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Chapter 6: Victoria

I sat and watched my men in almost awe, lost in my rose colored mood. They sat huddled together, leaning over the island counter looking at the little black and white pictures that were spread out for ample viewing. I grinned into my cup of tea, enjoying the warmth that it infused into my palms, as Daemian and Marcus cooed and giggled at the pictures. I thought the ultrasounds just looked like gray blobs, but Marcus swore he could clearly see the babies. That’s right, babies. As in two. I was having twins. A boy, and a girl. I was still working through that little bit of shock, but I was coming to terms with it. Daemian and Marcus were excited though.

I was happy that they were happy. I had some news that I didn’t really want to share with them yet because I didn’t want to ruin this happy mood. It was more of a Margo conversation, I needed the opinion of another woman, and advice from my best friend. I had decided to get a DNA test for the babies while they were still in the womb. The doctor found something very strange, like something out of a sci-fi movie. I was the mother of both babies, obviously. But the babies had two different fathers. Both Daemian and Marcus gave the doctors a sample to test, and one baby, the girl, came back as a match, the other did not. That meant that Jason was a father to one of the babies. The boy.

I felt sick to my stomach at the thought of having to break this news to my men and see the devastation on one of their faces. So I continued to just sit there and watch them fawn over the pictures of the babies that were growing and moving every second inside my body.

I heard a knock at the door, but really it was just a formality at this point, because all it took was the time for me to blink, and suddenly Margo was standing in my living room. I came to expect it, so it didn’t surprise me anymore. What did surprise me, was the man that was with her. He was tall, well over six foot, and hie was fair skinned. His eyes locked on me and I saw that his eyes were tri colored and ombre, just like mine. His hair was long and black, and straight, not a single wave in it, and it was pulled up into a high pony tail. He was very attractive with a sharp jaw and full, pouty lips. And the was his body moved exuded strength. He was dressed in all black, shirt and pants snug to his well built frame.

I let myself stare at him for a few moments, before turning to look at Margo. She looked annoyed and that made me curious. Daemian and Marcus had stopped talking and stood straight and at the ready, slowly moving towards me, as if they would leap in to protect me if they needed to. I knew they weren’t going to because I trusted Margo and I trusted her judgement. She wouldn’t bring someone here who she didn’t trust. Marcus looked pissed, which surprised me because he was normally the calmer of my two men.

“Vic, I’m super sorry about this. This is Fenix. He’s currently my guard, and he insisted on presenting himself to you.” She turned and looked at Fenix expectantly. He didn’t move for a moment. Still staring into my face, but not in a way that made me uncomfortable. He shook himself for a moment, almost like a bird settling it’s feathers, before turning to look at Margo. She gestured at me with a sweep of her hand and said, “let’s get this over with.”

“Princess Victoria, I am Fenix, First guard of the unseelie court. I was selected by the unseelie queen to be a contestant for your hand, and to become your consort.” He bowed low to me, and as he did, his long hair swept the floor, the movement grace full as if the hair were meant to be a part of the motion.

I was shocked into silence, slightly amused, because I knew that Margo had tried to talk him out of doing this. I glanced over at Marcus though, and saw that he had dropped his glamour, and his power crackled along his skin, as if he meant to fight Fenix. Marcus was Fae, and from what I could tell, Fae were very territorial when it came to protecting something or someone from other Fae. I smiled to myself, before setting my mug down and standing slowly from the couch. Standing up had exposed my abdomen to its full extent.

“Fenix, it is a pleasure to meet you. I regret to tell you though, I am already spoken for, and as you can tell, I am already expecting children.” His eyes had traveled down my body to take in the size of my stomach. Growing twins made my middle very swollen.

“Princess Margo told me that you were with a child, but I thought maybe it was a trick, because you have a mated. I still wanted to present myself so you could make an informed decision.” I raised my eyebrow at that and turned to look at Marcus again. He still looked pissed, but the power had died down so that his skin wasn’t sparking anymore. That quickly changed when Fenix started to take his clothes off. He slid his black dress shirt from his sculpted shoulders, to expose his torso. He was ripped. His abs were formed to perfection, and I could not help but watch as the shirt felt to the floor, and his pants quickly followed suit. His calves were well defined and flowing his legs up to his thighs led my eyes to his groin. I felt myself blush and at the same time my body reacted. He was well endowed to say the least.

