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Chapter 11

Landon Chambers

“Hey, you didn’t attend the recent family dinner, everything okay?” Nathan asked me as we three finish discussing the new terms for the collaboration with a multinational company.

“Yeah, it’s irritating because everyone keeps asking me about Siya, and Victoria told grandma about her and now she’s excited to meet her, even though I literally have no relations with Siya.” I groaned as I answered the question. Sometimes I felt like Nathan and Aaron were the only sane ones in the family.

“Yeah, Aaron told me that he got you drunk because you wouldn’t stop blabbing about her. Is she dating that school teacher now?” Nathan asked and I rolled my eyes at how fast gossip travels in my family. My grandparents are probably picking out names for my hypothetical child.

“After I got a bit drunk, I went to her apartment where she told me she might be falling for me, and if I can’t give her that, I should step back for a person who can.” I narrated the incident to him.

“That’s great! So you guys are together, right?” Aaron smiled and I felt bad for not giving out the entire information at once.

“No man, I told you, I don’t want to get involved emotionally with any woman. No one deserves to be with the kind of mess I am. Yes, I may appear well, but I can’t sleep at night, I get constant nightmares, among other things as well. Siya is someone who deserves a guy who can actually take care of her. Now guys please stop talking about this and go home so that I can get back to my work.” I almost beg as I open the files again after taking a sip of my coffee.

“Such a fool, learn something from your big brothers, we married the women we love with no drama.” Aaron had the nerve to say something like that in a condescending tone as Nathan nods in agreement making me snort at their hypocrisy. They had no clue about the things Victoria and Elizabeth have opened up to me about, which included all the drama they have caused in their relationships.

“Really? You want me to marry her and then not speak to her for five years like you did or just marry her for convenience like Nathan did? You are right, that’s a great way to trap the women you like instead of just asking her out on a date like a normal person.” I say sarcastically making Aaron and Nathan exchange looks with each other.

“If I will marry her, I will marry her for love.” I end the discussion but by the look on their faces they were not done by a long shot.

“Wow, you are in love with this girl, talking about marriage and all. No, shut up and listen to me, I am your elder brother.” Nathan stops me when I try to protest, “Now stop this nonsense and go to her. She will take care of you and you can take care of her. I can’t begin to explain how much I regret not making a move on Elizabeth the moment I saw her. So she would have never ended up with that son of a bitch, Michael.” Nathan mutters through his clenched teeth making me raise my eyebrows.

“You will hate Michael till your last breath even though it’s all over now.” Nathan nods as Aaron pats his back when I state a fact, “I am not in love with Siya but I do care about her so I will do what’s best for her, and that is me staying away from her.”

I state it in way to tell him I am done with this discussion, “Let her decide what’s best for her.” Aaron advises before they leave my office making me rethink my decision.

Siya Rains

“-So that’s how I ended up getting a job at the university.” George tells me a story that breaks me out of my trance. I finally decided to go out with George again because I need to start forgetting Landon.

“That’s interesting.” I smile to act as if I was listening to his story and really hope that he bought it. When he smiles back I sigh in relief, I am being so disrespectful.

Landon could tell when I lie or pretend.

As we step out of the restaurant, I look at my watch to see it was already ten pm, “I was actually worried because after you cancelled the date and didn’t revert for a month, I felt like you were no longer interested.”

He is such a gentleman, Landon just shows up at my place shamelessly.

“I am sorry, that was really rude of me, I was actually going through a lot of stuff and didn’t want to pile it all on you.” I explain when he suddenly grabs my hand.

“If you want to talk, I am here for you.” He says warming my heart with his smile. I nod at him as I smile widely, “Thank you, I will keep that in mind. I had a great time but I should really head home now, I have the third hearing tomorrow.” I tell him to which he just nods understandingly.

“Do you want me to drop you off?” He asks to which I shake my head, “No, I’ll order an Uber, thanks though, let’s do this again.” I say as I try to enter my address on the app but for some reason I end up putting in a different one.

“Yeah, of course. Good night Siya.” He says as we make an eye contact making him lean in, “Can I kiss you?” He asked to which I nod.

Landon never asks, he can read my mind.

But George is a gentleman.

Our lips meet and he kisses me sweetly. I kiss him back and wait for those shivers and goosebumps but nothing happens. He tries to sneak an entrance but I deny it. I can’t do this anymore.

Landon was right.

I break my kiss with him and peck his cheek lightly as I order the Uber successfully. He didn’t seem very happy that I didn’t let him take it further but he respected my decision.

