Alpha's mate

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When Anastasia goes to roller skating club with her best friend Carlos she collapses the moment she gets in. Alpha Lucas, one of the most feared alphas in the world turns to be her mate. On the outside he is the cruelest men anyone knows but with her his sexuality and romance is free. Anastasia is a witch, vampire and werewolf and Lucas is a tribrid between a devil, vampire and werewolf. Will she be with him despite the fear she has of him after finding out his deep dark secrets...

Erotica / Romance
Antonia Zovic
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I just got back from my morning run and noticed that the air is different in my yard and around my house. I got in the house and went to the living room to find my best friend Carlos sitting on my couch looking at our old picture. Well now I know why the air was different.

"Ana, you are home, happy birthday. Damn girl you look hot!"

He got up hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"I, well you do to, how was your trip, you have to tell me everything."

We sat back and I waited for him to tell me evrything about his trip to Australia, he loved traveling, he went there to find some witchy witch stuff, but also to enjoy himself a little. It was the first trip he went to after his boyfriend died, because traveling was something that they both loved to do. I felt sorry for him, but soon enough he started living again, I don't know how or why, but I was glad he was happy again. Today was my birthday, I was eighteen and it was also the day I was meant to find my mate. Carlos is a warlock and he got to chose the love of his life, me, well I was a tribrid between a vampire, a witch and a werewolf. It was my because of my wolf side that I need to have a mate.

"No, can't do that. Today is all about you, we have to celebrate and find you a mate, my girl if he is an idiot I will rip him to shreds and feed him to lions."

We both laughed to his joke but we knew he actually meant that.

"So now, go to shower and try to catch some sleep. I'll be here around seven maybe earlier, with VIP cards to the club and I also got us a ticket to the new roller skating arena, so first skating then getting drunk at the club. Bring some hot dress."

"Looks like you have everything planned alredy. I'm fine with that. Okay, honey see you later."

He got up, kissed my cheek and desapeared, leaving me all alone.

I went to shower, picked my chlothes and went straight to bed. Carlos knows I don't really sleep well so I try to catch some sleep here and there and god only knows how much I need it. After a while I felt myself falling asleep really fast.

When I woke up it was 6:30, I got up of bed, brushed my teeth put my chlothes on and magically straightened my hair.

When I got out of house, Carlos was alredy there in his car, I got in and he turned to me, examining me from top to bottom. His look told me he aproves.

"Ready to go girl?"

"Hell, let's ride."

When we got to the arena we got out of car and went to the entrance, there was a man that was checking tickets, Carlos gave him ours and the man opened the door for us.
The second I got inside I was in heaven and hell in the same time and my vision was blurry. I started falling and felt someones hands wrap around me and I heard Carlos yelling my name, but I saw nothing and that's all before I collapsed.

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