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Chapter 15

Siya Rains

I was nervous and really mad at Analia, why would she invite Landon to Dad’s party. I was not happy with the way I just sit back when she makes such decisions but it was partly my fault, if I had been completely honest about the part where Landon was hooking up with me, maybe she wouldn’t have invited him to a family dinner.

I don’t understand why Landon said yes, meeting someone’s family is a huge deal, and he doesn’t want a serious relationship then why would he agree to meet dad?

“Wow, someone’s overthinking?” I hear Rebecca’s voice, I look around to see that she had finally arrived with her girlfriend.

“No, it’s nothing.” I shake my head as I hug her tightly, even though I meet her a lot, I always end up missing her. I know we are not supposed to have favourite sisters but I have one.

“Oh come on, I can always tell by that look on your face that something is wrong.” She says as she gently rubs my back making me groan in frustration. I didn’t realize I was actually frustrated over this entire Landon-Analia thing, “Wait does this have to do with your boss coming? Analia has hots for him? Wait does that bother you?”

I look at her stunned, she is a maverick, and I can’t believe she actually guessed it all right on her first guess, “First of all, he isn’t my boss, we just work together, and yes I guess the entire Analia thing bothers me.”

“But I thought you were dating George?” I shake my head as I recall breaking up with George after class, I just couldn’t play these games with such a good man. I lied saying I am not ready for a relationship, he was kind of upset but he smiled and understood my situation.

“I was but-“ I completely shut up as Analia opens the door and Landon walks in, I swallow hard as I take in his form, he looked so good. I look down to my simple red wine dress and try to straighten it out, I was trying to do anything to avoid looking at Landon. But I could feel his eyes raking down my body, like he was eyefucking me. I wanted to squeeze my legs together at the intensity.

How can I ever resist this guy?

“Oh my god, I know that look, you are sleeping with Landon Chambers!” Alicia, Rebecca’s girlfriend whisper-shouted at me making Rebecca’s eyes go wide as they stared at me for answers.

“NO- I am not- No just-“ I fumbled with my words making their suspicion more clear.

“Is that why he is here, he wanted to meet our parents? Are you like dating him? Oh my god, does Analia know? Don’t tell her, that would just make her want him more.” Rebecca asked me a lot of questions throwing me off guard as I saw Analia dragging Landon to the dining room so that she could introduce him to our parents. Analia bent over a little so that Landon could see her cleavage, but his eyes didn’t leave me.

“No, she doesn’t, which is why you guys need to keep it down.” I whisper yell at them because when Rebecca freaks out her voice becomes very pitchy, it disturbs the neighbour’s dog next door.

“Okay, I am sorry, don’t worry, I’ll handle Analia. Let’s go to the dining room now.” Rebecca says as I thank her for that before heading in, I reluctantly start walking when Alicia grabs my hand. “I don’t think this is a good time, but I actually wanted to propose today, because Rebecca always wanted it to happen in front of her loved ones. So…” I jump as I quickly hug her, “Oh my god, this is huge. No, don’t worry, I will not let anything ruin your special night I promise.” I say as I hug my future sister in law.

This is so sweet! Rebecca is going to get married! She deserves all the happiness in the world. They both are perfect for each other. Rebecca was depressed before she met Alicia, now she is like the happiest person ever. I love the way Alicia brings out the best in my sister.

As I enter the dining room, I see my parents laughing as Landon smiled and talked to them, wait what? Landon almost never smiles and now he is cracking jokes, what’s his game? Analia who was right beside him, seemed very happy. I quickly walk up to them and Landon just casually puts his hand around my shoulder, I look up but my dad doesn’t mind.


My dad didn’t even like it when my prom date touched me or any other man for that matter but he is okay with Landon?

“Siya has always been clumsy.” My dad said as they all laughed together, oh, so they were talking about me. Of course!

“I was just telling them about how you fell thrice when we met for the first time.” He said and I glared at him childishly making everyone laugh.

“I fell twice and you know that the floor was slippery.” But everyone just laughed harder as I said that, “Landon told us that you would say that, defensively.” My eyes widened at how he anticipated my response like he knew me very well.

I just need to talk to Landon once. I really need to know what he is doing over here.

“Landon and Siya, can you bring the presents from upstairs so that dad could open them later?” Rebecca asked as if she just read my mind.

“Oh no, Landon, you are our guest, sit down.” Dad says in a very friendly tone as he smiles at Landon and actions at Rebecca to help me out, “No sir it’s fine, it would give me a chance to catch up with Siya.”

“Call me Wyatt.” Landon nods at him before smiling as my mouth just hangs at what happened.

What the fuck is happening?

How did he charm my dad?

Not to exaggerate but my dad hates everyone.

“Okay, what the hell are you doing?” I ask him as soon as we reach upstairs and enter the room, I lock the door behind me just in case. The entire way up here Landon walked behind me and was undressing me with those vivid greenish-grey eyes.

“I was just admiring your curves and maybe thinking about the time I bent you over my office table and spanked you.” He says making me gasp at his words, “I meant what are you doing here?” I say as I feel Landon stalking towards me, I didn’t move from my place because if he pins me against a wall, I have to give in.

“Let’s see, has George met your parents?” He asks and I just roll my eyes at him. “Oh my god, is this still about George?” I ask as I gulp again when he closes the distance between us. I could feel my breasts being smashed against his warm hard chest as his hands rested on my hips.

Why is he so tall and is it even legal to smell this good?

I gasp loudly as he spins me around and grounds my ass in his hard member. I wanted to moan but I just bite my lip hard as I feel his hands exploring my body. I remember that this was what he did to me, back in his suite and now he is doing it again, “Yes, I swear to god, Siya, if I see him or any other man kissing you, I am going to plunge out his eyeballs with a hot iron spatula.” He whispers in my ear before biting down on it as his hands kneaded my breasts. I threw my head back as he began peppering kisses down my ear to my neck.

This is such a bad idea.

“You don’t own me, Landon.” I say as I try to get his hands off me but instead he covers my hands with his, and makes me smash my breast together. I could feel my panties get soaking wet, as shivers ran down my spine, knowing I have no way to escape or deny him.

“Really? Then why do you let me touch you like I do own you?” He asks and I just shake my head, I don’t know what I am shaking my head for. I literally can’t comprehend a word he is saying to me and he knows that. He probably has a proud smirk on his face seeing how putty I am in his hands.

“You think you are such a goody two shoes but I know you. You are no angel, I am going to make sure of that.”

He lets go of me as he started picking up gifts like nothing happened while I looked in the mirror in front of me. My face was flushed, I was breathing hard and my lip was swollen because I was biting down on them to stop myself from making inappropriate sounds.

I was a mess.

I looked over at Landon who was not at all affected by anything. What the hell? I can’t go downstairs like this. Rebecca would know, and that would be embarrassing for me.

“I am going downstairs, how about you straighten yourself up and come down in like five minutes?” Landon says as he smirks at me, his eyes rake my body again, he looked proud.

He loved the effect he had on me.

How can I resist this hot cocky egoistical greek god?


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