I almost took a step forward, in my hormone addled fog of desire. Marcus was suddenly in front of me, his mouth sealed over mine, and his tongue pushing its way into my mouth. I moaned into his mouth and gripped him to me. I could feel wetness start to gather in my panties and I clenched my thighs together, trying to create a little friction there. I was in a cloud of pheromones and desire, Marcus was taking the full weight of it, trying to control me and keep me from Fenix. Then, it was like someone threw a bucket of cold water on me, extinguishing the fire that had started in my loins and bringing me back to the present.

“I told you NOT to do that. She is already over run with hormones as it is from being pregnant! You can’t make her any more pregnant than she already is right this second.” Margo was yelling at Fenix, who had put his clothes back on, and was kneeling, shame faced in front of Margo.

“What the fuck was that?” I asked, my breath rushing in and out with the fast pace of my heart.

“Fenix is able to release pheromones to help with fertility. That’s one of the reasons I am sure the unseelie queen chose him to be a contestant for your hand. It seems she was unaware that you had already become bonded and pregnant.” Marcus had answered and turned his body to glare at Fenix. “Since you are already pregnant, he had no reason to push that much pheromone down your throat.” Fenix stood tall and was making it clear that he did not regret his choice.

“She may be pregnant, but that does not mean that she can not change her mind, if something she deems better comes along. It is always good to know that you do not have to settle and that you have options.” Fenix held his head high and made another sweeping bow to me.

“I understand that, and I appreciate the gesture, but do not ever do that to me again.” My voice had steel in it. I wanted to make it clear that I was not going to tolerate a power display. Daemian throughout this whole situation had stood back. He knew that Marcus, Margo and I were all Fae, and I guess he didn’t want to try and intervene, so he said nothing through out this entire exchange. “Margo,” I turned to her and raised my eyebrows at her, “can I talk to you alone for a few?” I watched understanding flow through her eyes, and she turned to Fenix, telling him to stay out here with Daemian and Marcus, and to not pick any fights.

I pushed gently away from Marcus and stepped around him, making to stay out of touching distance of Fenix. The whole encounter with him was just strange, and I didn’t want there to be anymore misunderstandings. Margo stepped around him and followed me back to my bedroom.

“Ok, so I know that look. What is going on?” Margo was quick to cut to the chase. I raised a finger to my lips to shush her, and then cast a muffling around my room. I did not under any circumstances want the guys to over hear this conversation before I was ready to tell them. As I cast it I thought about the night back in October when I had first made the discovery of me and Marcus being Fae, and Margo had popped back into my life.

I had been sitting at the island in the middle of the night, about to stuff my face full of snacks when suddenly someone was knocking at my door. I was worried for a split second that it was going to be Jason or something, but I knew that wasn’t possible because I had made sure to ward myself and my building from him. He couldn’t even come in because his body would refuse to let him. When I opened the door it had been Margo standing there, and I swear my heart almost burst.

I had missed her so much, but there was no way that I could have explained to her everything that had happened to me. As far as I had known then, she knew nothing of magic and magical creatures, and the power struggle between the light and the dark. I almost burst into tears when I saw her, but that quickly turned into shock and bewilderment when she walked through my wards and into my apartment as if they weren’t even there.

“It’s about damn time you figure everything out,” Margo said, her voice tight as if she was fighting back tears. I pulled her into a crushing hug and had to fight back my own sobs. I may have had Daemian and Marcus to lean on, but nothing beat being able to talk to my best friend. Then it dawned on me what she said.

“Figured everything out?” I asked incredulously, my mind was in a whirlwind from all the information I had consumed earlier that day. I had confirmed that I was indeed pregnant, and I had figured out that Marcus and I were Fae. It was a lot, and it was still making my head spin.

“Marcus called me,” she said, and my confusion deepened. Why the hell would Marcus call Margo? I looked at her, my face contorted with the confusion that I felt as I took a small step back from her. My mind kept going in circles, as I started at her, and if I hadn’t been staring directly at her I might not have notice the mild shimmer that seemed to float in front of her face. It was the same thing that I had noticed with Marcus, when he had his glamour in place. It hit me then and I stumbled, thankful that there was a bar stool right behind me so I could grab onto it to keep from crumpling to the ground. Margo was Fae too. That’s why Marcus called her, and that’s why I could see the shimmer from her glamour.

