Daddy’s Little Girl

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Faith a 17 year old Girl, she has a normal life and a normal family. Well if you call her Her Father being a wolf and her mother being a wolf normal, they were in a pack her parents were Alpha and Luna. That was until her father died. Faith has never been the same since her father died.Now she has to start a new school but what happens when she runs in with another pack?

Erotica / Mystery
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Looking through the window watching as the road grew longer and longer. Fueling my anxiety while I tried to reason with myself over and over, but just like any other time I failed.

“Faith, Are you okay sweetie?” She asked just briefly looking my way

“Im fine mom I’m just not feeling well, I’ll feel better when we get to the house.” I responded not breaking my eye contact with the road

Pulling up in the driveway after what felt like hours of driving, I opened the car door and stood in front of the house that I had lived in my whole entire life.

And for the first time in my life it didn’t feel like home

*Flash back*

“One two three,ready or not here I come!”

“Found you angel!” Dad shouted

”How did you find me?” I giggled with a lingering pout.

“I’ll always find you Faithy Bear,that’s what Dads are for.” He said while picking me up

“I’ll always find you too Daddy, I love you.” I said while hugging him

“I love you too Faithy Bear;More than anything in the whole world.” He said whilst hugging me tighter

*Flash Back Ends*

I miss you Dad

“Faith...Faith.....FAITH!” Mom screamed snapping me out of my thoughts.

“ sorry mom I was just thinking.” I breathed out

And with that I was at the front door placing the key in the locking and with one turn,I was unlocking the door and walking inside with Mom following close behind.

Turning to me mom said “Try to get rest sweetie, school starts tomorrow.”

I breathed a sigh and nodded, turning to hug mom. I headed up the steps to my room. Once I got to my door I stood there frozen for a moment. Placing my hand on the door handle, still deep in thought trying to make sense of what happened.

Finally breaking away from my thoughts, turning the door handle and walking into my room. I walked over to the light switch about to turn it on, stopping myself quickly.

Turning on the lights will only bring you pain,don’t hurt yourself more.

I thought to myself, leaving the lights off I walked over to my dresser and stripped down naked. Looking in the mirror at myself I felt disgusted.

I’m so ugly

I grabbed a large tee shirt and tossed it on avoiding my mirror. I walked over to my Bed and laid down not long after I drifted into sleep.

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