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Chapter 8: Victoria

I sat up quickly, Marcus following my lead, looking around in confusion. We climbed out of bed, Marcus grabbing out robes and tossing me mine. Margo sounded like she was freaking all the way out, and it had something to do with Jason. I belted my robe tightly, and went for the door, Marcus on my heels.

Margo was pacing back and forth from the island counter in the kitchen to the window in the living room that overlooked the city. She had a look on her face the I never seen before. She was panicking. Fenix was standing in the middle of the living room, arms folded, as he watched Margo pace.

“Hey, what the hell is going on?” I asked, stopping because I almost walked through the glass and splintered wood of the destroyed coffee table. Seeing it reminded me that I was still at odds with Daemian and had no idea if we were going to recover. My heart felt heavy at the thought, I tried to shake myself out of it. It seemed like there were more pressing matters, thanks to the way Margo was acting.

“Demons!” Margo shouted. I flinched and stepped back, bumping into Marcus, who had followed close behind me.

“Demons? What about Demons?” The confusion was clear in my voice, but I was also scared as hell. Demons were foul creatures, and I wanted nothing to do with them. Why was Margo ranting about demons and why would that have anything to do with Jason? Then a though occurred to me, and it felt like my heart had fallen out of my chest through my butt. Was Jason dealing with demons now? Or was he possessed by one? Who knew what could happen if a demon took over Jason’s body. He was so powerful, and with the added chaos of a demon, there was no telling what kind of destruction would take place.

“Christian is planning to summon one!” Margo was so panicked that her glamour dropped, and she stood before me in all her flaming glory. Marcus’s eyes widened as he took in the sight of her, and it dawned on me that he must not have ever seen her unglamoured before.

“What does that have to do with Jason?” I tried to keep emotion out of my voice when I said his name, but I don’t think I quite made it.

“Jason called me,” Margo started, her chest heaving as if she had been running a marathon, “Christian plans on summoning a demon to posses you!”

I don’t know what happened after that, because the next thing I knew I was laying propped up on a bunch of pillows on the couch. Marcus was wiping my brow with a cool cloth and Margo was sitting next to me, my legs in her lap. Her face was still panic filled, but it was toned down and colored with concern.

Demons. Christian, that stupid, power hungry fool, was planning to summon demons. And not only was he going to summon one, but he was also going to try to give me to it to possess. I felt the fury start to burn in my stomach. He had no idea what he was getting himself into. There has never been an incantation strong enough to control a demon. The best that could be done was to trap one. I was going to kill that man.

I hadn’t meant literally when the though first slipped through my mind, but it stuck in my mind, and I realized, that was going to be the only way to get him to stop. He was a disgusting, greedy man, and would never stop going after the things he wanted.

“Hey, how are you feeling? I’m sorry I dropped the bomb on you like that. I didn’t expect you to pass out.” Margo reached out and gripped my hand. Hers was warm and dry, and I could see what looked like flames dancing under her skin.

“Well, a lot has happened in a matter of hours, so I’m not surprised that it’s affected her,” Fenix stated, from his stance by the armchair I had been sitting in earlier.

“Vic, do you need some water, or do you want me to make you some tea?” Marcus was still kneeling in front of me, his gray eyes worried and looking at me as if he thought I was going to break.

“I’m fine.” I caressed his cheek gently and watched as some of that worry seeped out of his face. My heart unclenched a little as I watched him start to calm down. “Now, please in a more calm fashion, tell me what the fuck is going on.” I looked at Margo and she looked down at her hands. That was her tell. She was going to have a lot of unpleasant information to give me, and I knew I was not going to like any of it.

She explained to me how she’s been in contact with Jason. I voiced my displeasure at that, and she apologized, saying that she wasn’t feeding him information about me, that she only checked on him from time to time, because she was worried about him.

“Is he having a hard time?” I asked while keeping my eyes steadily on my fingers. I hated myself for asking, wanting to not care whether he was having a hard time dealing without me or not. I couldn’t stop myself from caring though. Jason and I had such a short time together, but it felt like lifetimes, because of our connection. I wanted to hate him, and I think there was a part of me that did, but I knew there was also still a part of me that loved him. I hated that I did, but not acknowledging it wouldn’t change anything.

“He is. That’s not your fault nor your responsibility, though.” Margo said calmly, he voice warm and soothing, like a heated blanket on a freezing day, and it helped ease the tight knot that was trying to form in my chest. She was right. It was not my fault that he was having a hard time. It had to have been his own guilt riding him hard because of what happened during the summer.

“I know, I was just asking. Please finish what you were saying.” I waved her on, trying to dismiss the subject, but not being able to be cause Jason was a part of the subject.