“You are Fae too.” I stared at her, my eyes wide as dinner plates. She smiled at me and dropped her glamour. It was sudden and bright, and I had to avert my eyes for a moment. When my eyes adjusted, I took in the full sight of her. Her skin was glowing and flickering, as if her skin were a gossamer curtain and just behind that curtain a fire raged. Her hair was a reddish brown mass of curls and her eyes, they were the most striking thing, were tricolored, fading from a gold to an orange, finishing with a wide band of bloody red. My mind was overloading, and I had to sit down.

During my observation I hadn’t realized that my robe had fallen open, revealing my upper body, clad in in just a thin, tight tank top. It showed the baby bump that was forming. I watched Margo take it in, see the crazy amount of snacks on the counter and she broke out into a huge smile.

“I’m Fae, and you are a pregnant Fae!” the look of sheer joy on her face, and the warmth that I felt on her words made me happy and want to smile too, even though really I was still freaking out internally about it. I just nodded and Margo squealed in happy excitement. Her excitement wilted around the edges as I saw a thought float behind her eyes.

“What? what’s wrong?” I asked, suddenly very worried.

“Nothing is wrong per say, but there is something that I have to tell you and I need you to promise me that you wont get upset with me. I was genuinely worried about you.” She looked down at her fingers, which were clasped together to the point that he fingertips were turning white.

“Just tell me. I promise not to freak out.” I should not have promised that.

“I am not the only one that knows you are Fae.” She paused, and I nodded at her to continue. “I talked to Jason, he figured me out, which led to him figuring you out.” My mouth had gone dry as she said Jason’s name. I glanced toward my bedroom door, and then back to Margo. “He explained everything to me, about what happened in July and what he did.” She looked at me with concern in her eyes, and I just did my best to keep my face blank. I did not care one bit if Jason knew about me being Fae. It changed nothing between us. “At risk of you throwing me out of here, you should consider talking to him. I know that is probably the furthest thing from you mind right now and I understand. Just consider it for the future.”

“I don’t know what you want me to say about that, but I am fine. Never been better and I don’t need him.” I knew I was talking too fast, making me look like I meant the opposite of what I was actually saying. I smiled at her and tried to make the situation lighter. “Anyways, tell me more about being Fae, and why I never knew.”

We sat at the counter and started catching up as I ate my snacks. Margo told me that I was an unseelie princess, and that my fathers mother was the unseelie queen, and that she was my cousin on my father’s side. Her mother was my father’s sister. She also explained that Marcus had been put in as a spy with Christian, and it was not an accident that Christian sent him to look after me. I was so engrossed in listening to her that I did not notice Daemian, frozen in the doorway, listening to Margo explain who I was to me.

He must have made some tiny movement that drew our attention to him finally, and we both turned to look at him. His mouth was opening and closing like a fish out of water, and it was a struggle not to laugh out loud. Margo turned and looked at me out of the corner of her eyes and smirked.

“Uhm, Daemian? What all did you hear just now?” I asked slowly, and his eyes snapped to me, and his mouth closed with an audible click of his teeth. He looked like he was trying to get his thoughts together before he answered.

“You are a Fae princess. And Margo is a Fae princess, and apparently Marcus is a Fae high royal court spy?” the words tumbled out almost on top of each other, and Daemian looked like someone was speaking a different language to him.

“You would be correct, Daemian.” Margo laughed and stood up. I stood with her, and she turned to me, “go ahead and explain things to him since he discovered you. I am going to get out of here for now, but I will be back soon.” I nodded and gave her another bone crushing hug before she let herself out the door.

I ended up spending a good two hours explaining the situation to Daemian and calming him down. He was worried that finding out that Marcus and I were Fae would change anything about the dynamics of the relationship we all shared. I assured him that it would change nothing. We ended up going back to bed and had thanked all of the deities I could think of that he had not heard Margo mention Jason.

I snap back to the present, Margo sitting on the loveseat that was across from my bed. I came over to her and settled into the dark purple cushions, turning to face her. she just watched me, not putting any pressure on me, because, being the most observant and best friend ever, she knew that what I was needing to confide in her was hard for me to say.

