Landon Chambers (Billionaire Brothers Series 3)

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Chapter 13

Siya Rains

There was a loud ring on my phone, waking me up with a start, I quickly silenced the phone as to not wake up Landon who was holding me tightly to his chest. I loved it, I loved being in his arms, it made me feel so safe.

But I was still tired, I looked down at the body which was covered with hickeys. I lost the number of times we had sex last night. I came so many times that I could feel a little pain down there.

I turned around to face a peacefully sleeping Landon. I carefully removed the ruffled hair that were fallen on his eyes, and kissed his full lips. Landon groaned a little before his eyes fluttered open, he quickly sat up on the bed, making me fall back.

“I slept?” He exclaimed in surprise with his sexy groggy voice. His eyes were wide in disbelief as he looked around the room and his eyes landed on the clock.

“It’s eleven o’clock, I slept for 8 hours?” He spoke to himself, still sounding incredibly shocked.

“I don’t understand, why are you so surprised?” I ask as I rub his back to console him. I had no idea he would wake up with such a jerk.

“No nothing, I well- just umm- never woke up so late and with a woman before.” He says as he rubs his eyes before looking at me, but his expression changes when he looks down. I quickly follow his gaze to see the blanket barely covering my naked body.

Oh god!

“I shouldn’t have stayed over, I should go.” I hurriedly say to escape, pulling the blanket close to my chest, but he pounces on me making me gasp loudly.

“No, you are not going anywhere. I love your breasts, you know that.” He growls as he tears away the blanket and his eyes rake my body making me shiver under his gaze, like he did yesterday.

How is he still not satisfied??!

We hear a doorbell ring, interrupting our little romp, I huff making Landon chuckle at my reaction before he gets off me, letting my eyes feast on his gloriously sculpted body.

I was literally saved by the bell.

“I’ll go downstairs and check on who it is. You can take a shower and I’ll ask Dorota to lay out some clothes for you.” He says while wearing some clothes as he eyes my torn dress lying on the ground, I blush remembering what a beast he was in bed.

I quickly took a shower and thankfully found a new toothbrush in one of the cabinets. I got out after a hot shower when I heard a commotion downstairs, there were new set of clothes kept on the bed. I groaned out loud when I saw that how low the neck of the dress was.

My hickeys are going to be on full display.

It’s not like Landon would have any makeup.

I quickly got dressed and hoped that there wouldn’t be any man downstairs. As I stepped downstairs, I felt all eyes fall on me, two beautiful women were standing smiling smugly, but Landon looked a bit annoyed.

Why do they look so familiar?

“Siya, meet Elizabeth and Victoria, they are my sisters-in- law.” Landon introduced them as he rolled his eyes when they both smothered me with a sudden hug. I giggled awkwardly before hugging them back.

Of course, you remember them because you stalked his entire family on the internet at night like a creep.

My brain coaxed.

“It’s nice to meet you.” I say awkwardly but I feel like they were too happy to notice my awkwardness for some reason.

“So it’s surprising, that you two just happened to drop by today for no apparent reason? I mean it’s not like you guys are snoopy like the old women that sit in the park and like putting their nose in my business.” Landon mocked looking them dead in the eyes making them giggle at his reaction.

“You are such a cutie.” Elizabeth said as she pulled his cheeks making me laugh. I never thought anyone could treat Landon like a five year old kid.

“Yeah Landon, it not like we asked Dorota to keep an eye out for a woman named Siya, and if she ever stays over she should make a call immediately because we want to meet her.” Victoria said sarcastically making Landon gives Dorota a look which makes her laugh and wave him off as.

Landon told them about me?

“We just happened to drop by.” Elizabeth said as we all headed towards the living room.

Landon rolled his eyes at them but I could tell he really loved them, “So Siya, what are you doing here?” Victoria asked innocently, but I could see her eyes sparkle with mischief

“Umm we were discussing the case, and it got really late so I guess I stayed over.” I lied through my teeth but the sly smiles on their faces felt like they saw right through my lie.