Margo continued, telling me that Jason had gotten word that His father was planning to have me come and help him with a ritual, but he was going to summon a demon instead, and try to have it fill me, and through the demon, control me and all my power. The thought was terrifying, not only because he planned to defile my body by forcing me to house a demon, but also because I didn’t know how that was going to effect my babies. I knew that obviously it would not be a good thing, and I knew that it would eventually lead to my death, if it didn’t kill me right away.

I took a deep breath and tried to steady my thoughts. Christian had been trying to get me out to his estate for some time already, but I had not been going because of the pregnancy. It was something I just did not want him to know about, and for good reason. If this was his plan all along then it was only a stroke of luck that I was getting this warning now. I was thankful that Margo kept in contact with Jason.

I caught Marcus looking at his phone and gave him a questioning look, he winced at me and tucked the phone away.

“Daemian isn’t answering any of my calls. I thought that this was something that he needed to know, but he isn’t answering.” Marcus was mad, I could tell by the set of his shoulders. He couldn’t stand when Daemian went off on one of his Jason tantrums, but he always tried to keep calm.

“It’s ok to be mad Marcus. I am too. No matter how many times we try to convince him that he is important to me, to us, he still finds a reason to run away.” I stroked a hand through Marcus’s hair, the strands slipping between my fingers like silk. This was going to be last time, I decided. If Daemian stormed off again because of things that we couldn’t change, he was going to be left behind. I would not keep on putting myself through tis emotional turmoil when I was facing the amount of danger that seemed to be pointing in my direction.

I tried to call Daemian then too, because no matter how mad he was, he always picked up my call. When the phone switched from ringing to voicemail after only 2 rings, I knew that he was ignoring our calls on purpose. It hurt me a little, because he was refusing to talk, which meant we wouldn’t be able to work through this rift between us. I usually don’t start to cry when things like this happened, but everything was just building up to it. I started to sob.

Marcus got up and came to me, arms circling me and encasing me in the warmth of his body. I clutched Marcus to me, the sobs that racked my body making both of us rock back and forth, or maybe Marcus was rocking us to try and help me calm down. Eventually we ended up with Marcus with his back against the couch arm, me on his chest and between his legs. Margo had wormed her way behind me and wrapped me in her arms as well, the warmth from her body feeling like it was warming me down to my soul, and she rested her head on Marcus’s left shoulder. Fenix also joined us, and he lay in front of me, head on Marcus’s other shoulder, and his arm wrapped around my back to also hold Margo.

I didn’t realize that a tightness had been building in my chest until, as they held me, I felt it start to ease while the warmth of their bodies encased me. These people cared about me, and it made me feel like the situation was not completely hopeless. It might have been the warmth, as well as being in close contact with three other Fae, but the oblivion of dreamless sleep washed over me.

I startled awake, not sure what had woke me. I was still wrapped in the arms of my kinsmen, Fenix’s forehead resting gently against mine, and his deep, even breaths fanned my face as he slept on, his breath smelling like a damp forest mixed with honey. I pulled back from him, looking up at Marcus to see that he too was also asleep. I didn’t check to see if Margo were also asleep, because I could tell from the light snores in my ear that she was. I looked around the room, trying to figure out what could have possibly woke me up, but my range of motion was limited. I didn’t want to wake the others.

I saw movement at the doorway of the hall leading to the front door. Daemian stood there, his face looking like he aged ten years during the few hours he had spent away. It must have been the front door closing that had woke me up. He didn’t come any closer, just stood there, eyes never wavering from my face. I could see the turmoil that roiled behind his eyes, but he was at least letting me see it, and I appreciated the effort. I could feel the ball of emotions forming in my throat as I looked at him, the weight of things that we needed to say heavy in the air around us.

Marcus must have sensed my body changing rhythm after I had woke up, and he blinked awake as well, looking first at me, and then seeing Daemian. He was still standing across the room from us, as if there was a chasm between us and the only way he would be able to cross would be if I lowered the draw bridge. Marcus looks down at me, and I look back. We know that there needs to be a conversation, and he knows that I want to do it alone. He nudged Margo awake as I did the same to Fenix.

“This is a dream I don’t want to wake up from, princess,” Fenix said as he snuggled closer to me. I smiled and petted his hair, his beautiful eyes locked onto mine.

“I know, and I appreciate the comfort you’ve given me, but it is time to get up.” I smiled weakly at him, letting him see the gratitude I felt fill my eyes. He nodded and leaned his face up, placing a gentle kiss on my forehead where my hairline started. It made me blush slightly, but I did my best not to show any other reaction as he slowly started to disentangle himself from our entwined bodies.

