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Thoughts of him invade my mind. His ruffled dark hair. Gorgeous brown eyes. His soft, caressing touch. The smack on my ašs when I misbehave. The whispers in my ear. God, his voice. It was sent down from heaven to chill my spine and caress my soul.



His words resonate in my mind as I do something I shouldn’t. He’s always been clear about the rules. But me? I am needy and greedy. My brain has turned to mush. I can’t stop myself as my hands move downwards. The tingles travel everywhere. The pulsation increases. My leg quivers out of control. Even if I’m feeling all the right things, I cannot bring myself to a release. I groan in disappointment, retracting the vibrator from between my legs.

“Why are you stopping, little girl?

I gasp and my face heats up as I rush to cover my body with the covers on the bed. His voice is intense. It’s calm but firm.With a tone like that, I know I’m in trouble. As I knew I would be. Liam slowly pulls away from his leaning position against the door frame. There’s no emotion in his brown eyes. His dark hair is neatly combed back. The black suit he wears fits him perfectly. The anticipation of what he’ll do next kills me as he walks forward.

“So?” He arches an eyebrow.

“I shouldn’t have been touching myself,” I mumble, looking down.

“But you did. Why did you stop?” he asks. His steps reside at the edge of the bed.

“I couldn’t make myself cúm,” I reply.

“Hm,” he hums, pulling the sheets away from my body. “Try again, Grace.”

I look up at him, meeting his dark orbs. Nodding, I lean back into a full supine position. My fingers find my clít between spread legs. His eyes follow the circles I draw on myself. My pussy clenches the air as a tingle rushes from the stimulation I provide. I find no other pleasure but that tingle.

“I can’t,” I whimper. “I don’t know how to.”

My fingers fall away in defeat. I watch his eyes narrow slightly before he masks that reaction.

He turns away, going towards the vanity across from the bed. He grabs the collar and leash sitting on top of it. I bring myself up onto my knees on the bed by the time he makes his way back to the edge of the bed,

“Stand up,” he commands. I do as he says. His voice does things to me. Wetness increases between my legs. Standing in front of him, naked, he clicks on the black leather collar around my throat. He then attaches the matching leash to the small ring on it. “Kneel.”

He forces me down to my knees by my nape. My face comes face-to-face with his covered hardening erection. I lick my lips as I get comfortable on my haunches. Looking up at him, he smirks down at me. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I whimper, inching myself closer to him. I gasp low as my lips rub on his shoe. His hand wrapped around the leash pulls me forward, keeping my gaze locked with his.

“You and I both know you can’t cum. Not without me. Not without my permission. You were impatient and tried anyway,” his voice is low and condescending. It doesn’t stop me growing wetter. In fact, I am enjoying this.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” I breathe and squirm against the strain in his trousers.

“You’ll have to apologize.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I nod eagerly.

“Kiss.” His smirk turns into a grin. Keeping my eyes on his, I kiss the bulge in front of me over his clothes. “Such a good girl.”

I whimper, rubbing my lady bits on him. My breathing hard as I pant against him.

“You want Daddy’s c0ck inside you, don’t you?”


“Is that what the little girl wants?” he asks, pulling the leash up. “Daddy’s c0ck?”

Another whimper escapes my mouth, agreeing with him as I wrap my arms around his leg. “Please.”

“What was that?”

Please,” I repeat in mumble.

“Please, what?” he prompts.

What I say next is unintelligible. I don’t even understand myself. My need for him has hijacked my brain. His voice has triggered everything within me to shut down and want for pleasure. It had been low and controlling at first but now it was soft and cherishing. Willing to give me what I desperately needed. I wasn’t sure I could wait any longer.

“On the bed, angel,” I hear his voice through the haze. It takes me a moment to actually register what he’s said. I feel him help me up and onto the bed. With his hand still wrapped on the leash, he leaves a trail of kisses from my neck down to the delicate flesh of my clít. A loud moan rushes out while his tongue plays with me. My hands seek out the silk of his hair, keeping him in place. Suddenly his fingers are inside me. Pumping. Thrusting. My walls clench around them.





As my clit breathes his fingers.

“Mm, you taste divine, angel. Even after your disobedience,” He says before nipping my clit. Groaning, my hips rise up against him. “My angel is needy. Cům.”

My orgasm makes me soar. I pulsate around his fingers. Hips dig into the bed as I try to get away from his mouth. I let out a groan soaked in pleasure. The overstimulation is killing me. That doesn't stop me from wanting him.

"Daddy, I want your c0ck inside me, please," I squirm against him.

“Do you?” he mumbles against my skin.

“Yes, please,” I moan.

Suddenly, he starts moving upwards on my body. He takes his time, giving special attention to my quivering belly. His hair tickles my skin as he moves. Liam flicks and bites my nipples. I pull on his hair before his mouth is on mine. I hear myself taste him. He kisses me senseless. Deeper into the rabbit hole. I hum against him. He fumbles with his hand somewhere between us.

His thrust brings me back onto Earth. We moan together. I drag my tongue across his hips. My wet sex grips onto him. Strangling him between my walls as it accepts each thrust it receives. Buried to the hilt, he buries his face into my shoulder. He delivers a small bite making my gasp at the pain. I bury my heels onto his cheeks, pulling him closer. Burying him deeper.

Fűck,” he groans.


“Yes, angel?” he replies.

“Will you please fück me now?” I move my hips in hope that he’ll give me what I want.

He rocks his hips in response. Yes. His circles increase. I feel him everywhere. Then the thrusts began. Hard and fast. Slow and slow. The sounds of our wet skin clashing against each other echoed around the room. I feel the familiar built up coming. My toes curl at the strong tingle. As if knowing it’s time, Liam lifts his head up from it’s position on my shoulder.

Looking at me in the eye, his free hand travels down between us. His fingers find my clit and works the bud. The sensations build up. My toes curl even more. I close my eyes, unable to keep them open. I force them to. I want to. I need to look into his eyes. What I see in his eyes leaves me breathless. A primal lust - a need to devour.

He continues to thrust, increasing the space. I spasm around him. My skin tingles. His pelvis grinds against me as he gets ready for his own release. Liam takes my mouth again. I follow the lead of his gentle kiss. A long groan from him vibrates through the both of us. The grip on my hip tightens. The other on my clit subsides, leaving me a quivering mess.

Leaning back some, he takes my lower lip with him. I groan at the pain. He comes back, delivering a few more thrusts until I orgasm for a second time with him inside me. His moves die out in exhaustion. Even then he didn’t pull out. He only gathered me in his arms, pulling me with him under the covers. Our legs entwined together. I accept his warmth. His hand’s gently placed on my belly, caressing it.

“How’s my daughter today?”

I smile against his shoulder blade.

“Growing strong every day. The doctor says she’ll start moving any day now,” I reply.
“I can’t wait,” he says. “She’ll be a handful, just like her mother.”

“If anything, she’ll be like you,” I reply with some sass. “Bossy.”

“Mm, I don’t think so.”

I cuddle against him, finding a comfortable spot. I close my eyes. Eventually, we both drift asleep. Dreaming about our new life together. Now we wouldn’t be just two. In a few months we’d be three. A family.

And I couldn't wait.
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