Landon Chambers (Billionaire Brothers Series 3)

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Chapter 12

Siya Rains

I can’t believe this is finally happening!

I looked up to those beautiful intense eyes which were so dark that it made me wonder how someone can stare at me with so much of uncompromising lust. I was laying on the bed defenselessly under his huge stature looming over me, my body gave out as I felt his eyes raking down my body.

“Siya, do you know what ungodly things I am going to do to you, now that you finally are here with no possibility of escape like you usually do?” He asked with a deep low voice making my legs quiver at its sound, I shook my head as I feebly tried to push him off me, making him chuckle darkly.

Fuck. Walking in a lion’s den indeed.

“Don’t you like to come across as a sweet, cute little girl next door who is always in control, what would people say when they find out that you are involved with someone like me, that you have such dirty, filthy, deep desires that only I can fulfill. Aw, my sweet innocent kitten, you don’t like the way I talk? How will you protect yourself when I do this? ” I gasp loudly when he bites down on my nipple making me squeeze my thighs shut at the unexpected intrusion as he pinned my wrists above my head crudely with just one hand.

I struggled against his tight grip, desperately wanting to touch him, when he tore off my bra and panties before his lips attacked my breasts, sucked and bit on them like I am the only woman he’s ever met. I think I am going to die when this unbearable pleasure overpowers all of my other senses. I have imagined this so many times in my mind, but always had a worry of being disappointed if and when it actually happened.

This is better, so fucking-

I was brought out of my trance when I felt the loss of his heat on my body, I whined unknowingly making Landon smirk at my reaction. His eyes didn’t leave my trembling figure lying on his bed as he opened his nightstand to get condoms.

I hear him take off his pants and the tearing open a packet, I wanted to get up on my elbows to see him but I just couldn’t, I was crushed by his sculpted godlike body and deliciously masculine musk.

He climbs on top of me before putting my legs around his waist so that even if I try to close them I wouldn’t be able to, “Please g-go slow, this is my first time in three years.” I beg breathlessly as I fearfully look at his magnificently massive member and wonder how the hell would that ever fit in. With the position I am in, I knew it was going to go in deep.

Oh lord!

I hear him snort arrogantly at my wide eyes while he rolls on a condom with ease. I shiver as I feel him glide his member up and down my entrance. He puts his palms on either side of my head when I hear him groan as he slowly enters me. I cry out loud as I feel pleasure and pain hit me at the same time. My walls tighten around him as he continues to enter me, making me gasp and pant at the fullness.

“You are so fucking tight.” He curses under his breath, as my fingernails dig into his shoulder blades, “I have to move, Siya.” He looked like an animal in pain as he slowly starts to pump in and out of me, making my head spin at all the pleasure in the universe hit me at the same time. My eyes fall on his scar, which causes a warm feeling to course through my heart so I kiss it causing an undetectable emotion to flash in his eyes before he growls loudly and ravenously slams into me.

“Oh God! Landon!” I moan loudly when raging fire courses through my veins once he starts ramming into me savagely as soon as I get used to his size.

“All these fucking days, I tried to forget you, but all I could think of was you! Now I will show you what I had to endure.” Landon states with gritted teeth as he continues hammering into me like a raging bull, I close my eyes tight, biting down on his shoulder to control my loud wails of the intense, uncontrollable feeling that was surging from within me.

Wait what does he mean by that?

Suddenly he stops, making me arch my back and gyrate my hips to make him continue, but he just stares at me like a lion who likes playing games with his prey before feasting on it, “Now tell me kitten, and how the fuck does this feel? You always ran away, every time I touched you. I want to see you sob and buck in desperate need for the touch only I can give you. Tell me kitten, do you know the number of showers I’ve had every time you grinded that pretty little ass on me and left? Then you have the nerve to talk about fucking George.” He roared in anger and lust making me writhe under him as his words sent jolts straight to my mound.

“You are a sadist.” I accuse as desperation drips from my words when I try to pull him towards me but he just stares gazes down at my quivering body. Before I could say anything again, I was flipped on all of fours and without any warning, Landon entered me but didn’t move, making scream at the sudden punishable invasion. I try to struggle as he gropes my breasts roughly before spanking my ass hard.

“You want to say something else, Siya?” He asks making me regret each and every decision in life that I took just to push his buttons and see his reaction to it for fun. I never thought Landon would punish me for it.

I have never seen such an unreserved side of Landon Chambers.

“Landon I am so sorry, please don’t stop, I am begging you. I want you so bad, I am sorry about Geor-“ Before I could finish my sentence Landon pounds into me with long, greedy strokes as he hold on to my hips roughly for support.

“Don’t fucking take his name! Do you understand?” He rumbles as I nod my taking in all that he is giving me, even though it was too much for me to handle.

I feel my walls constrict around him when he goes even faster making me go insane as I feel things I’ve never ever experienced. I fisted the bed-sheets tight and let out an inhumanly scream as liquid fire courses through my entire body making all my senses shatter when rippling yet satisfying orgasm hits me.


I fall down on the bed exhausted as Landon continues pounding into me, till I hear the most beautiful sound ever, of him groaning as he came down from his high.

Oh god, that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.

He falls down next to me before disposing his condom off, I lift my heavy eyelids and look at the beautiful sight in front of him.

His chest rising and falling, his face was so angelic when he was vulnerable and not around people. I take a risk without thinking, climb into his lap and keep my head on his chest so that I could hear his rapid heartbeat. I could feel him stop breathing for a minute but then he puts his big arms around me, making me feel safe.

“Don’t look at me like that for mercy, I am not done with you, by a long shot, kitten. This is just the start, I am not letting you sleep a wink tonight.” He warns me when I look up to his face innocently.

What have I gotten myself into?

“No I can’t do it again, that was too much!” I complain as I bury my head in his chest when I feel it rumble with laughter.

I can never keep up with this man’s appetite.

“I am sorry for touching your scar again and again.” I apologize as I touched it again but stopped when I remembered his reaction every time I did it.

“That’s okay, you are the first woman to not shudder at how ugly it is.” He says with an emotionless voice but his words hurt me.

Yes, the scar was big, deep and dreadful.

But it is a part of Landon and I think everything about him is beautiful.

“Your scar is beautiful, it only means that you are stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.” I tell him, making him chuckle dryly.

“Siya, it’s not your job to make me feel better, so don’t.” He warns and I put my hands up in defeat. I shouldn’t push him too much that it would end up ruining the moment.

“This is really not how I imagined my day would end today.” I say as I change the subject.

“For the past two months, I’ve been dreaming that this is how my day should end and it finally happened. Never thought you would have the courage to actually show up at my place and then shout at me.” He said as he laughed at the very recent memory.

“I can’t believe I did that either, it is so not like me.” I mutter almost to myself when I remember lying to George about the hearing tomorrow just to get out of the situation and then coming here to Landon’s house. It was all blurry now, like I did it all without thinking.

Oh god!

Am I losing control over my body and mind?

Am I falling in love with Landon already?

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