Margo sat up next, running her hand through my hair, stroking my head and giving me a small smile. I smiled back, hoping that she was also able to see the gratitude in my eyes. Fenix reached for Margo’s hand and gripped it. They were planning to phase out of the room, but Marcus asked them to wait, because he was going too. He ran back to our bedroom after climbing out from under me and emerged wearing a jogging suit. He went up to Daemian and kissed the taller man on his cheek.

“Fix this, please,” I heard him say softly as he looked into Daemian’s eyes. Daemian nodded once and looked back to me where I was still sitting on the couch. I was colder, having the heat from three bodies disappear as they phased out.

Daemian took a deep breath and came over to the couch, sitting down, but being careful to leave some space between us. That couple of inches felt like it was leagues of differences and it hurt my heart to see them. He didn’t say anything, didn’t even turn to look at me as he leaned forward, forearms on his knees. His face was drawn, and I could tell that he was trying to figure out what to say to me. I decided to talk first.

“I’m glad you came back,” I said softly, and I knew that my voice was filled with relief.

“I’m sorry I made you wait for me,” He replied, his tone just as soft as mine, and I could see a tear start to track down his cheek. I had to bite back my own sob when I saw it, taking a deep breath to try and calm down. “I’m so sorry for today, and the way I acted.”

“You’ve said it before, and nothing changed,” I said quietly, looking down at my hands where the lay clasped in my lap. I kept them there, because all I wanted to do was reach for him. He nodded, agreeing with the statement, before the tears started to fall from his blue eyes in a steady stream. I couldn’t handle seeing his tears, and my own started. Not the great racking sobs that they had been earlier but tears never the less.

“I’m scared, Vic,” Daemian turned, laying the full weight of his gaze on me. “I am so scared all the time, that you are going to realize that you love him more and that it’s better to be with your Mated, than a first love that left you once before. I know that we’ve talked about this, and I know that you’ve always did your best to assuage those fears, but they keep coming back.” I nodded, because I knew. I knew that it felt like to be left behind by someone that you loved, someone that had become your whole world. I knew the devastation that it cause.

“I know, Daemian, but this has to stop.” The tears in my voice picked up strength and I choked back another sob. “We can’t change the past. There are things that we can’t change even if we wanted to. I don’t want to lose you either Daemian.” I reached out then, my fingers slowly crossing the space between us, to graze his cheek. The second my skin made contact with his, he leaned his face into my hand craving more contact. He took a deep breath and looked up at me, taking my hand in his and holding on to it.

“I understand, and I’ve come to a decision.” My heart hammered hard in my chest. I didn’t like the way that sounded. Was he going to leave me first? I felt the panic begin to rise in my throat and my vision swam. Daemian was going to leave me again, because I couldn’t change the fact that he wasn’t my mate. Fresh tears started to cascade down my cheeks as the fresh wave of sorrow and loss started to his me. I tried to pull back from him, but he kept a firm grip on my hand, not letting me go.

“Daemian-” I started to say, but he cut me off.

“I decided that I am going to do better, be better. I won’t let every mention of your Mate throw me into a fury. I want to do better for you, Vic, and for our daughter. Please, allow me the chance to prove it to you?” The relief that coursed through me was monumental, and I almost collapsed back onto the couch. “There’s more,” Daemian said.

He took a deep breath, and I waited, my heart trying to beat out of my chest while I waited for him to continue. He looked at me, eyes searching my face, for what I didn’t know, but he must have found it, because he squared his shoulders and took another deep breath.

“I don’t know what your plans are, regarding telling… Jason,” he paused, looking at my face again, I think looking for the strength to finish what he was saying. “I don’t know if you were planning to tell him or not, but I think you should tell him. I think any man who is going to be a father deserves to be told about it. I don’t know what you think or how you feel about it, but that’s what I think.”

My mouth was hanging open as I stared at him in disbelief. I knew I looked ridiculous, but I just had not been prepared for that. He was the last person that I would have expected to tell me to talk to Jason. About anything. I guess being told that he was going to be a father really started to put things into perspective for him.

“I will stay by your side, no matter what you decide to do, because I know you will always do what you think is right. I Just wanted to tell you that I’ve thought this through, and I am willing to stick it out, no matter what.” Daemian was starting into my eyes as if he were drowning and I was the last life buoy being thrown to him.

The tears that had been on the verge of stopping had started up again. I couldn’t help it. The amount of effort he was putting forth was amazing, and the fact that he was willing to go to these lengths to prove it to me made my heart soar. I reached with my other hand, to cup his face in both of my palms.

