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Chapter 10

Siya Rains

I came out of my shower and opened my closet to take my clothes out when a bunch of them fell out. I was irritated, beyond sad for some reason, I quickly stuffed the clothes back in and closed my wardrobe when I realized I forgot to take out the clothes I was supposed to wear.

I kicked the closet door and groaned loudly. Landon hasn’t spoken to me for almost a month now.

I miss him!

One fucking month. He just avoided looking at me, refuses to be in my presence when Jimmy isn’t around. He is not being rude, just aloof and distant. That night also he just let me get out of his lap, and get back to work.

Isn’t that what you wanted Siya?

My conscious probed.

He is being incredibly professional, ruining all chances for me to get to know him better and help him out. I didn’t realize the Landon I’ve been dealing with before was actually the ‘nice’ side of him. This side is just making me miserable. I can’t think of anything, all of my thoughts were consumed him. I cancelled my date with George and told him that I am busy with setting midterm papers, avoiding him as well which was stupid as he could be my future husband.

Maybe I should sleep with Landon once?

No Siya NO!

The worst part being that Landon was dating someone, he didn’t tell me that but I found out when I was stalking him like a creep on the internet at 2 am with a bucket of ice cream.

Damn, I am really losing it.

The bell rang alarming me, its 11 pm on a rainy night, could it be my neighbour? Did she lock herself out again? I always regret staying around college students who are always out partying and are so irresponsible.

I tightened my bathrobe before grabbing her house keys and heading towards the door. I opened it to see a drenched in rain, drunk Landon, with his soaked white shirt buttoned down enough to give a glorious view of his chiseled chest and tie hanging loosely around his neck. His hair was wet and a bit messed up but it just made him look incredibly sexy.

“Lando-“ I was cut off by Landon just walking inside my apartment like he owns it and setting down his blazer on my kitchen counter-top.

“Where is George? It’s almost been a month now. He probably must have moved in by now?” Landon asked in an interrogative tone making the goosebumps appear on my skin, almost compelling me to answer his question.

“He’s not here. Why are you here?” I ask him in a tough tone but it falters when he starts removing his wet shirt giving me view of his muscular back.


“I am here to interrogate you. Sit in front of me.” He orders as he grabs a chair and places it facing the couch in front of him.

“No, Let me grab you a fresh t-shirt and why are you drunk? I thought you don’t drink?” I questioned him as I refused to move from my place becoming incredibly aware of the fact that I was just in my bathrobe and had nothing underneath.

This was a really bad timing.

“I don’t drink but I can’t fucking get you out of my mind and seeing you in front of me almost every other day, wondering the things you let George do to that sinful body of yours just makes it so damn difficult to not take you then and there.” I breathed in as he rasped making my panties wet just by telling me the stuff he’d like to do to my inexperienced body. “So Aaron suggested alcohol and I had some, don’t worry, I didn’t consume a lot of it. Just enough to feel dizzy and guess what?”

I just looked at him with confusion in my eyes as he looked back at me intently, “The alcohol just made it worse. Can’t fucking get you out of my mind, so now sit in front of me before I completely lose it and carry you to your bedroom.” I laughed at his warning but stopped when I saw promise in them.

“How about I get you some coffee to sober you up and then you can ask me questions? I don’t mind answering your questions, we are friends after all, right?” I asked but he just growled at me like an animal making me jump in fright.

Okay, not a good thing to say right now.

I headed to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee when I heard footsteps behind me. I ignored him but it became difficult when I felt hands on my waist pulling me into his bare rock-hard chest.

For the love of god why?

“How is that g-girl you are d-dating? She s-seems lovely!” I stutter and I feel him run his nose along my neck as his hair tickled me a little.

“I broke it off.” He stated as he breathed me in making jolts rush straight to my sex. “Fuck, you smell so damn good. I could just eat you up right here, right now.” He roared against my neck making me feel vibration throughout my body at the sound of his deep voice.

“Yeah but you shouldn’t because you are drunk and after you have your coffee, you have a few questions to ask me. Now I am going to go in and put on some actual clothes.” I change the topic and I speak in a cheery friendly tone as I pour hot coffee in a cup.