“Oh my god Siya, what happened to your neck?” My eyes widened like saucers when I remember the reddish-purple hickeys on my neck.

I want the ground to open up and swallow me now.


“’s just my curling iron.” I quickly said as Landon and I exchanged looks like a couple of thieves.

“Is that a new nickname for Landon?” My face turned red as Elizabeth asked making Victoria laugh like it’s the funniest joke in the world.

Wow, they really are best friends.

“Please stop this.” Landon groans in annoyance and buries his head in his hand.

“Okay it was nice meeting you, I am glad that we could run into you like so unexpectedly, I mean in the morning when I woke up I had no idea I would be meeting you, Siya. But we should probably go now.” Elizabeth says as they bid us goodbye and left while Landon gave them a death stare.

That was so embarrassing.

There was an awkward silence between us as we looked at each other. I didn’t know what to say, my mind was filled with memories of him on top of me ramming into me like a beast as I-

Siya, snap out of it.

“I should probably go, I have a lecture to give.” I utter finally breaking the silence but he looks at me with anger making me rethink my words and possibly my entire life.

Why does he have that effect on me? This hardly seems fair.

“Are you going to meet George there?” He asked me in a patient tone but for some reason I could detect a bit of jealousy and anger.

Okay Siya, he told you that this is just a one-time thing.

Don’t fall for him.

“Yeah probably. I mean I did agree to go out with him again. Why do you ask-“ I was cut off as he lifts me up out of nowhere making me yelp. My heart started beating loudly as I wondered what his next move is going to be.

“Landon, what are you doing?” I ask but he doesn’t respond as he sets me down when we enter his room again like last time.

“If you behave like a good girl and you don’t lie to me, then I won’t punish you.” Landon growls which send vibrations directly to my clit.


“What did I lie about?” I ask desperately as my breath becomes ragged when he suddenly pins me against the wall and his hand creeps inside my dress.

Oh lord!

“George had the fucking nerve to kiss you last night which you conveniently happened to leave it out of our conversation. Now tell me what else did he do? Has he really fucked you? And If yes, then did he fuck your brains out like I did last night.” He roared as his finger entered my drenched core without any warning making me moan at the pleasurable intrusion.

“What happened Siya? Why aren’t you answering? Is my sweet little kitten still sore from yesterday when I pinned her down to the bed and ravaged her body again and again?” I screamed loudly as his pace increased making currents run through my body.

“No, he just k-kissed me, that’s it. Nothing else h-happened I p-promise.” I try to speak through the intense feeling that Landon was brazenly making me feel, just with his fingers.

“Now tell me, how would you like it if I start going out with another woman right in front of your eyes?” He asks as something builds up in my stomach making it incredibly difficult for me to answer.

“Answer me or else I’ll stop.” He warns making me scream in frustration as his fingers slow down.

Fuck you, Landon Chambers.

“Well it’s d-difficult to speak w-when your fingers are i-inside me.” I complain breathlessly but he completely stops.

“I wouldn't like it at all, I would hate it!” I yell dreadfully making a victorious smirk appear on his beautiful face as he uncompromisingly started thrusting his fingers in and out of me, my eyes rolled to the back of my brain as a wave of unbelievable pleasure hit me again.

“Look in my eyes, kitten. I want to see you come undone in front of me.” I look into his deep greenish grey eyes, as I scream loudly when a world shaking orgasm hits me. I buck my hips uncontrollably, as I almost collapse on the floor.

“If I see you around George again, you will regret it, Siya. I am not done with you yet, not by a long shot.” Landon warns me as I helplessly stare at him. I had no energy to argue with him because I knew if I did, he’d take me to his bed and rock my world.

I can never say no to Landon.

My body and mind, they don’t allow me to.

I don’t want him around other women, I don’t know why.

Because you are in love with him, dumbass.

My brain mocked me but I ignored her.


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