“Thank you,” I whispered against his lips before I leaned in and pressed my mouth to his. He responded immediately, his arms going around me and pulling me into his lap, my knees on either side of his thighs. I cuddled in as close as I could, wanting to curl my body around his. I pulled back from the chaste kiss to dip my head into the crook of his neck, burring my face there and just breathing in his scent. His arms tightened around me fingers combing through my hair where it trailed down my back.

“I love you, Victoria,” Daemian whispered against my ear. I pulled back from his neck, searching his eyes. I knew he meant it. I could feel it, his love, rolling off of him in waves.

“I love you, Daemian,” I whispered back, before leaning in and kissing him again. His hands gripped the back of my robe, holding me tightly to him, which caused the sash holding it closed to loosen. The cool air of the room kissed my exposed skin, causing gooseflesh to break out across my chest and making me shiver.

The movement made Daemian pull back from my mouth, a question in his eyes, until he saw the curves of my breasts that were exposed, as well as the swell of my pregnant belly. I saw the lust mixed with love that swam through his eyes, and my body reacted to it, my nipples seeming to swell and harden against the thin fabric of my satin robe. My body moved on it’s own, my hips snuggling down against Daemian’s lap more firmly, and that allowed me to feel his body awaken. He was starting to swell and twitch, and my stomach fluttered. I wanted Daemian, and I knew that desire was playing out on my face as he gazed at me.

His grip on the back of the robe released, his hands moving to the sash that was still hanging on for dear life at my waist. His deft fingers made quick work of it, and the front of the robe fell completely open, barely holding on enough to keep my nipples covered. He eyes devoured every inch of exposed skin, and it felt it, almost as if he were touching everywhere his eyes landed. My stomach fluttered again, I blushed, feeling the heat of it spread down my neck to my chest, coloring my fair skin with light pink.

Daemian’s large hands touched my stomach, oh so gentle, and then moved to my circle behind me and up my bare back. His hands were rough, but soft at the same time, as the feather light touch of his fingers cause more goosebumps to break out across my skin again. The robe slowly fell from my shoulders, exposing my breasts fully and puddled at my waist.

I watched at a flush spread across Daemian’s face, as if it were our first time together, his first time seeing my exposed breasts, and I couldn’t help but smile. His face turned up to look at my face, and he blushed harder at getting caught staring at my breasts like the horny teenager he had been all those years ago. I leaned in and pressed a light kiss to his lips, reaching my hands back to grip his, bringing them up to palm my breasts. The rhythm of his breathing changed as my full breasts filled his hands, and I gasped lightly as the friction of his palms stimulated my already hard and sensitive nipples.

The kiss deepened, my gasp opening my mouth to Daemian’s tongue. It caressed my lips, slipping in to rub long and slow against mine. I moaned softly into his mouth as I enjoyed the sensations of the kiss. He tasted like coffee and chocolate, but barely, and I push harder against his mouth, wanting more of the tantalizing flavors to coat my tongue. His fingers found my nipples as we continued to feed at each other’s mouths, his thumbs making firm, delightful circles around each one. My body was growing more and more excited, and I wanted him to fill me. I wanted him to take over my body and fill it with just him. His scent, his taste, his touch, I wanted it all.

I squealed embarrassingly as Daemian suddenly stood up, his hands having gone to my hips to hold me tight. My arms went around his neck and shoulders out of reflex, and I wrapped my legs around his waist the best I could. He carried me to our bedroom, not bothering to turn on any lights. The lights that filtered in from the city were enough to light a path from the door to the bed, where he deposited me gently.

I watched him as he peeled away his clothes, and with each layer, it felt like the inferno that had started in my body went hotter and hotter. It seemed to take forever, but Daemian was finally nude in front of me, and he was beautiful. The way the lights made patterns and shadows on his skin made it almost look like there were lights under his skin, and his eyes glowed as he stared down at me. His body was perfect, and his length jutted out from him, like an exclamation of his desire. My body reacted, the core of me pulsing hard with need. I held out my arms to him, and he came, his smile bright and beatific. I knew that my face radiated the same back to him as he embraced me, our mouths meeting in a hungry dance of lips and tongues and teeth.

I whimpered and moaned as one of his hands found the sweet, wet center of my arousal, his fingers slowly caressing the flesh there, rolling the hard knot of nerves that lived there between his fingertips. I could not keep my hips still as they writhed and thrusted along with the movements of his hand. I reached down, my fingers trailing over the tip of him, a bead of moisture there, a declaration of his own need. I wrapped my fingers around the velvety hard shaft of him and stroked, fingers barely touching. His hips followed the movement of my hand, trying to get more of my touch.

