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Chapter 14

Hello guys,

I actually have a small announcement. I would be completing Aaron Riverwood in the coming two weeks because writing two books at once is a bit confusing. I will finish all my books in the order so it’s convenient for all the readers and you don’t have to juggle between different books.

I hope you guys understand the intention behind doing this and I’ll try to make the updates worth the wait and worth your while.

Siya Rains

“Siya, hey! Listen!” I was brought out of my daze as George waved his hand in front of eyes. I looked around to see my class was already empty.

Oh god! Damn you, Landon chambers!

I can’t sleep, I can’t concentrate on shit, and I just keep thinking about him 24/7. I am wet 24/7, do you know how frustrating that is?

I think everyone would curse at me if I complain about how sore I am from all the insanely hot sex I am having.

“George, I am sorry, I have a lot on my mind. What are you doing here?” I asked with a nervous smile on my face as I remembered how instead of going home with George, I slept with Landon.

I am such a bad person.

“Well our date, day before yesterday was great so I wondered if I can take you out again?” He asked with hope filled in his eyes.

Oh man!

“Yes, of course, I’ll check my schedule and let you know!” I say as I remember that Landon said he is not done with me yet. Well I am not a toy to wait around till he is ‘done’ with me. I am only relevant to him till the time I continue to amuse and satisfy him.

“Oh okay great, I’ll text you later!” His eyes shine as he leans in to kiss me.

Oh god no!

A knock on the door stops George as we both turn our heads to see someone I’ve been dreading to face.

Analia Rains.

“Hey sister! Who is this? Your boyfriend?” She came in and I could see judgement visible in her eyes.

“George, this is my baby sister Analia and Analia, this is George, he is also a professor here.” I introduced them as she shook hands with him reluctantly.

Why does she always behave like this?

“Okay Siya, I’ll see you around.” George says goodbye awkwardly, obviously feeling uncomfortable because of Analia.

“Eww are you dating him? He is so vanilla.” Analia makes a face as soon as George is out of sight.

Well at least she didn’t say that to his face, like she used to.

“Don’t talk about people like that. He is a great guy and also is very accomplished.” I say as her eyes widen at my comment.

“Please that man is okay looking and what do mean by he is accomplished? Just because I don’t have a job and I broke up with my rich boyfriend.” She asked me and I just ignored her comment.

Yes, she didn’t like working, she loved money though.

“You are definitely not here to bond with me, so why are you here?” I ask with a huff, ready for her to ask me a big favour like always.

It’s probably money again?

“I read in the papers that ‘you’ are working with The Landon Chambers. So I came here to meet him and with a lot of luck, sweep him off his feet with my good looks and body.” She said as she swirled around to show off her dress that looked perfect on her.

I was stunned, I had no words in my mouth.

This is high school again.

She is stealing the guy I like. I love myself but Analia is like the 100 times better looking than me. Also she can flirt and seduce any man she wants. I know if I ask her to back off, she’ll just want him more.

“Umm you want to date Landon Chambers?” I ask hoping somehow she’ll change her mind.

“Date? I want to marry that guy. He is so damn handsome, and also I will be swimming in money with him.” She explains as her eyes sparkle at the idea.

“Umm- I don’t know what to say- I- umm” I stutter as I try to find my words but my heart started to feel heavy.

“Oh my god Siya, you have a crush on Landon, don’t you?” She says as I see mischief flash in her eyes, “Of course you do, I mean have you seen that man, but let me guess, like Peter in high school didn’t look at you, Landon also doesn’t pay you any heed, right? Sweetheart, I love you so I am going to give you some advice, stick with men like George, you know if Landon had to choose, he’d choose me right?” She asked as my heart sank, I didn’t want her to know about my feelings for Landon.

Now that she knows, this will turn into an unwanted competition for me, which will end up hurting me like always. I don’t understand why a perfect woman like her always wants to compete with me?

“Let’s go home.” I say as I avoid the topic but she laughs, which suggests that she is not going to let it go.

