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I sway my hips, watching myself in the mirror, trying to perfect the moves. There was no music playing. I play it on my mind. I lower myself down before I bring myself up again. I want it to be perfect. I want Cain to feel how it feels to be tempted. How it feels to not have what he wants. What I want.

Cain had Jensen bring to the room again. The one they bring me every time they want me for a film. I've been here for the past two nights. A night more than usual. I have accustomed to the schedule for the past year. I can't believe it has been a year since I was taken. I don't know if my family is - was - worried. I didn't even know if they had tried to find me. Were they contacted for a ransom? All I know is that I'm still stuck in this horrible place, doing things I shouldn't be doing. Things that no girl, no woman, here should be doing. We shouldn't be forced to live in that freezer. We shouldn't have to be used for the pleasure of men.

I stop dancing when I hear the door creak open. I close my robe to cover my naked body. No one would have cared if I covered myself or not. I did. It was the only way I could feel like I still had some morality. Whatever was left of my dignity.

"Let's go, Alba," I hear Jenson say behind me.

I look at him through the mirror.

"Coming," I reply.

I turn, follow him out of the room, and into the dimly lit hallways of the building. Jenson leads me to the dressing room. Lindsay is there to greet us. She ushers me towards the chair to do my makeup. Before she begins, I tell her I want to do something different today.

"No eyeshadow today. I'd like to wear a dark lipstick," I tell her. "Maybe a dark red?"

"Good choice," she beams.

"I'd like to choose my costume too," I continue.

"I don't know if Mr. Callahan will like that. He has already chosen one for you," she replies.

"I'm sure he will understand," I reply.

She looks at Jenson. He gives a single nod.

"OK," she replies, looking back at me.

I give her a smile. She sets on to apply my makeup. She chooses a dark red lipstick to apply to my lips. I watch my ideas come to life before me in the mirror. Lindsay finishes. She helps me get up from the chair to choose my costume. I look through the drawers of lingerie. I come across a black set covered in lace. The bra is cotton with a black lace overlay. The panties were the same but with strings at the hips. I find a long black lace robe on the clothing rack. I put everything on. As I put on some black stilettoes, Cain decides to walk in.

"Good morning," he greets me.

"Morning," I say with a smile.

"You seem happy today," he points out.

"Perhaps I am," I reply. "Am I not allowed to be?"

He looks at me before looking down at what I'm wearing.

"That's not the costume I choose," is what he says, completely brushing off my question.

"No, but you promised me my stage," I reply, thinking back to the stage design I made.

He grins. "Of course. It's ready."

I nod. "Then we're good to go."

Cain leads me out, holding me at my lower back. The warmth of his hand seeps through the lace of the robe onto my skin. I hear Jenson's footsteps behind us as we make our way to Studio A. I'm nervous. I don't know what Cain's reaction will be. His voice brings me back to reality.

"I don't know what your improv is to this film but it better be good, Alba," Cain says.

"It will. It'll bring you more money," I tell him.

I walk past him coming to halt when I see it. The stage has a runway. I smile small. There's a table and a chair towards the smaller side of the runway. There's a bed at the opposite side. There's a pole on the middle of the runway. Just like in my drawing.

I hear Cain come up beside me.

"What's my weapon?" I ask quietly.

"Under the mattress, there's a knife," he informs me. "He knows to wait for your signal to approach you."

"Okay," I breathe out.

I walk to the stage and climb up the stairs. He makes his way to stand near the crew. Relief courses through me at the thought that I had control to when I would be attacked in this film. I take my usual place on the bed.

The woman with the clapboard slams down the top as she yells, "Sacrifice, take one!"

I look up at Cain. He's got a smug smile on his face. Did he name this film after my favorite song? Seconds later I find myself to be correct. The song starts playing loudly on the speaker overhead. The man walks through the door, taking my attention away from Cain. He goes to the table and sits on the chair opposite of me. I stand as the lyrics begin to stream through the hidden speakers. I stand in front of the pole. I take a hold of it, taking my arm over and behind me. I use it to help me slide down as I sway my hips to the music. I press my a$$ against the pole as I push myself back up. I feel like a stripper.

F*ck this guy.

F*ck Cain.

F*ck this entire place that's causing me to live a nightmare.

I can see the lust in the man's eyes. I look up to the crew, only to focus on Cain. He's pissed. That's part of my wanted reaction. I focus on the man in front of me. I seductively but slowly walk towards him. I see him adjust himself under the table. I stop onto the table, bring myself down. I plant a kiss on his lips then stand back up. I step off the table onto the stage.

I walk halfway towards the pole before turning about ninety degrees. I signal him to come up but I look at Cain, not the man at the table. Cain takes a step forward but stops as the man stands. The man steps up onto the table. I lead him to the bed, passing the pole.