I turn around and hand him the coffee but he sets it down again, “What are you wearing underneath that bathrobe?” He rasped making me gulp at the closeness between us as he towered my petite body.

Why does he have this hypnotizing scent always?

Is it even legal to be this attractive?

“Nothing.” I breathed out as my chest heaved when I heard him groan in pain.

My breath hitches when I feel his hands on my waist slide to my breast then right down to my upper thighs making shivers pass through my spine. He swiftly picked me up and placed me on the kitchen counter. My eyes fall to the big scar plastered across his chest. I couldn’t take my eyes of it even if I wanted to.

The pain this man has experienced in his life. He hasn’t ever had a peaceful moment in his life. His entire past still haunted him whenever he looked in the mirror, it was right there to remind him of all the things he had to suffer through.

“Did you really sleep with George?” He caught my chin in his hand and forced me to look in his deep greyish-green eyes, I couldn’t lie under this intensity so I just nodded my head.

“How was it?” My heart stopped beating when I felt him slide his muscular hands under my bathrobe after separating my thighs, “Did he make you this wet? What the fuck did he do to you?” My eyes rolled back when I felt Landon slide his finger in my core making my legs quiver.

“I am a lawyer, if you think that you can just tell me a bald faced lie like that and face no repercussions, then you are sadly mistaken kitten.” My hands grabbed his big powerful biceps and I felt him slide his finger inside which made me moan in embarrassingly loud tone.

“Landon, this is inappropriate. You are drunk, you don’t know what you are doing. Also I am not lying to you.” I say incoherently as my nails dig into his biceps when he pumps in and out of me, making my walls cling on to his fingers.


“Really because interestingly, Jimmy happened to mention you being on call with him for two hours right after your date.” My eyes widened when I remembered the night where I supposedly had sex with George, I had actually received a call from Jimmy to discuss a few pointers of the case.

I screamed loudly as electricity passed through my veins making each and very hair on my body stand as Landon continued to pump in and out of me at a ravaging speed making me question the existence of this universe.

Landon didn’t stop, he grabbed my face and made me look in his eyes as I felt constant blasts of pleasure which I think are going to lead me to my death. My hands left his biceps and grabbed his face, pulling it down to my lips and claiming them. I kissed him fiercely and couldn’t separate myself from him even if I wanted to.

He kissed me back with equal intensity as his fingers continue to thrust deep inside me making my toes curl. I ran my hands through his hair before pulling them roughly when his free hand kneaded my breast, overwhelming me with too much pleasure just at once. I cried out loud as my walls constricted around his fingers making muscles burn when a devastating explosive orgasm shatters through my body.

I was almost about to collapse on the counter but he holds on to me tight when I realized one thing.

George made my heart feel warm, but Landon sets in on fire.

“Landon, I’ll fall in love with you if this continues, I already like you and am attracted to you beyond my comprehension. But you can’t offer me that, it will mentally and physically destroy me when you leave me after you are done ‘getting me out of your system’. This has always been the problem, guys like you get over girls like me easily, but we spend our entire life trying to get over the feeling that is embedded in our souls.” I pour my heart out and I see something flash in his eyes but I couldn’t grasp it. I quickly snatch my hand away from his chest when I realize I’ve been running my fingers over his scar.

“So if you can’t offer me anything else, please do me a favour and think about me once. I am sure you know how I am, the gooey unrealistic romantic.” I see Landon shake his head as I wait in anticipation for a reply.

I wanted to cry, I don’t want him to leave me, I like him.

“Siya, I would love to have a normal relationship too but I am not capable of that and I don’t want you to spend your entire life trying to fix me, it’s not your job. You need someone to take care of you, instead of always being the person who takes care of others. Yes, you deserve better.”

He walks back to the living room couch and wears his wet shirt before pulling over his blazer. I was about to protest but he speaks up before that, “You don’t have to worry about seeing me again. I will make sure that you get all the updates of the case and that Jimmy corresponds with you as much as he does with me. I am sorry, I can’t give you what you want, but I can step aside so someone capable can.”

He leaves immediately as deafening silence engulfs me to make sure that I hear my heart break at his words.


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