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I'm in the dressing room - changing out of the wig - when Thomas walks in. He's not wearing a mask tonight.

"You're being requested in room four," he announces.

"Let me guess. The same man from last time?" I ask, irritated.

Who else would it be?

"You would be correct. He seems very fond of you, Genesis," Thomas says.

"Let's hope not," I reply.

"He's the boss. Don't screw it up," he says.

Thomas leaves me to change. I let my hair fall as I take out the bobby-pins holding it together. I change into my red robe. I change my heels to black ones. I leave the dressing room to find out my fate in room four.

"Mr. Taylor, how lovely to see you again," I sneer, letting him know I'm not happy.

Matthew's lip quirks up. He loosens his tie and brings it off his neck. He places it on the couch. He takes a step forward; I take one back. We continue that game until my back presses up against the door. Matthew cages me in around his arms. He never touches me. I feel my body react to his closeness.

"What do you want?" I whisper.

"I want you, Genesis," he says, his accent present.

I look at him. "We can't do this. You can't have me. You already have Marcia. What will she think if she finds out what you're doing here? That you're screwing your new employee?"

"She doesn't need to know," he replies. "She doesn't even know I own this club."

He touches my neck, travels up to my face until he's touching my lips with his thumb.

"You aren't like her," he confesses, pressing his thumb into my mouth.

I roll my tongue around the digit and suck. He removes his thumb. He lifts me up in his arms. I wrap my legs around his waist. He sits himself on the bed, across the room. I straddle his lap.

I feel his hardening member between us. I wrap my arms around him and press down on the hard ridge. Friction sends waves of pleasure bringing me closer to my release. I barely register the hand on my butt until I’m lifted just enough where we no longer meet.

“No,” I whine, wiggling.

I feel so denied. I slide my arms under his in effort to push myself down on his clothing-covered length. I just need to get there.

“I want to feel you come around me,” his words halt my actions.

Mattgew wraps his arm beneath my leg, bypassing the fabric of my robe. He inserts two fingers into my wet sex from behind.

“Oh, God!” I cry out, jolting.

I ride his fingers, tossing my head back. It feels exquisite. I feel him suck on my neck. He sucks, licks, bites on repeat. It only adds to the sensations I already feel.

“You’re so wet,” he rasps against my skin. “My hand is soaked.”

I pulsate around his fingers. His fingers continue to pump in and out of me.

“Oh,” I cry, dropping my head on his shoulder.

I open my mouth and bite down on his covered shoulder. I clench around him, bringing me closer to the edge. I press my body against his stomach seeking friction – anything.

“Please,” I beg.

“Tell me who you belong to,” he says against my lips. “Tell me who you belong to and I’ll let you orgasm.”

“Okay,” I rasp. I continue to try to get the pleasure I need.

“Genesis,” he reprimands.

When I don’t give him what he wants, he removes his fingers.

“No!” I cry out in frustration.

“That won’t do, little girl,” he flips me so I’m on my back on the bed. He pins my arms above my head. His body looms above mine. I wiggle, trying to reach him. One of his hands goes between my legs, I wait for the touch that never comes.

“Who do you belong to?” he presses.

“Please,” I beg. I squirm.

“That’s not what I want to hear. Tell me,” he growls.

I bite my lip, keeping a declaration that will change everything. I gasp when I feel a finger slide inside me.

“Yes!” I exclaim.

“Say it, Genesis,” he demands once again.

I clench around him. He groans. He pulls back and thrusts another finger in me. every part of me comes alive again. I focus on the thrusts of his fingers. Closing my eyes, I drop my head down on the mattress, my orgasm overrides all my thoughts.

“I’m yours,” I cry out, raising my hips towards him. “I’m yours.”

I’m surprised when my wrists are freed, and the heat of his body disappears. I open my eyes, I find Matthew staring down at me. I half-expect him to tell me he wants me early at work tomorrow and walk out like last time. That thought is thrown out the window when he begins to undress. The feelings in the room shift. I squirm, once again, when he’s completely naked before me. The air around us becomes thick. I can barely breathe. He gives me a wicked smile. I start to crawl away from him when he catches me by an ankle. With a tug, I’m yanked back to my previous spot on the bed, he releases my ankle and spreads my thighs open.

“You belong to me,” he growls. His voice is raw, leaving no space for arguments. “Your body only receives mine.”

“I’m yours,” I confirm. I move against him. I gasp when I feel how sensitive my clït is.

He presses his body against me.

“I’m yours,” he says.

I stay quiet, not sure how to reply to his confession. My jaw is seized in his large hand. He squeezes until my eyes meet his.

“I’m yours,” he repeats.

“Yes,” I whisper, giving him the answer I’m sure he wants. It sends a wave of satisfaction through me.

“Good," he says, the warmth of his breath against me causes my nipples to harden. My clit throbs.

He maneuvers us so his back is pressed against the headboard of the bed frame. I hover over his hard-length. His tip presses against my clit.

“Take what you want, baby,” he commands, one hand on my hip and the other in my hair.

I surrender to his demands with no fight in me. He slips between my wet lips. I fight the desire to take control. I allow Matthew to submit his body and pleasure to me. His nostrils flare. His eyes are wild with frustration. He jerks against me. his grip on my hip tightens.

“Bloody hell, Genesis. Take it!” he demands. The grip in my hair tightens too. It sends me into override. I jerk against him.

“Yes, that’s it,” he growls in approval.

It never crossed my mind that I’d want his approval, but I do. I want it. I circle my hips on his lap, leaving the wet evidence between my legs and along the ridge of his length. Using one hand, I position him against my entrance. I drop down, taking him inside me. I moan as every one of my nerve endings explode. I can’t hold myself together. He groans. The sound of our skin slapping together, our heavy breathing, and the smell of sex fills the room.

I grip the back of his neck with one hand to bring me close to him. I press my breast against his mouth as I raise above him. He opens his mouth, sucking on my hard nipple between his lips. He moves his hands to my hips, but I bring them up to cup my breasts. I grind down on his length. He takes my other nipple in his mouth. Having my arms wrapped around his neck and head, I hold his face to my chest as I f*ck him hard and fast, my thighs burn but the ache in my clít is driving me mad.

I release my hold on his head and collar his throat with my hand. He allows me to use my hold on him to push him back against the board. The look of satisfaction, pride, and hunger on his eyes cause me to falter. He takes my hips into his hands again, making sure I find my rhythm again. I lean in to him. I lick his mouth before taking his bottom lip between my teeth. The grip on my hips tighten. He increases my pace.

I release his lip when I scream my orgasm. With the coppery taste on my tongue, I drop my head back and ride out the most earth-shaking orgasm of my life. Spots fill my eyelids and a long moan tears through my mouth. I go limp in Matthew’s arms. He maneuvers me so I’m on my back once again.

“You. Belong. To. Me,” he says between accentuated thrusts.

“Yes,” I claw at his back.

He groans as he releases his seed within me. He rolls us on our sides. His length slides out. I feel his cum drip out of me. Matthew entwines our legs, his length rests on the inside of my thigh. Running his hand along my thigh, he slips his cum back inside me. I let sleep consume me.

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