“Ok, so I went to the doctor today for a checkup.” I took a deep breath, trying to steady my racing heart.

“Was everything ok? I know you had been putting it off.” Margo reached out and took my hand, squeezing it gently and pushing her warmth into it, which helped me shake off some of the chill I was feeling.

“The appointment went fine. The babies are healthy and growing perfectly.” I took a deep breath and gave myself a little shake before I continued on. “The last time I had gone to the doctors, I had taken DNA samples for Daemian and Marcus in to have it tested for paternity.” Margo’s eyes widened at that and she leaned in closer to me. I knew the guys could not hear us, but I leaned in too.

“So one of them is the father of these babies?” Margo asked. I couldn’t read the tone of voice she was using. I knew she still wanted me to reach out to Jason, but she really just wanted me to do what I felt was right for me at the same time. We just had different ideas on the best course of action.

“That’s the thing. Daemian is going to be a father,” I paused and looked up to gauge her reaction. She kept her face blank, and I couldn’t read anything there, so I continued, “to one of the babies. The girl. He is the biological father to my baby girl.” Utter confusion took over Margo’s whole face. I took a deep breath and tried to fortify my nerve before I admitted the next part. She still hadn’t said anything, so I plowed ahead. “Marcus’s DNA did not match for either of the babies.” I watched the realization of the situation play out across Margo’s face.

“So you are saying that one of the babies is Daemian’s, and the other baby is Jason’s?” her expression was still hard to decipher. She looked like she was happy, but also concerned, and I wasn’t sure what parts of my confession were receiving which emotions.

“That is exactly what I am saying. I am freaking out, and I have no idea how I am going to tell the guys. This is such a weird situation, and I don’t know how to handle this.” I felt tears prickling the back of my eyes and I opened them wide in attempt to keep any accumulating liquid from falling.

“Is that even medically possible?” Margo looked incredulous. And I didn’t blame her. It was ridiculous and next to impossible for something like that to be real. It was real though.

“Yes apparently it is possible. I guess when I ovulated, I popped out to eggs and when everything when down in July,” I paused because I was as little embarrassed of myself. I had slept with 3 guys literally within hours of each other, and it made me feel a little like a slut, and I could feel myself blush from embarrassment.

“I don’t know why you get so embarrassed about that,” Margo rolled her eyes at me and laughed, her tone indicating that she was trying to lighten the mood for me, and I appreciated it. “You know because Fae have such a hard time having babies, we usually just fuck as many people as possible until we finally get pregnant, and then we marry whoever got us pregnant on the off chance that they could get us pregnant again.” I just started at he in astonishment for a moment because I had not known that. It also made me feel like maybe I was only lucky getting pregnant because I was half human.

“Anyways, because there was more than one copulation, I was able to get pregnant to two different guys.” Margo had started cackling at my use of the word copulation, and her laugh made me start to laugh. It made me feel better, like little weights were rolling off my heart with each chuckle. There was still a lot that bothered me about the situation, but at least I knew I had my best friend on my side. Our laughs eventually died down and Margo turned to look at me with a serious look on her face. I had a feeling that I knew what she was going to say before she said it, but I braces myself all the same.

“I know you are not really interested in hearing this, but I think that you should tell Jason.” She looked at me with such sincerity in her eyes and a part of me knew that she was right, and that It was something that I should do. There was another part of me however that was not even interested in negotiating that idea. Jason walked out on me, so I did not owe him a damn thing. That I was the first thing that I thought, but then I thought about what my childhood would have looked like if I hadn’t had my father in it. I was in no way interested in opening the door to romance, but for one of my babies, I was willing to consider it.

“I cut off all communication with him for a reason. Honestly, a part of me says that he walked away so I am in no way obligated to tell him.” I sighed heavily and looked down at my finger tips as the pressed against each other. “Another part of me is telling me that I am a decent human and at least should tell the man that he is a father, because every child deserves to have both of their parents in their lives. I just don’t know how I feel about it all together yet. I mean I just found out, and I have not even told Daemian or Marcus yet. I need to really think about it, and maybe talk it out with Marcus, I already know what Daemian is going to say.”

