Brown Eyes

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Austin’s POV

2 months later: November

“Where is Amelia?” I asked

“She had a dental appointment.” Zach replied

Mr. Klaus has us working in partners today. Owen was working with Jess. And I was working with Zach.

“What do you think of Amelia?” Zach turned to me

“What?” I completely had zoned out and began to wonder where the question came from

“Amelia, you just asked about her, what do you think about her?”

“I don’t know, we have class with her?” I replied.

I have to admit she was gorgeous. Her brown eyes were so beautiful. Brown eyes are common but her eyes are special. Unique and beautiful. Her body was amazing but her personality was just as amazing. The dreams I’ve had of that girl. The smell of her hair when she walks past me, her gorgeous smile.

“You don’t find her attractive or anything?”

“She’s okay.” I said going back to my work. I had never been with a girl. I’ve tried dating, but in the end, they all saw me as ‘too shy’ someone who they just didn’t want around I suppose. Amelia was way out of my league. It’s better if I don’t get my hopes up.

“Just okay?”

I thought to myself. What do I say to him? Amelia is one of her closest friends. I can’t act interested in her. Maybe he is interested in her? I mean who wouldn’t be? She’s gorgeous, but what about the things that have been said about her? She has been nothing but kind and welcoming to me. She sees me more than the shy kid. Every girl who’s approached me stops talking to me after a couple days but she didn’t. Almost making me belief what has been said about her not be true.

I’ve heard the rumors about her. How she’s slept with some many guys and done things at school with guys. But that’s not the girl I know, she enjoys reading, painting, cooking, backing, and she even knows how to crochet! She brought in muffins and brownies for the group one time and they were the best thing I’ve tasted. I just wish I knew how to talk to her. Every girl I try to reach out to more than friends, freaks out. They don’t want a shy kid. Amelia is just so different, but she’s an athletic star, beautiful and smart. And the way she knows how to rock anything she wears. The thought of her in her yellow sun dress came to mind. Her toned legs and perky breast. There were days she didn’t wear a bra, and it would drive me nuts. I always played it off by looking at my phone. But when she would get up and her dress rose a bit to high, giving me a sneak peak of her body. Her white lace panties making an appearance. I only have my looks, social awkwardness and my smarts. I need to show everyone I’m not shy.

“I don’t think it would work out?” was my reply.

“What?” He looked at me confused.

“I would break her. I’m way taller than her.”

“Bro, what?”

Fuck. Wrong thing to say. “If I were to date, the sex wouldn’t work, she’s so small, I’m 5 ft 11.”

“Oh.” He laughed and returned to his work.

I really need to work on my social skills. Will Zach tell Amelia what I just said about her?


Zach and Austin finished their work and joined Jess and Owen while the rest of the class finished.

I saw that Jess was texting Amelia. I didn’t have her number or her Snapchat, or any social media of hers. Everyone wanted Amelia. I remember her mentioning how she doesn’t like to give her number away. If people asks, she gives her Snapchat or Instagram first. Owen tried to hit on her the second day of class. The first day I met him, he tried flirting with Amelia but she turned him down. Why?

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