The Foreigners

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A family of seven travels to the country of Spain. After reaching it, Kylie (the youngest of three daughters) meets Joseph, a handsome photographer. As time passes, the two soon become sexually involved with one-another. But much to their dismay, this could soon head them in an uncomfortable position, and it won't just be with their families.

Erotica / Humor
Liam Barath-Lane
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Francesca slowly entered the cabin, wearing absolutely nothing, nothing except glasses and sandals. It was very quiet; at least, it was from where she was standing. Without hesitation, she walked right in further. At the moment, she was certain that she heard (or was hearing) something. Taking quicker steps, she made it over to the closest door that she could find; and no, it was not just a door, it was, in fact, the source of the ambiguous noise, coming from the left. Right after making a stop, she took about 4-5 seconds to glance at the door; even for a brief moment, she tried crouching down to look through the very low bottom of it. Blatantly so, she could not get a glimpse of anything through it. Without hesitation, she rose back up and grabbed onto the door handle, turning it within less than a second. Two seconds after getting the door open, what she came to find was quite surprising.

There, on the bed, were two persons, a male and female, obviously. Both of them were in a very blatant, very sexual, position. The male was lying on his back, with his head half an inch away from the foot of the bed, while the female (on the other hand) was literally right on top of him. Her head and face were not pointed to the same direction as his were. As instead, another body part of hers was intact with that; it looked like a pillow smothering a mask. Oddly enough, neither of them seemed to hear Francesca come in, that was until she (unintentionally) slammed the door itself open. Both the male and female stopped what there were doing, immediately before looking up at Francesca. As stunned as she was, the female went as far as to gawk, “Who the fuck’re you?”

Standing calmly, as automatically exposed as they were, Francesca answered, “I was going to ask you the same."

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