Brown Eyes

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Winter Break


A month had past and now winter break was days away. Everyone was going out of town for break. Jess was going with Marvin’s family to Florida. Zach was going to Germany. And Owen was spending time with Kelsey his new girlfriend this week. Except Austin and Amelia. They were still friends. Amelia learned to accept that nothing would ever happen between Austin and her.

Amelia was sitting down. Watching television when her phone rang, it was the group chat on Snapchat.

Zachary: Two days away! I’m ready to be away from Mr. Klaus!

Jess: He is tired of you too

I closed the chat and put my phone down. Then my phone rang again. It was a message on Snapchat from Austin.

I didn’t know if to feel excited or disappointment. He didn’t know I knew what he said about me. It was awkward the first week but then things went back to normal.

Austin: hey Amelia

Amelia: hey

Austin: everyone is going out of town and if you don’t have any plans, my parents have a cabin in Wisconsin, I know you enjoy nature, and I do too! And I’m planning on going, so if you don’t have any plans... maybe you could join me?

Amelia: I’ll see. Thanks for the invite.

I put my phone down and I hear another ding.

To spend a week with Austin? Away from him in the middle of Wisconsin? I’ve been having more dreams about him, they’ve been turning more and more sexual. I imagine myself on top of him, teasing him. Letting my anger out by making him beg for me and apologize. The more I try to forget what he had said, and try to shove it deep down in my memories the more I want him.

I ask my parents and they agreed I should get away for the week. I’ve never betrayed their trust, as far as they know so I’m allowed to do what I want.

I grab my phone and I open Austin’s message.

Austin: k

Asshole. I think in my head. I reply.

Amelia: sounds like a plan, when are we leaving?

Austin: Friday night.

Amelia: sounds good.

I put my phone back down, and begin to pack. I’ve never been to Wisconsin but from the weather reports it actually snows there. All the pictures look beautiful from the snow. I realize that I’ll be spending my birthday with him. He probably doesn’t know, I think to myself.

I sit on my bed and fall back. My legs hanging from my bed as I lay on my back. I began to think of the dreams I’ve been having. Of him on top of me. I remember the day Zach told me Austin said he would break me. Was he actually that big? Or was he just making a dumb joke? I’m supposed to be mad at him, but my thoughts begin to wander.

I can’t stay mad at him, specially when my heart and body are desiring something else. I get to spend an entire week with him, alone, in Wisconsin. Just the two of us, no adult supervision.



Austin and Amelia decided to drive up to the cabin.

“This is beautiful.” I look out the window starring at the place I’ll be staying at for a week.

“It is.” He replies as he parks the car.

I step out of the car and feel the snow crunch under me.

We take our belongings inside and begin to settle in. I begin to explore the cabin by going to check out the bedrooms first. The master bedroom has large windows and has a view of the lake. It’s private property with neighbors atleast 2 miles away from each direction. I stand there taking in the beauty.

“You can have this room if you want.” Austin says as I turn around to see him standing at the doorframe

“What about you? Where will you sleep?” I ask.

“There is another room facing the driveway. I’ve been here many times before. I don’t mind if you take this bedroom this week.” He smiles.

“Thank you.” I smile back

He turns around and walks back down.

We ate pasta for dinner and now we were playing board games infront of the fireplace.

It was beginning to get late. And I thought to myself, if I wanted answers it was now or never. We planned on staying here for a week. He wouldn’t leave me stranded. The worse that could happen is we leave right now, or we just ignore each other for the rest of the week.

I take a deep breath and swallow.

“Why did you tell Zach that if we dated it wouldn’t work out because you would break me?” I blurted out.

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