Desire Like Fire

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Sapphire was a good girl in every sense of the word. She did what was expected of her and never pushed for more. She had her whole life planned out and it never included boys. That was until she met Novian. She met Novian the day after he and his family moved into the neighborhood, that same day he challenged her. He challenged her to be someone other than herself. That challenge awoke a desire within her. A desire that burned like fire.

Erotica / Humor
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Chapter 1: Brunch

All morning I found myself singing and dancing around the kitchen with my mom and say what you want but I was having the upmost of fun. When I woke up I just knew today would be different. That today would be one of the best days I’ve had in a while. I woke up smiling and feeling refreshed and I honestly couldn’t tell you why.

Maybe it was because I had time to breathe and I wasn’t running myself rampant doing things for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed helping others and feeling satisfied when they showed true appreciation for it, but I never had time for myself anymore. I loved to sing and dance and the more I began helping the less I was able to do what I loved. So being able to sing and dance with my mom even though I was helping her cook a boat load of food was like a breath of fresh air. A much needed breathe of fresh air.

“Sapphire Grace I never get tired of hearing that voice of yours.” smiled my dad as he walked through the door. My dad was a cop and often worked late hours. Or as of lately, overnight. My mom was a stay at home mom who made and sold baskets. Her baskets were a big hit and she never took on more than she could chew. Each one was more beautiful than the last and you could feel the love oozing off of it. She was also an volunteer. She volunteered for anything and everything she could. When I was younger she always had me right there beside her. It’s no wonder I became a helper myself. I grew up with it surrounding me.

“Thank you daddy and good morning.” I smiled running over and hugging him tight. He smelled like metal and sweat. His cologne fading but still slightly there even after thirty six hours.

“Morning sweetheart. How was work?” my mom smiled from the stove as she scrambled some eggs. My dad didn’t reply as he walked up to her and hugged her from behind before placing a kiss on her cheek. I snickered as I watched him take a piece of bacon from the every growing stack.

“Work was work.” he smiled chewing quickly so as not to get caught. I laughed. It was pointless. I could hear every crunch with each bite he took from over here. “Why so much food sweetheart.”

“Won’t be any left with you here.” she laughed as she pushed him back towards me. He smiled as he winked at me and threw his arm over my shoulder. I was definitely a daddy’s girl. “And just so you know, we got new neighbors yesterday. I ran into Mrs.Tyler yesterday and I liked her. So I invited them over for brunch. Now you go shower and Sapphire please do something with your hair.”

Dad and I laughed. My hair was a species of its on. Wild and curly. No matter what I did to it, it stayed a big curly mess of brown fuzz. Don’t get me wrong though, it was always maintained. Brushed, moisturized and whatever else I needed to do to keep it from growing three times it size when it dried. I loved my hair, but my mom was tired of it. She tried a relaxer one time and most of my hair fell out. We never tried that again.

Anyways, my name is Sapphire because even though both my parents have chocolatey brown orbs mines are a striking blue. The exact color of sapphires. I have a mix of my moms olive toned skin and my dads caramel color. They call it exotic, whatever that means. I am truly a product of recessive traits from the both of them. I have all the curvatures that my mom have. A little more than a cup full of boobs, flat stomach, small waist and wide hips. I blush whenever my mom teases me about my body. Which to my dismay is more often than not. My favorite thing to wear is sweatpants and a hoodie. Of course my daddy loves it, but mom thinks I need to be more girl like. Hence the reason I’m sitting here in a sundress and surprise that he hasn’t said anything about it.

“Margaret her hair is fine. If i remember correctly yours use to be just like hers.”

“Your point Theo.” she smiled sadly. My mom lost most of her hair when I was too young to remember. It has grown back, but dad says it hasn’t been the same. All i knew was that it was something my mother hated to talk about.

“No point love. Come on Princess let’s go get ready for company.”

Here it comes.

“She is ready Theo.” mom said rolling her eyes. Dad took one quick look at me and shook his head no.

“Nope too short. We don’t know these people Margaret. We don’t know the kind of people they are. Do they have children? Most importantly I bet they have a son who will try and defile my princess. I am a cop and I have a gun.”

“Theo leave my child alone. You think everyone has a son who is going to defile your daughter. No one is going to make her do anything she doesn’t want too. We raise a strong daughter. Isn’t that right?” My mother asked somehow making direct eye contact with ms from across the room. i nodded my head yes.

“I liked the sweats better. You always trying to change her.” my dad mumbled as he stomped off like a three year who was told no more cookies. I laughed as my mom sighed and shook her head. I thought I heard her mumble something about daddy being a jerk, but I wasn’t sure. Again I was a daddy’s girl, but even I could admit my dad was bit over protective at times. About fifteen minutes later the food was done and dad was just coming down from his shower. He looked at me and frowned right as the bell rang. I knew he still wanted me to change, but he knew mom wasn’t having it. My mother, being as excited to make new friends as she was, jumped up and basically ran to open the door as dad and I followed her. As she opened the door Mr. And Mrs. Tyler was quick to introduced themselves as my parents introduced their selves.

“And this is our daughter Sapphire Grace. She can be a bit shy.” I smiled as I waved at them timidly barely moving from my dads side.

