Brown Eyes

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Two high school students; Austin, a shy, smart kid. Handsome with green blue eyes, like starring at the ocean. Then there is Amelia, tan skin, brown eyes, long beautiful thick hair. Outgoing and known for being the center of attention. Austin’s exact opposite. Little does Austin know that he has caught Amelia’s attention. Her burst of laughter fill up the room, but around him, she’s that timid girl, wanting his attention.

Erotica / Romance
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“OMG hurry up Jess! We’re going to be late on the first day!”

“It’s the first day! Mr. Klaus won’t care that we’re late. We can say we got lost finding the class” Jess exclaimed, trailing behind Amelia.

“I told you we shouldn’t have gone out for lunch, now come on hurry up please! We won’t find seats together.”

Amelia and Jess have been friends since elementary school. They went through rough patches but no matter what they stuck together. Both going into their junior year, they were smarter than kids their grade. Going into Calculus, it meant being in a class with mostly seniors. Amelia never craved the attention from other students her age. Jess went older as well. Her boyfriend Marvin was in college, starting his freshmen year. But Amelia was single.

Amelia easily attracted people to her. She had a gorgeous smile that made every guy turn her way. She loved the attention, but she kept everything she did under wraps. Standing at 5ft, her petite figure stood out. She played varsity soccer in the spring, keeping her legs in form. Student managed the boys team in the fall, volunteered at her elementary school, danced in the summer. She had been labeled a hoe before, causing things to end quickly with guys she was genuinely interested in. She wasn’t going to make the same mistake again. Everyone wondered who Amelia was going after, guys secretly hoping it was them.

Amelia and Jess walked in as the bell rung. Walking in they found seats together in the back of the class.

“Hello everyone, my name is Mr. Klaus. I will be your Calculus teacher this year. As you may be aware, we are no longer on the block schedule. For my seniors, I will try to teach you everything I can in these two semesters we have together. For my juniors, you will be taking this course this year and next year you will be taking basic college calculus 2 in order to prepare you. We as a school are still adapting, and quite honestly I don’t know how this will truly work out but I will do my best.”

“Well you’re options are very limited in this class. If you date or sleep with anyone in here, you’ll be seeing them again next year.” Jess turned to Amelia.

“How do you know who are juniors?”

“Amelia really?”

Mr. Klaus began taking attendance.

“I honestly haven’t seen some of these people before.”

“Well there is Brett, Sarah, Zach, Gabe, Austin, and us.”

“Amelia?” Mr. Klaus called

“Here.” Amelia answered with a small smile.

“Austin?” No one answered. Mr. Klaus looked up, around the room. Everyone began searching for who’s face belong to the name Austin. He was raising his hand in the corner of the room.

“Who is that?” Amelia whispered to Jess.

“That is Austin, he is in my Chemistry class. He’s really shy.”


“No. Amelia you’re going to corrupt the poor kid.”

The class continued and Amelia began to wonder. Who was this guy? Why hadn’t she seen him before? He was different, not the typical, “I am hot and I know it” kind of guy. His smile would have any girl drooling.

“A fly is going to land in your mouth if you don’t close it.” Jess said and she pushed Amelia’s mouth closed.

“Hey isn’t Zach supposed to be in this class? Maybe he can help or he knows him more?”

“God. Amelia. Well maybe Zach shows up tomorrow, who knows. He was in my morning class, so I don’t know why he isn’t here.”

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