“Sure, so tell me about Landon?” She asks in a sweet voice and I roll my eyes. Just then my phone chimes and Analia snatches it away when she sees the name that appeared on my phone.

I am coming over today, we have to discuss a few things.

Landon Chambers

“Oh my god! He is coming to discuss work, right? I have to wear a very sexy outfit!” She says as she skips and I see all the men gazing at her.

Men loved her, all they see is a Blonde beautiful bombshell.


The bell rings and my sister hops up to open the door and I let her, even though I just wanted to scream at her and send her packing.

She was wearing a pink dress which complimented her body and face, anyone would fall in love with her just by looking at her.

She opened the door and greeted a shocked Landon, his eyebrows furrowed as he looked around the apartment till hi eyes landed on me. I was wearing a big t-shirt and shorts. Yes, I didn’t bother dressing up because it wouldn’t matter.

I bit down on my lip as his eyes rake my body and he comes in and sets his coat down on my counter. He was wearing a sweater and jeans but he looked so damn good.

“Landon, that’s my younger sister, Analia and Analia, you know Landon Chambers!” They shake hands as she flashes him one of her beautiful smiles and bends a little to show off her cleavage. He gives her nod before walking in towards me.

“You didn’t tell me your sister was going to be here?” He questioned me in his deep voice making me quiver as it brought back too many memories. I shift a little to the side when he sits down right next to me.

“It was a surprise actu-“ I start to explain but my sister cuts me off.

“Yeah I walked in on her in the class where she was kissing her boyfriend.” She said in an innocent voice as she sat in front of Landon. She was very smart, she could see Landon was into me, so she wanted to sabotage it by talking about George.

“Boyfriend? Is she talking about George?” Landon asked me, with clenched teeth and his face visibly angry.

“Yes I am, they are also going out on a date soon.” Analia added fuel to the fire.

“I need to talk to Siya…about work. Alone. You are all dressed up, I am guessing you are going out? That would give us some time alone.” He said and looked at Analia finally. Her face fell as she didn’t understand why he wasn’t paying any attention to her.

“No, He doesn’t need to talk to me alone.” I didn’t know what he was going to do to me, and I was too scared to find out.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll leave, but Landon it’s my dad’s 55th birthday this Sunday, it would be great if you could join us.” Analia invites him and my eyes widen.

Oh hell no!

“No, it’s not that-“ I was cut off yet again by a smiling Landon.

“I would love to come and meet your parents. I have already heard a lot about them.” Analia smiles as Landon finally talks to her properly. She winks at him before leaving us alone.

“You fucking kissed him?” Landon growls as I get up from my place and stand three feet away from his deliciously divine scent and looks.

“I didn’t, not that it’s any of your business. He was about to kiss me but we were interrupted by Analia. But yes I did agree to go on a date with him.” I exclaimed to see Landon fuming at my words.

I gulped when I saw him stalk towards me like a lion, “Landon, don’t do this. We had fun that day but now-“ I stop as my back hits the wall, “don’t do this.” I plead but his eyes showed no mercy. I crane my neck to meet his intense angry eyes as his muscular body towers me.

“Don’t do what?” He asked as he looked down to my squeezed thighs making my breath hitch.

He hasn’t even touched you, Siya.

“Do what you always do to me when I disobey you.” I muttered and he chuckled cynically making my heart race in anticipation.

“Siya, I warned you to stay away from me for almost a month. But still my sweet little kitten was too curious to stay away, wasn’t she?” He asked me as his finger traced my nipple through my thin t-shirt.


“Now you have the audacity to beg for mercy? I have already tasted your sweet nectar and seen your red shame-filled face as you come again and again shamelessly under me.” He whispers in my ear with his raspy voice as he groped my breasts roughly making me moan.

“Look at you, I have barely touched you and you are already writhing, begging me to take you in each and every dirty way possible.” He says as my legs almost give out, unable to stand this kind of sexual torture.

“Anyways I look forward to Sunday, also if I see George around you again, you know the things I am capable of doing.” He warns me before leaving me.

I run to my room, and collapse on my bed before screaming into a pillow.

Why god, why?


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