“You have a point, and yeah, I agree about talking about it with Marcus. Daemian is too hot headed when it comes to anything that has anything to do with Jason.” Margo rolled her eyes. she had already experienced plenty of Daemian’s attitude when any mention of Jason came up.

We sat there for a little while longer, just chatting and bouncing some baby names back and forth, nothing that we spit out stuck yet though. My mind kept traveling to Jason and telling him I was pregnant, and he was going to be a dad. Would he try and take the baby from me? Try and raise it in the light? I cringed at that. As a Magical user there were so many limitations on what was considered good and evil that it made magic almost pointless sometimes. I did not want a child of mine to be raised with those limitations.

I also thought about the other spectrum. What if he wanted back into my life, and this baby being his was the perfect chance to let him back in. I couldn’t really picture how that would work, because I meant what I told Daemian before, I was not going to leave him or Marcus, ever, not even for Jason. My mind began to wander into dangerous territories with the though of Jason joining out household.

My body throbbed a little at the idea of three bodies, three sets of hands, three mouths, all focused on my body. I shivered a little and had to clench my knee a little. As screwed up as everything was, that was the last thing that I should have been thinking about. Blame it on the pregnancy hormones. I shook my head, trying to dispel the idea from my head, deciding to myself that I was not going to say anything to Jason until I absolutely had to.

The next step to dealing with this situation would be to tell the guys. I dreaded it just a little bit. Marcus would be ok, he was always so easy going and that was one of the things that I love the most about him. he was always willing to talk things out and never got mad at me over stupid things. He was like a breath of fresh air. Daemian was another story. He hate Jason with a passion, and that was for the simple fact that Jason was my Mated. Daemian loved me and I loved him, but he hated that someone else had a claim on me in anyway. I always got upset whenever Jason was even mentioned, it was annoying sometimes but I tried to look at it from his point of view. I would be furious if there was someone out there that Daemian was supposed to be a Mated pair with, and there was a significant chance of me losing him to someone else.

Either way, it was not going to be a picnic telling Daemian that he was going to have to share fatherhood with Jason.

Margo gets up and I stand up with her. Here goes nothing, I thought, as we made out way out of the door, down the short hallway to the living room. Daemian was sitting at the island counter in the Kitchen while Fenix and Marcus squared off with each other. Both Fenix and Marcus had a splattering of blood decorating their bare chests. It was kind of sexy, but Fenix landing a blow to Marcus’s jaw while he was distracted by me coming into the room pissed me off. Marcus had spun around once and landed in a crouch, looking up at me with a wink while licking blood off of the corner of his mouth. My body clenched a little at the sight in arousal, but I saw Fenix move out of the corner of my eye, and I turned to face him. With a flick of my wrist, I picked Fenix up and slammed him flat on his back on the hardwood floor, making sure to miss and comforting cushion of the soft carpet that was spread out on my floor.

I effectively knocked the wind out of him, and he wheezed, trying to relearn how to breath. He hit so hard some of the floorboards splintered. I turned and glared at Daemian, because he had just sat back and watched at they tried to beat on each other.

“Hey, I know what you’re thinking Vic,” Daemian started and held his hands up in surrender. I was pissed and I felt that rage start to leak out of me a little, like a fine red mist that started to color over my vision. Daemian continued to talk, in attempt to calm me down, “They are both physically stronger than me, so I would not have been able to stop them.”

“But you are strong enough magically, or you could have come and got me. This is ridiculous.” I turned at stomped over to where Fenix still laid on his back, his breaths gasping in slowly, “And you, I made it clear that there was no chance with me. so there was no reason to fight Marcus. It was stupid and immature, and I expected more from a Fae that is old enough to have met King Louis the 8th!” Fenix looked shamed and it made me feel just a little bit better. Margo lost it. She thought it was funny as hell and I turned and gave her the finger. It wasn’t funny but I guess me yelling at a centuries old Fae was a touch amusing. Marcus leaned back and sat on the carpet, leaning against the arm chair closest to him, and he looked up at me, waiting for me to scold him.

I didn’t scold him, just went over to the chair he leaned on an sat, letting him lean his body back onto mine. I looked down at his face, taking in the bruises that were blooming on his face and grimaced. I sighed and smacked him on the back of his head. He laughed and rubbed where I smacked, and then hooked his arm around my calves.

