a silent reply. The look she gave him practically dared him to follow after her and he read it loud and clear.

The entire table of guests stood and bowed their heads with respect as she gave a small smile and then turned to make her way back towards the doorway which would lead her up to the royal chambers.

“It was a pleasure to meet you!” Marcus called out after her.

He immediately turned to his brother with a grin of his own.

“You brute, you’ve tired her out already!” he taunted.

King Draxus and the other men gave a chuckle as they continued with their conversation and the Prince continued with his tale of exploration.

But it didn’t take long for Draxus to make up an excuse to leave the celebrations early and head on up after his lovely wife to the royal chambers.

It was going to be another long night.

By the time he arrived at the royal chambers and opened the two large wooden doors, Lillian was already undressed and taking a dip in the heated pool to wash the events of that day away.

Heading over to join her, he stood at the foot of the pool looking down at her as he began to undress himself quickly.

“You read my mind.” he joked.

Lillian only smiled as she began washing her long arms with the warm scented water. She then tilted her head to the side as she used her hand to carefully rub the back of her neck, then repeating the same action on the other side.

The King watched her doing this as he removed the last few items of his clothing, as if it were some king of strange foreplay for him as he felt his cock hardening with need.

Lillian looked incredibly sexy as she stood waist deep in the pool, soaked and dripping wet with water, her long golden hair slicked back behind her head as her long lashes parted allowing her emerald eyes to peer up at him with such an innocent expression.

She knew what she was doing to him! There was no question about it!

And he would make her pay for teasing him like this!

Once he had completely stripped of all his clothing, the King proceeded to quickly move down the steps and into the warmth of the large pool, his muscular arms waving beside him as he entered deeper and deeper into the scented water, moving closer and closer toward where she stood waiting for him.

“You dare to tease me with that body of yours...” he spoke with his deep, husky voice.

“I’m afraid it was you who started this, my King.” she reminded him as he came to stand before her now. “How dare you touch me like that in public, where anyone could have seen...”

“You liked it, didn’t you.” he taunted, his hooded amber eyes looking down at her as his large hands moved in to grab her by both of her hips underneath the water. “Liked the fact that I was pleasing you in front of everyone... that at any moment we could have been caught.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she interjected as she pulled her hands free from his and turned to swim deeper into the pool, away from him.

He didn’t like this at all.

Draxus quickly lunged forward and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her naked body back through the water and into his naked chest. Lillian giggled as he did, surprised by his sudden movement as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes at the feeling of contact with his muscular skin against her back and buttocks.

She could feel how hard he was for her already as his erect tip pressed hard against her lower back. She let out a soft moan as he leaned his head over her shoulder and began licking and sucking at her neck and shoulder blade.

“Do you want me inside you?” he whispered his hot breath into her ear as she quivered at the sensation. “Hmm? Do you want my hard cock pulsing inside your hot little hole? Is that what you want?”

She moaned as she nodded her head, biting her lip as her breathing began to deepen with a sense of excitement.

“Tell me... Tell me you want me inside you.” he demanded, his teeth pressing into the skin of her neck as she let out a squeal at the new sensation; the pleasure caused from pain.

“I... I...” she paused, clearly enjoying herself too much to be able to form words as asked.

“Lillian, I gave you a command.” he warned calmly. “Obey your King.”

“I want... I want you inside me...” she managed to form the sentence between breaths and moans.

Draxus gave a triumphant grin as he began to run his free hand across her perky breasts, pinching both of her nipples gently.

“That’s it... Good girl.” he soothed as he began to pull her by the waist through the water toward the edge of the pool, where Lillian could now hold on for balance. “Your wish is my command.”

With that he used his right hand to position himself, then slowly began forcing himself inside of her wet folds, bit by bit; his teeth gritted together as he watched her reaction to his cock entering her.

Lillian let out a sudden moan of excitement as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of him sliding deeper and deeper inside of her, filling her up entirely with his thick member.