Daemian shifted his body, moving so that his hips settled in between mine, my knees bent and spread for him out of reflex, my body open and ready. He kissed me deep, his tongue lapping at my mouth as if he tasted something delicious and was trying to get every last drop, and while he continued to kiss me, his length pressed at my opening, begging entrance. I moved my hips slightly, and I felt the head of him start to slip inside me, every sensation was heightened and nerve shattering. My whimpers and moans only grew as he started to push his way inside, my juices coating him, and helping his body to join with mine.

Once Daemian’s length was full sheathed within me, my body pulsed, gripping him and getting wetter. He moaned in my ear, softly, but it was so sexy. He started to thrust then, long and even strokes, curving upward slightly to hit the perfect spot deep inside me. I moaned my pleasure, my hands stroking down Daemian’s back to grip his buttocks helping him to thrust into me.

His thrusts became a little rougher, and the weight of orgasm started to build within me. It was intense, and when the pleasure finally overflowed, I dug my nails into Daemian’s buttocks, keeping him buried within me as my body shook beneath him. I felt my body pulsating around him, and he struggled not to lose himself in the pleasure, a look of concentration slightly contorting his features. He pulled out of me, and even that bowed my spine with pleasure.

He turned and sat, pulling my body up and into his lap. Our mouths connected and I moaned into his as his hands gripped my buttocks, lifting, spreading and kneading the sensitive flesh. His length bobbed and pressed against my body, as if to remind us that it was there, so I leaned forward, lifting my hips to create the best angle for him to enter me by. Daemian’s body slid into mine, the angle different and allowing him to go deeper within me. I cried out as he flexed his hips, pressing himself against all of the perfect spots within me.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and rested my head on his shoulder, focusing on the pleasure that his body was giving mine as he began to thrust into me. I was panting and moaning my pleasure in his ear, and that seemed to spur him on, his hips moving faster and harder, snapping into mine. I was so focused on the pleasure between my legs that I almost didn’t notice the second pair of hands that had started to caress my body. Marcus joined us, and I felt his body, hard and ready pressing against my body.

I felt the head of Marcus’s length bump against my opening, begging to join Daemian’s body within me. There was no way that both of them were going to fit, but I knew I wanted Marcus to fill me too, I wanted them both connected to me.

I reached into the pillows, hand searching and finding the smooth tube that would help Marcus’s body to join mine. The gel from the tube was cool to the touch but warmed as I rubbed it between my fingers. I reached around, my fingers finding my back entrance, and spreading the gel there, slowly dipping my finger tips into the opening. It was a new sensation, added to the thrusting Daemian was doing, and it cause another orgasm to rip through me. I cried out as my body bucked, Marcus catching me and holding me up as Daemian continued to pound his length into my body.

The orgasm helped my body to loosen, so I pulled Marcus in, my hand stroking and spreading the gel along his length. Daemian must have felt Marcus trying to enter, because his thrusts stopped as Marcus slowly pushed his hard length into my back entrance. It was tight, making it hurt a little and the pressure was intense, but I was over my threshold that differentiated between pleasure and pain, so everything was pleasure. He finally managed to push his way into my body and was fully encased within me. The feeling of being so full was almost overwhelming, and each breath had an edge of whimper to it.

Marcus and Daemian started to move at the same time, and it was like I suddenly couldn’t breathe. It was sensory overload as they both thrusted into me, the sounds of wet thuds as they pounded home. I couldn’t think enough to thrust my hips with them, my mind could not comprehend anything but the immense pleasure that was radiating thorough my body.

My senses were overloaded, and when I came, I screamed it, long and loud, letting it mix with the sounds of the pants and groans from my men and the slap of their skin hitting mine as they continued to pound into me. It was a never ending loop of orgasms, back to back, to the point where I wasn’t able to hold my body up any longer, and they both gripped my hips and thighs so that they could continue pistoning within me, searching for their own release.

“Close, so close,” Marcus breathed into my ear, and that made my body shudder with yet another climax.

“Now!” Daemian groaned, his body spasming beneath me and Marcus quickly following suit as they spilled their release within me, filling me to the brim with their passion.

We were panting heavily, trying to relearn how to breathe. Marcus pulled himself from my body, collapsing to the side, pulling me with him, releasing Daemian from the depths of my body as well. We lay there, shivering from pleasure, Daemian turning and laying down with us facing eac. I placed a gentle kiss on his lips and smiled, snuggling into their embrace.

I knew I was stronger than anything that this world could throw at me, but it made something within me unclench knowing that I was never going to have to face any of those alone. I fell sleep to the sounds of our breathing and beating hearts, feeling relieved and content.

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