“You could have come and said something too you know,” I said quietly.

“I know, but it was a challenge to my place in your life, so I had to respond. I liked that you came to my rescue though,” he laughed again and ducked as I took a swipe at him playfully. I took a deep breath to try and calm myself down. I was about to spill the beans to the guys, and I needed to be calm to do it. I couldn’t let myself get worked up.

“Well now that that it done, and will not happen again,” looked from Marcus to Fenix, who was finally able to sit up. Margo didn’t try to help him, just sat in another armchair, eyes focused on me. She knew that I was about to drop the bomb on the guys and was planning to mediate if she had too. Daemian came and sat opposite of me and Marcus. It felt wrong for him to be so far from me, and it felt almost like an omen, Marcus on my side and Daemian opposing me. I shook my head and took another deep breath.

“What is it Vic? You can tell us.” Daemian’s voice was calm but I could see the worry that was in his eyes.

“The last time I was at the doctor I gave them a DNA sample from the two of you, to do a paternity test.” Marcus whipped his head around to look at my face, his arm around my legs tightened slightly and he smiled serenely at me. it was that small smile that gave me the courage to finish what I had to tell them. “I’m so sorry, Marcus, but your DNA waws not a match.” There was a brief flash of sorrow that flashed in Marcus’s storm cloud eyes, and as quick as it was there it was gone again.

“It’s ok. I kind of figured that would be the case.” His voice sounded a little wobbly, but he cleared is throat and then gave me his best snarky grin, “that just gives me more incentive to try harder next time,” he said as he wiggled his eyebrows at me. I laughed and held his face in my hand as I leaned in to kiss him. He may have had stormy eyes, but he was a shining sun in my life, and that was something that I was always going to love about him.

“There’s more.” I said as I pulled back from Marcus and looked up at Daemian. His face was blank, but I could see in his eyes that he was terrified of what I was going to say next. I was too, but I know we were both scared for different reasons. “Daemian, before I tell you this. I need you to understand that nothing is going to change the way I feel about you.” His face fell, and I saw tears starting to well up, and it broke my heart.

“My DNA didn’t match either, right?” his voice was so low I almost didn’t hear it, but I could feel the outright devastation that dripped from his tone. Tears started to well up in my eyes just from hearing his voice like that.

“No, your DNA did match, Daemian. It just didn’t match both babies.” I said quietly, I was looking into Marcus’s eyes as I said it, and it was he was sending me his energy, helping me to stay calm. I wasn’t brave enough to look up and see the emotions that I was sure were playing out across Daemian’s face.

“I matched… with just one of the babies…?” he asked slowly, confusion heavy in is voice.

“That’s right, she is your baby girl.” I finally worked up the nerve to look up at him, because he had stood up in his shock. I was confused by the look that he was giving me. like he was happy, but he also wanted to be upset.

“so the boy.. is that bastards son then?” the malice that filled his tone shocked me. I knew that Daemian didn’t like Jason, but it still shocked me how much venom went into his tone.

“Yes, that would be correct.” Daemian picked up the edge of the coffee table and hurled it against the opposite wall, glass and wood shrapnel few in every direction. If I hadn’t thrown up a barrier, I would have been cut by something for sure.

“What the fuck Daemian??” Margo was out of her chair and standing between us. “Have you lost your damn mind?” she screamed at him. he didn’t say anything for a moment. His breath rushing in and out in rasping gasps.

“You’re going to leave us aren’t you?” it was choked behind his gasping, but I heard Daemian’s question.

“I told you, this doesn’t change how I feel about you. I love you and I love Marcus, and I will not abandon either of you.” Marcus squeezed me again, and it helped slow my racing heart. It had scared the shit out of me when he threw the table.

“But you love him too,” Daemian screamed. He ran both of his hands through his striped hair and Margo flinched at the movement, ready for anything. I had jumped when Daemian screamed. I had never heard him sound like that before and it scared me.