I waved him goodbye as I sat in the cab which headed towards the direction I was already regretting.

Yes, I was going to Landon’s penthouse.

I knock on the door loudly instead of using the bell. Landon already knew it was me as the security guard at the gate probably called him for permission before letting me in.

“Siya, is everything okay?” He asked me with concern laced in his voice. We promised each other that we won’t talk unless there is an emergency and that’s what he probably thinks has happened.

I missed him!

Why isn’t he asleep?

“I went out with George today and we were together for hours.” I say quietly, watching his lip purse, as he tried to suppress his anger but his eyes gave it away.

I took in his appearance, he was wearing a black t-shirt and sweatpants showing off his huge muscular biceps.

Why does he look so good in casuals?

I walk into his house boldly without his permission just the way he did with me.

“Why are you telling me this?” He asked in a heated tone, turning me on more than actually frightening me as he closes the door behind him.

“Because it sucked, this is all because of you. I literally didn’t feel a thing when he touched me. Throughout the dinner all I could think about was you. Get out of my head.” I shout at him irrationally placing my anger on him, “Everything was perfect before you came along.”

He looked taken aback upon seeing my anger and hearing my confession as he gazes down at me with frustration visible on his face, “I did exactly what you asked me to do. I stepped away from the entire situation, irrespective of how badly I wanted you or how badly I wanted to punch George in his stupid face for even touching you the way I do. What else can I possibly do for you?”

We were both frustrated, sexually, which is why we were shouting at each other for no apparent reason. The sexual tension between us was abnormal and around him my mind could not reason sensibly.

“You know what Landon, stay away from me, you are driving me crazy. I getting out of here.” I yell making no sense but I don’t leave, instead I just close the distance between us.

He looks at me with a clenched jaw and bends down so that his face is at my level, “Scream at me again, kitten. I dare you, then I’ll give you a real reason to scream.”

My breath hitches at his words as I feel shivers run down my spine. Just his words evoke a reaction that George’s kiss couldn’t.

This is it.

“I want to live in the moment, just this once and not think about the future.” I state out of the blue making a confused look appear across his face.

Before he could ask a question I pull down his neck and kiss him passionately. There they were again, the butterflies in my stomach. His lips froze against mine but that didn’t stop me. I devoured his lips as my hands roamed around his chiseled chest and biceps. I broke the kiss for a second to pull his t-shirts off before peppering kisses down his neck. I felt his massive hands on my waist as his giant body towered me while his scent hypnotized me beyond comprehension.

I heard him groan as I kiss the huge scar before sucking on his neck harshly, wanting to desperately mark him, “Do you think this is a good idea?” His voice rasped as he asked me by looking at me intently, his eyes were dark with lust and I could feel his hardness against my stomach.

I stare at him for a second when my phone rings once loudly. It was George, before I could do anything Landon snatches it from my hand and reads the message.

Hey Siya, I had a great time tonight, you seemed a little distracted but other than that, the kiss was heavenly. Can’t wait to take you out again ;)


“He fucking kissed you.” Landon roared, startling me, looking hot as hell, why did he look so damn good? And the worst part was that he was shirtless.

Siya, get your mind out of the gutter.

He was furious making me just nod my head at his question timidly, “I am done, you’ve played your games with me. Now I will claim the prize for my unreserved patience which is usually as thin as a needle. You consciously walked inside lion’s den in the middle of the night and kiss me like the innocent looking vixen you are. You’ve no clue what filthy intentions I have had since the time I first laid my eyes on you.” He spoke in a scarily low, deep voice as his body brazenly stalked towards me making me quiver with excitement and fear.

He let out an animalistic growl as I begged him with my pleading eyes. Suddenly I was slung onto his shoulders as he carried me to his room, I struggled against him but that didn’t really make any impact.

“Do you know the number of times I’ve dreamed, imagined and prayed that this would happen?” He whispered darkly as I roughly fell on the bed and he quickly climbed on top of me.

Oh god!

“Do you know how much trouble you cause just by looking at me with those big innocent eyes filled with dark desires?” He asks as he audaciously tears my dress off in one go making me squeal out of surprise.

“Now do I have the permission to fuck you till you buck and beg for mercy?” He asks as I feel him knead my breasts making me cry out of the pleasure that rushed right to my core making my clit throb in need to be touched.

I nod my head as an answer to his question, completely giving into my ravenous, powerful, dirty desire of Landon Chambers that I know is very bad for me.


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