“She’s is a gorgeous young lady.” smiled Mrs. Tyler as I mumbled a thank you. “Oh! Here comes our son. This is Novian.” she smiled as a boy slowly approached the door. When I saw him I had to stop my jaw from hitting the floor. He was at least 6′1. All brawn with smokey grey eyes and raven black hair that went a few inches past his shoulder. My dad(also over 6 feet) was quick to step in front of me a frown on his face, but it was already too late. He had seen me and i definitely saw him.

I could feel my dad burning holes into me and it was getting harder to stop myself from blushing. As creepy as it sounds I really am very close to my father. He is like my own living personal diary. Of course up until today I never had a single entry about boys, it was never a purpose, but sneaking quick glances at Novian something in my gut just told me all that was about to change. Including the diary. For the first time I was feeling things in my gut that made me feel like I was about to vomit flowers and rainbows. Noticing that he was already looking me whenever I looked at him made my face heat up even more. My heart beat sped up whenever we brushed hands. Whatever was going on I didn’t like it and from the look on my dads face neither did he. My mother,however seemed to be elated with my actions.

For some strange reason I kept brushing down my dress as if it were covered in dust and crumbs. Each bite I took I covered my mouth as I chewed until I swallowed it all gone. I was taking smaller and smaller bites and the portions on my plate wasn’t like they usually were. I couldn’t figure out why my mannerisms were suddenly changing, but I just knew my dad knew why.

“Um...Mommy may daddy and I be excuse for a second.” I asked pleading with my eyes. She sighed as she nodded her head yes and went back to talking to Mrs.Tyler. I was quick to stand up and grab my daddy’s hand dragging him upstairs with me and into my room. I was panicking. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and I needed to let it out. I was hyperventilating because I was so confused.

“Princess. Princess calm down and talk to me.” he said sitting us both on the couch I had in my room.

“I don’t know daddy. I feel all funny on the inside. I’m not eating like I normally would be and my face feels hot and I don’t know why.” I cried almost on the verge of tears. To my surprise my daddy started laughing. Like really laughing. He was laughing to the point that tears were streaming down his face. In between laughs he was calling my mothers name. By the time she reached us I was in hysterics.

“Theo what did you do?” her voice was stern as she glared at him. He barely sobered up enough to repeat what I had said to him. Now they were both laughing at me as I began crying harder. Finally my mother sobered up enough to kick my dad out the room. Whom was still laughing.

“Sweetie you are so precious.” my mom started amusement clear in her voice. “What you are feeling is normal. Most girls get it late in life. We call them late bloomers and you sweetheart are the last cheery blossom on the tree. No it’s not a bad thing either. When a girl has an attraction for a guy she gets a funny feeling in her stomach. It’s called butterflies. That guy can make her change who she is just for a bit of attention, but be careful not all attention is good. You want a guy that will better you not bring you down. For example, I was shy just like you when I was your age. There was this guy, a bad boy. He tried to do all these horrible things and I did it because I liked having his attention on me. That was until I almost got in trouble with the cops. I swore off boys after that scared they were all the same. Then I met daddy and he was a sweetheart. He would send me flowers just because woke up thinking about me. What I’m saying is that feeling your feeling sweetheart is the beginnings to a crush. It will only get stronger. Now clean yourself up and come downstairs. It’s rude to leave guests.”

My eyes widen as I realized I would have to go back down there. I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay in my room with the door lock listening to my music.

“Why does he keep staring at me?” I asked timidly. Don’t judge me. I’m eighteen. Never had this thing called a crush and never thought about a boy in this way. This was too much attention for me. I went to an all girls school where all the teachers where girls. The only guy I’ve ever come into contact with was my father. As far as a guy my age...never. I had never met a guy before that was my age. I never went out my neighborhood and since my mom was always shopping for her baskets I never had to go to the store. I was definitely sheltered. I basically blended into the background and I was okay with that.

“He’s trying to figure you out sweetheart. Just talk to him.” with that my mom used a baby wipe to clear my face and walked with me back downstairs. Definitely a sheltered life.

We finished up brunch with me being as quiet as a mouse and my dad still laughing at me. Which resulted in me sticking my tongue out at him only to have him do it right back. That made me smile. He was such a child at times and I loved it.

“Novian how about you and Sapphire go out back and get to know each other a little better.” stated my mom causing both my dad and I too stare at her completely flabbergasted. What?

“Sure Mrs. Grace.” he said standing from his seat and looking at me expectantly. I looked at my daddy with pleading his eyes, but he was still staring at my mom. I had no help here. Sighing I grabbed my drink and followed behind him to the porch swing on the back.

“Sapphire Grace.” he said slowly as if he testing it out. “That’s an interesting name.

“My name is the color of my eyes.” I mumbled trying to keep my distance away from him.

“As I’ve noticed.”

“Okay.” i answered even though there was no question.

“From what I can see you are very shy and timid, but there’s got to be a fire in you and I promise you I will get it out of you.”

“W-what?” i stuttered. “W-what a-are you...” I couldn’t finish my question as he got closer to me. I was stunned. He was the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen.

“Don’t worry darling, I’ll make you fall in love with me first.” he said before turning around and going back inside. There was two things I was sure of from that small encounter.

First, I wasn’t as scared as I should’ve been.

Second, Novian Tyler was definitely going to be a bit of trouble.
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