“I do love him. I can’t help how I feel about him. Just like how I can’t help how I feel about you. He is my Mated. I can’t control that. Just like I could not choose who my mated was, I could not choose who was going to be the father of my children after I found out I was pregnant.” I was starting to get upset and I could feel tears starting to slide down my cheeks, my voice rising as I continued to talk until I was yelling. “You are upset with me for things that were out of my control, and I am tired of having this same fight with you! I chose you! Isn’t it enough that even though I have a Mated out there who I am supposed to be with, I chose to be with you! I chose to bind myself to you!”

At this point I was sobbing, and Daemian looked like a man drowning in his own emotions. He knew everything that I was saying was true, but he just could not wrap his mind around the fact that I had no plans to leave him for Jason. Jason would always be the big bad that could wreck his happiness.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!” Daemian’s voice shook with the force of emotion he felt. He started forward, as if to come to me, and I flinched, I hadn’t meant to and I watched the knowledge that he was the one that caused it sink in. his thoughts were at war on his face, and finally, his panic made him turn from me, and dart for the door to the apartment. He looked back at me once before he fled, the pain in his eyes slicing through my heart better than any knife could have.

“What a fucking prick,” Margo was pissed. I was just sad, because I seemed like no matter how many different ways I tried to tell Daemian that I loved him and would never leave him, he still never seemed to fully believe me, and it hurt.

I slumped in the chair and Marcus reached up, pulling me down into his lap, cradling me, as I continued to cry silently. I buried my face in the crook of Marcus’s neck, taking a deep lung full of that fresh rain and ozone smell that seemed to ooze out of him. It helped calm me a little and I was able to look up at his face. He had unshed tears gathering and I frowned at him.

“Why are you crying?” I asked as I reached up and brushed a tear away with my thumb.

“The two people that I love the most in this world are at war with each other, and you ask me why I’m crying. We Just found out that Daemian is going to be a father and he couldn’t focus enough on that to even be happy about it. I know it hurts you, but it hurts me too.” I pressed my mouth to his, eating the sob that was just starting to bubble up in his voice. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, gripping him hard, my hands snaking up into his hair to grip it at the scalp. He loved it when I did this, and he moaned into my mouth a little. I ate that sound too.

“Shit, Victoria, I have to go. Its an emergency call. But I will be back as soon as I can.” Margo grabbed Fenix and the next thing I knew the air shimmered around them and they were gone.

Marcus was not deterred. He turned my body so that instead of cradling me, I was straddling his lap. He gripped me to him, but my baby bump made it a little harder to get as close as we wanted to be.

“Take me to bed, Marcus,” I whispered against his lips. He didn’t need and more instructions, just stood gracefully while pulling me up with him, still holding me, and my legs wrapped around his waist.

He carried me just like that to the bedroom, laying me out on the bed. I was still fully dressed in stretchy pants and a large cable knit sweater that was the same shade of blue as Daemian’s eyes. Marcus pulled my pants down and off of me in one quick motion, my body exposed to the room. He seemed transfixed when he saw my body, already wet with excitement, and he paused just to take in the sight. I reached around my belly to slip my fingers between my glistening, wet folds, to touch the hard little bundle of nerves that lived there. I whimpered as I stroked it gently, my hips moving in motion with my fingers.

Marcus pulled my hand away and sucked my fingers into his mouth, licking between my fingers to get all the juices that had clung there. Watching him suck my fingers and knowing it was the taste of me that he was after aroused me even more, and I could feel my excitement start to trickle out of me, and down to my buttocks. Marcus wasted no time or words, just pushed my knees further apart and put his mouth on me.

My back arched as a wave of pleasure went through me. Marcus pressed with long firm strokes of his tongue against my core and sucking on that bundle of nerves. I cried out as he sped up the press of his mouth, the weight of an orgasm building slowly but steadily. The next thing I knew he pushed two fingers roughly inside me, stretching and pushing deep, and that threw me over the threshold of my orgasm. It slammed into me, curving my spine and making my hips buck. Marcus didn’t stop though, he gripped my hips firmly and kept his mouth on my core, tongue swirling in circles around and around, making the climax go on and on like I was trapped in a never ending loop of pleasure.

My body started to come down from it’s high, and I felt almost boneless. Marcus grinned up at me from between my legs as his tongue pressed against my opening, pushing in slightly and lapping at my juices. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed him to fill me. It was like there was a throbbing itch deep inside me, and the only thing that could make it stop was him filling me and slamming all his length inside me. I moaned at the mental image, and I flexed my hips.

