Broken Attraction: Jack’s Baby

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When Jack finds Valen stored away in an old shed begging for his help, he knew he couldn’t turn his back on her. However, he couldn’t keep her, couldn’t love her. A broken woman couldn’t put together a broken man... “You’re so sweet.” Jack whispered. “I want to tear down all the innocence I see in those pretty little eyes.” She didn’t dare speak. “I want to kiss you.” He confessed. “I’ve never been kissed.” She whispered staring at his lips. She wanted to be kissed though. She’d always dreamed about her first kiss. Late at night when she longed for someone who would take her away from the villa and show her the world in a new light. Jack’s hand moved from her lips to come around the side of her neck. He felt her pulse hammering against his thumb and he brought his head lower... *This book contains sexual content (descriptive sex scenes- some sensual, some rough), explicit language, assault, and violence. *Rough Draft (There are grammatical/ punctuational errors.)

Erotica / Romance
Kaye Lovett
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“Home sweet home." Jack said as he rolled to a stop in front of The Carter's new home. "I'm surprise you didn't jump out the truck." He laughed.

Garrett only smirked as he opened his door. It was true. He was excited to get back home to Katerina and the babies. He and Kat went on their honeymoon for a week with just the two of them and it was much needed. After they returned he was working from home for a month. Today had been his first day back in the office and he hadn't did anything but think about being at home.

"You're not coming in to see Kat?" He asked when he noticed Jack wasn’t getting out like he normally did.

"Um." Jack checked the time. He was supposed to be meeting someone at eight and it was seven but he could always make time for Kat. "Why not?" He opened his door and followed behind Garrett into the house.

"Daddy's here!" Garrett called out.

"Look guys, its Daddy and he brought Uncle Jack with him." Katerina was sitting on the couch in the living room with Kenna on her breast, eating and Karson snuggled in her lap in a milk induced coma.

"Look at my boy passed out." Garrett smiled as he dropped his things on the loveseat then moved to his wife. He placed a kiss on her lips then one on Kenna's head before he scooped up his son.

"He's getting big." Jack said and he came over and gave out his own round of kisses.

"Are you staying for dinner, Jack?"

"Um. Where is Momma?" Jack looked back to see if he could see Donna coming down the hall but there was no sign of her. She now lived with them so she could help around the huge house and help Kat with the twins. He was sure she was overjoyed when Garrett asked her to move in. The woman simply didn't want to miss out on more than she already had.

"She had to go get something from the store but she'll be back soon. So are you staying?"

"Apparently not, love. He has somewhere to be. He wasn't even going to come in." Garrett snitched.

Jack rolled his eyes. "It's not like that. Plus, she can wait."

"She?" Kat teased.

"Don't start, Kat. You know you're the only woman I would give my heart to." He plopped down beside her and smiled. "After Kenna, can it be my turn?"

Katerina nudged him playfully as they shared a laugh.

"I'm glad I got a grip of myself or I'm positive I would have lost you to Jack." Garrett said as he gripped Jack's hand and pulled him from beside his wife. "Get out of here and go get your own woman." He sat down and snuggled into Kat's neck as he relaxed into her and her into him.

Jack smiled down at them. A small part of him yearned to have what they had but he instantly dismissed the thought. But, secretly. Deep down inside, he hoped that if someone could love Garrett then there was someone for him too.

"I'm out of here." He called out.

“Let me lock the door behind you.” Garrett stood back up with his son still cradled in his arms.

"Well, tomorrow is Saturday so that means you're coming to spend time with me, right?" Kat asked.

"I have to make a run in the morning but you have my chicken sandwich ready at twelve on the dot." He kissed her goodbye then headed for the door.

"I'll be glad when you get your own wife." Garrett laughed as he followed Jack to the door, rocking his son in one arm and holding the door open with the other. "Be safe."


Danielle was sitting in front of her vanity applying make-up to her face when there was a knock at her door. "Come in." She called out.

When the door opened she looked into the mirror to see her least favorite maid. It's not like she favored any of the help but she despised the one standing in her room now. "I don't want you. Get me somebody else." She spat.

"Your father sent me. He said he needs everyone else at the moment."

"Listen. I need new linen on my bed. Black." She said then dismissed her with a wave of her powder brush.

"The linens were changed this morning."

"Did I ask if they were changed this morning? I told you to change them again and that's what you will do." This time when she looked at her through the mirror she held an eyebrow up in question to see what the maid’s next move would be.

"As you wish." She heard her mumbled and she could have sworn she had rolled her eyes. Danielle only smiled as she pulled a robe around her body to cover the lingerie she wore then she moved out the door and down the stairs.

"Daddy!" She said the minute she found her father selecting wine for tonight's dinner. "I asked for a maid in my room." She demanded.

"I sent the girl up ten minutes ago, princess. Were you not in your room?"

"I've been in there the whole time and no one has come to me. I'm your daughter and I have just as much authority around here as you, right? That's what you told me, Daddy."

Danielle hid her mischievous smile as the girl in question came around the corner holding the black sheets she requested.

"Girl!" She watched as the maid almost jumped out of her skin when her father yelled at her. "What did I tell you to do?" He asked approaching her with slow steps.

"I'm sorry?"

"Are you dumb?" He slapped the linens from her hands and Danielle smile spread as she saw the maid's bottom lip tremble. "Why didn't you do what you were told?"

"I have the linen she asked for."

"I didn't ask for any linen. I haven't seen you since this morning." Danielle said as her father gave her a side glance.

The maid held her head down and whispered something but no one could hear her. "What do you have to say for yourself? Speak up!" Her father yelled.

"She's lying." She whispered a little louder but as soon as the words left her lips, a hand came across her face.

"You call my daughter a liar to her face, to mine!? We clothe you, feed you, keep shelter over your head and this is the thanks we get?" Her father called over two male helpers and they picked up the weeping maid. "Take her out back and strip her and tie her up. I'll be there in a minute." He grabbed her face roughly to look at him. "I'm glad after tonight I will no longer have to deal with you." He turned his back as the men carried her off and Danielle mentally gave herself a pat on the back.

"Rosa! Go see to my daughter's needs and let’s make it quick. I still want dinner on time. No excuses."

"Yes sir." An older maid stepped from her spot at the table where she was setting out silverware and came around to stand in front of Danielle waiting for instructions.

"Get those sheets up and follow me."

Once they made it to her room she resumed putting on her make-up.

"What more can I do for you, Ms. King?"

"Put those sheets on my bed. Jack's favorite color is black." She smirked.

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