I know what I will do. I know what will happen. I will enjoy every of it for Cain's reaction.

So, the fight begins.

The man pushes me onto the bed. I struggle to get back up. He pushes me back down. He's too strong. I yell in annoyance as I continue to struggle. The man takes my legs, spreading them apart. He moves my panties aside. He aggressively plays with my clit for some time. He then takes me with his tongue. He adds a finger into my entrance. Not being aroused by this makes his finger penetration hurt. He pumps into me a few times before adding a second finger. I grimace at the alien feel of this man. I see a camera man walk past with a camera trained on us from the corner of my eye. I groan in annoyance. I faintly hear Cain in the background.

He removes his fingers and his tongue. He stands to take off his pants. He tears my bra from me and rips my panties. His erection finds my entrance.

"No," I whimper just for show. I loved that set. I was pissed inside.

"You're going to take what I give you, wh0re," the man replies.

I gulp.

I scream out when I feel the man penetrate me. He pumps himself in and out of me. I keep still as he uses me for my body. He brings his hand to my neck; he presses against me. I feel myself slowly run out of breath. I feel the tears run out of my eyes. I open my mouth to take in air, but I can't. I feel his other hand press against my breasts keeping me in place on the mattress. I close my eyes.

I open my eyes to look sideways, towards Cain. He's got his arms crossed over his chest, expression stern and feet planted firmly on the ground beneath them. He doesn't move an inch. He doesn't bother to look at me. He's busy directing cameras here and there.

I gasp at the feel of the man pushing himself back inside of me, his hand no longer wrapped around my throat. Every whimper, every noise I make, every noise the man makes, I'm sure it's captured by the microphones around the room. I died a little inside thinking about it. I feel the man's mouth on my breast. Then his teeth. I scream in pain. He chuckles.

The audacity. I was repulsed.

Cain wants a sacrifice? I'm about to give him one.

"Let me ride you for a while," I tell him.

He flips us both around so that I'm on top. I've got the perfect view of Cain from my position. The man relaxes under me. I take his c0ck in my hold and insert it into my heat. I lift myself up and bring myself down, riding him. He takes his fingers and starts rubbing my clit. I feel puke rise in my throat. I swallow it back down, as disgusting as it is.

"If I'd known you'd be this fun to play with, I would have signed up earlier," he says.

I hum in false agreement. Cain's face grows red. I see his jaw clench. I can't help but mentally smile as I fake a moan. Cain's going to destroy me when this is over. I'll be waiting. I play with my breasts for show.

Be patient, Alba.

I roll my hips. I see Cain motion a camera towards me. The lights are blinding. I close my eyes as they catch my expressions. I open my eyes again. The man beneath me decides to flip us over. I'm once again below him. I continue to move against him, making my move to the side where I know the knife will be. I watch the man go closer to the brink of an orgasm. His hands grip my hips roughly. His thrusts become erratic. I let out a sultry moan.

I look at Cain as I retrieve the knife from under the mattress. I look at the bulging tent in his trousers. I smirk at him knowingly. I felt myself go there. To the familiar feeling of a raising orgasm. I pull his erection from inside me. There was no way I'd let him orgasm inside me. The man closes his eyes as he growls his orgasm. I still had time before my own came along.

My fingers wrap around the hilt of the blade. The man's orgasm rests on my stomach. His eyes are still closed. I drag the knife across his neck while he's distracted. His arteries slice up, spraying blood onto my skin. He doesn't have to time to add pressure as he chokes.

It's too late.

I watched him bleed out. He goes limp on top of me. I shove his dead weight off of me. He falls onto the floor. His blood polls on the floor.

"Assh0le," I mumble.

"CUT!" I hear Cain yell.

I hear the shuffling footsteps. The crew has retreated out of the studio. They knew the drill after the first time. I step off the bed. I tiptoe over the body. I make my way to the front of the stage where Cain awaits glaring daggers at me.

"What in the bloody hell was that?!" He yells.

Cain looks at me with fury in his eyes. I can feel it radiating from him from three feet away. I drop the knife to the ground beside me. He doesn't bother to acknowledge it. He only looks at me. I have no doubt he'll punish me for my actions. I sweetly smile at the man that was once my husband.

"I am merely following your orders," I reply.

He shakes his head. He looks over me and then at the man on the ground behind me. His face turns into pure disgust.

"What have you done, Alba?" He asks.

I'm not sure if he wants that question answered. To be honest, I didn't know what I had done. The jury was out on it. My only concern was whether or not he would let me leave after this. He doesn't say anything else. He drags me from the stage, out of the studio, and down the hall to his bedroom.

I had no regrets. I didn't know what he would do to me. I wasn't going to ask. I'd given him a show. Perhaps not the one he wanted but it was something. He would still get paid for whatever this was.

My father wasn't watching these films anyway.

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