“Marcus, please, I need you to fuck me,” my voice was a velvety alto with an edge of a moan. I watched as my words sunk in and Marcus’s pupils dilated. Ge growled between my legs and it vibrated against my core, making me throw my head back and moan deep in my throat.

“Turn over. Now,” Marcus demanded as he stripped off his jogging shorts, his erection bouncing free and making my core clench in anticipation. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I turned over onto my knees, pulling the sweater up and over my head, letting it fall to the floor. Marcus came up behind me, pressing his length against my buttocks as he reached around my to palm my breasts, his mouth leaving wet sucking kisses along my jaw and neck. His fingers expertly kneaded my full breasts, fingers pinching and stretching my nipples until I cried out. I was so wet and ready for him from the stimulation that I was dripping down my inner thighs, and my breath was coming out in excited pants.

I let myself fall forward onto my hands, arching my back so that Marcus would have the perfect view of my exposed body, and the perfect angle in which to enter me by. This was one of my favorite positions to be in because it gave me leverage to push back on the man filling my body. He wasted no time, positioning himself right at my opening and thrusting, slamming his body into mine all the way to the hilt. I screamed my pleasure at my body being invaded by all of him, and I could feel my inner walls quivering and spasming around him, clenching and unclenching. I rotated my hips with him inside me and he groaned deep in his throat. I grinned and started to lean away, trying to gain the leverage to pull him out a little so I could thrust back on him. He knew what I was doing and gripped my hips, not letting me move.

“Please, Marcus, I need more,” I whimpered and turned back to look at him. I knew what I looked like, my hair a mess, my face flushed with desire and my lips, wet and parted in a small pout, but it was Marcus’s face that made my heart race. He had let his glamour drop completely, and he was shimmering. His hair was loose and framing his face, and his eyes shifted with clouds and lightning bolts.

He didn’t respond, just ground his hips roughly against mine. I whimpered again and clamped my inner walls around his length. His breath hissed out and he started to move. It was not slow or gentle. He fucked me like he was trying to come out the other side. It felt amazing. I couldn’t help the screaming moans that escaped my throat as he pounded into me, hands on my hips in a vice grip, and even that felt good. Marcus let go of my hips and wrapped the fingers of one hand in my hair, gripping it close to the scalp and yanking me up onto my knees, my back pressing tight against his chest as his arm circled around me under my breasts. He continued to slam into me from this position as he set his teeth against my neck. My body felt like it was on fire, flushed and feverish. I screamed as an orgasm hit me, my body bucking against Marcus’s and he gripped me even harder, trying to keep me still.

I felt it when Marcus came. It was hot and it filled me, setting of another orgasm. After my body stopped writhing, let our bodies fall to the bed, the aftershocks still going through me and making my body twitch. Marcus was breathing hard, and when I turned to face him I could see the vein in his neck ticking with the racing of his heart, and I watched as it slowly returned to normal.

It was still a shock sometimes, when I catch glimpses of myself glowing, but looking at Marcus with no glamour was mesmerizing. He grinned at me, catching me staring at him. He thought it was funny and liked to flaunt in front of me. Daemian called him a show off, because I could never stop myself from staring at him no matter what I was in the middle of.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen,” he said with a chuckle. I giggled and turned, molding my body to his as he wrapped his arm around me. my body felt battered and languid but energized at the same time, my muscles still ticking with the physical exertion.

“I’m not complaining.” I leaned up, puckering my lips, asking for a kiss. Marcus pressed his lips to mine, lingering, and delicious, his tongue sliding into my mouth to caress alongside mine. It was deep, and I opened my mouth wider for him, and moaned lightly. I felt him smile against my mouth, and slowly, he pulled back from me.

“If you keep making sounds like that I may not be able to stop at just one round.” Marcus cocked an eyebrow at me, his voice deep and still filled with unbridled lust. It made my lower belly flutter with butterflies to hear him talk like that. I knew I was blushing, and I ducked my head, hiding from him.

It was good that we had stopped at one round though, because I heard Margo in the living room, talking frantically with Fenix, and I heard her say Jason’s name, and my heart flopped with anxiety. What the hell was Margo talking about Jason for?

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