“You’re so hard!” she whimpered between breaths. “Draxus...”

“Mmmm... Only for you.” he whispered softly into her shoulder as he finally began to pull out of her again, ever so slowly. “Only my Queen...”

He began to kiss her all over her back and neck as he began thrusting in and out of her tight hole, submerged deep under the heated water. His left arm was still wrapped around her waist, holding her in place as he continued to fuck her slowly, sensually underneath the water.

“Oh, Draxus,” she called out. “Fuck, you feel so good! Oh my god... so good!”

He took his hand away from her waist now and placed both his hands on either of her shoulders as he began to fasten his pace of thrusts, pumping inside of her from behind harder now as she stood with both of her hands on the edge of the pool for support.

The mighty King let out a animalistic snarl as he threw his head back and closed his eyes tightly while he continued fucking his lovely wife. The water of the pool splashing beside them with each thrust as the pair panted heavily, lost in their erotic sensation.

Meanwhile, out in the corridor leading to the royal chambers, Prince Marcus was on his way up to surprise his brother for a late night visit. He was quite tipsy from the countless goblets of wine and wanted to keep the fun going.

As he approached the doors of the royal chambers, the two guards standing there looked to him with a frown, as if in disbelief as they looked to each other for clarification.

“Prince Marcus?” one of them asked aloud.

“How is this possible?” the other added with a puzzled expression. “I thought-”

Marcus intervened.

“Yes, I’ve returned at last... I know, I know... Hard to believe and all that... Now allow me access to meet with my brother at once!” he seemed to slur some of his speech.

The guards seemed hesitant.

“Sorry, sire. The King has commanded that he is not to be disturbed. He and the Queen are...” he paused and quickly came up with the right word to explain their current situation. “Busy... They’re busy.”

Marcus, clearly intoxicated and not used to being refused, frowned as he pushed past the guard angrily.

“You will do as I command, now move aside!”

The guards obeyed, though they knew they shouldn’t and moved aside while the Prince stepped up to the doorway and paused upon hearing the loud sounds coming from the other side of it.

He recognized those sounds; the panting and the moans!

With a devious grin he reached for the handle and opened it, stepping inside of the royal chambers and immediately setting his gaze upon the pair of them as they continued to fuck in the warm water of the large pool, completely unaware of their intruding guest.

Marcus’ hazel eyes widened in intrigue as he licked his lips while he continued to watch his brother taking Lillian from behind, her large round perky breasts bouncing with each thrust he made from behind her as his hands held on tightly to either side of her shoulders.

“Fuck yes!” he gritted.

The water splashed violently around them as Draxus reached around her and suddenly pulled her back against his chest, changing their position slightly but only intensifying the pleasure they were both experiencing.

And now, the pleasure the Prince was feeling as his cock began to harden, while tucked away inside his pants at the forbidden sight before him.

“Uh.... Draxus.... Yes!” she cried out loudly as she unknowingly opened her eyes and caught sight of their unexpected guest, standing just inside the doorway, a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth the second she met his gaze.

But instead of alerting her husband, like she perhaps should have, Lillian instead returned his heated stare as her husband fucked her from behind.

Draxus’ view of his peeping brother was fortunately blocked by the back of Lillian’s neck and her long wet hair in his face as he began to approach his climax.

“Fuck... oh god I’m cumming!” he spoke into her neck as he held her tighter and gave his final hardened thrusts, grunting with each one.

Noticing that he was finished, Marcus made his way back through the doorway and closed it quietly behind him, as if he were never even there.

As Lillian was the only one who had seen Draxus’ brother, she watched him exit silently as Draxus began to slow his breathing from behind, with his strong arms still wrapped around her.

“That... that was fucking amazing!” he spoke with a grin.

Lillian’s eyes were fixed on the now closed doors to the royal chamber. For some reason, having Marcus standing there watching her had unintentionally excited her and she didn’t yet understand why. She blinked as she replied softly.

“You have no idea.”

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