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A lot of these one-shots are based on characters I want to write in the future. If that's the case, along with the one-shot title, the book title will accompany. Some of these may also be characters that could be mentioned in stories I'm writing or have written. Enjoy your smut😊

Erotica / Romance
Jesi Mary
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I walk through the park until I reach the building I'm looking for. I walk to the stairs, leading down to the door. For whatever reason, this place was concrete and underground. I start walking down the stairs when I see someone pop out. I was embarrassed last time I was here and he had walked out that I walked away without doing what I had come here for. This time I walked down all the way.

"Hello, my name is Dallas. May I help you with something?" He greets me.

"Uh, I was just hoping to see what the children were up to today," I reply. "I also wanted to donate some of these stuffed animals."

I motion to the bag I have in my hand, filled with stuffed animals. I look through the glass windows. I see the children walking around enjoying the library. I loved this place so much.

"Well, I'm sure I can help you with that," the man replies.

"Great," I smile back at him.

I look again through the window. One of the male's name badge catches my attention. What the hell? Is that...?

"Ese es mi nombre," I say out loud.

The badge says Alex Santiago.

"What? Where?" I don't take the time to acknowledge that he could understand me.

"That's the badge I lost when I worked here," I point to it. It's mine. I remember that kitten sticker I stuck on it after a little girl gave it to me.

"Alex, come here," I hear Dallas call in for him.

The said 'Alex' walks to the door. He stops at the glass window. I pull out the new badge I was given a few months before I left. I press it against the glass for 'Alex' to see. I watch him pale.

"Crap," I hear say behind the glass.

"Did you steal my badge?" I ask him.

"No," he says.

"Alex," Dallas presses. I don't know who he's talking to right now. Me to not harass this man or him to tell the truth.

"Fine, I'm sorry," he says. "I did steal it. It was the most unisex name I could find on the badges. No one would notice."

"Why don't you come inside?" Dallas turns to me. "I'm sure we can resolve it with my boss."

"I'm sure we can," I state before I walk into the library.

I walk to the room I remember being Melinda's office, the boss. Dallas walks in after me.

"Melinda, we have a problem," Dallas says.

Melinda looks up from her paperwork.

"Alexandra," Melinda greets with a smile. "What are you doing here?"

"It seems one of your employees has stolen my identity," I say. "He's got my old badge clipped to his shirt."

"Excuse me?" Melinda says. "Where is he?"

Dallas excuses himself to go look for him. After five minutes, he comes back. Alex is nowhere to be found. He lifted his hand, my badge hung from it.

"Okay, hold on. I have the application records," she starts typing on her computer. "I hired him about three months ago. Crap."

"What?" Dallas asks.

"Alex Santiago," Melinda replies. "That's the name he used on the application."

"I used Alexandra," I state. "You would've never noticed."

"I'm so sorry, Alex," Melinda apologizes. "I should've noticed."

"There's nothing you can do now. It's done," I say. "Thank you for giving me your time."

"Any time," Melinda says.

I walk out of her office. I feel his presence behind me. I'm pushed into the next room.


I'm cut off when I feel his lips pressing against mine. His lips are soft against mine, like butterfly wings. I open my mouth in a sigh. He pushes hungrily then. Our tongues dance together. I grip his head, grabbing a hand-full of his hair in my hands. He pushes me back. I feel myself bump into something hard but fall. A desk, I presume. Dallas lifts me up, planting my bottom on it. Between my spread legs, he grinds against me. The vibration sends a shock to my aching center.

"I've missed you," Dallas whispers against my lips.

He nips at my bottom lip. I smile.

"Me too," I reply.

I gasp when he rubs his hard-on against me through my panties. The dress I'm wearing gives him easy access to me. He rubs harder and quicker. I groan in ecstasy.

"You'll have to be quiet, baby," he says.

"I can be quiet," I murmur.

"Can you come like this?" He asks.

"Can you?" I tease back at him.

"I can. I will. I want you to come too," He declares.

"Keep rubbing yourself against me and I promise I will," I reply.

His mouth kisses my cheek and jaw. I dig my heels into him. He continues to work his hips the way he knows to make me see stars. I shudder. I throw my head back in a silent scream when he pinches my nipples through my dress. His mouth returns to mine. His thrusts become erratic. We climax together. I sigh as I come down from my high.

"How was this for roleplay with the unexpected twist?" Dallas breaks the silence.

I laugh. "It was good. I'm still pissed that guy had the audacity to steal my badge just to come work here."

"What a monster," he says.

"I'll see you at home," I kiss his lips. I place my feet on the floor, pushing him away slightly as I do.

"See you at home, baby," Dallas replies.

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