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Chapter 2

Siya Rains

It’s been a week since Landon Chambers came to my office, I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and there was something about him which attracted me to him. I don’t know what he felt but I was drawn to him beyond my understanding. I’ve never been so enchanted by anyone.

As I sipped on my coffee, sitting peacefully in my home, I was stalking Landon on the internet brazenly. I was curious about his past but I couldn’t find anything. I did find a few affairs that Landon had, but my guess of him being a playboy was wrong.

There were numerous articles entailing his feud with his brother, Paul Scotts was the mortal enemy of the three handsome billionaire brothers. Two of them were married, making Landon the most eligible bachelor in the country. He never lost a case in his life, making him the youngest most successful lawyer at the age of thirty.

Just then my doorbell rings, it’s probably Jimmy, he wanted to discuss something important. I opened the door and welcomed him in with his girlfriend, Elisa. She was supporting him through this misery.

God bless her.

“How are you feeling, Jimmy?” I ask as I see some of his wounds have healed. Whenever I look at Jimmy I feel like just beating Paul Scotts up to death.

“Better physically, mentally still trying to get over the entire incident.” He winces as he sits down on the couch as I offer him and Elisa some water.

As a psychology professor I knew the mental scars will take years to heal, but hopefully the justice might help him feel a little better.

“Professor, I am just going to cut to the chase, I met Landon Chambers the other day, he told me that he spoke to you already. I feel like he is our best option. If you trust him then we can really win this case.” I look at them and see desperation in his eyes.

“You are right and yes I trust him, he was telling the truth when he said he wanted to see Paul Scotts behind bars. I guess we’ll have to arrange a meeting.” I say as I sit in front of him.

“Actually he said he knew you’d agree so he asked you to meet him at The Faena Palms Hotel.”

He knew that I’d agree? That sexy overconfident bastard.

“Wait! You are not coming?” I ask alarmed at the thought of being alone with Landon.

“I can barely move around much, I am sorry but I would definitely be there next time.” He apologizes but I shake my head.

“I completely understand, I will handle this for you, don’t worry. You go home and rest, okay? I will call you tomorrow to fill you in with the details.” After I ensure him and Elisa about being completely okay going alone even though I wasn’t, they left thanking me again.

As I entered the grand hotel, I looked around to see how truly big it was. I went up to the cheerful receptionist and took Landon Chambers name, as soon as she heard the name, her eyes widened and she quickly picked up the phone and made a call.

“He’ll be here in a second. Please take a seat ma’am. Would you like a beverage?” I smile at her as I shake my head to say no before wandering around the lavish lobby. I looked down to see my professional clothes. I had worn a very decent black dress and paired it up with heels, hopefully I won’t trip again.

“Siya Rains” I hear the same deep stimulating voice which gave me butterflies in my stomach.

“Landon Chambers.” I turn around and look up to see the same godly man I couldn’t get out of my head. I offer him a smile as I didn’t want him to touch me but he extended his hand so I had to shake it back to not look rude.

Why is this man so tall? I am literally wearing my highest heels.

His hand completely enveloped mine as we shook hands while he maintained an intense eye contact making me want to squeeze my legs tight. He was looking at me like he could read my thoughts, I was intimidated and attracted to him at the same time, “So let’s head up to the penthouse suite, we’ll discuss everything there.”

“W-Wait s-suite? W-Why?” I stammered nervously as my mind wandered to things that might happen in a hotel room alone.

No Siya, don’t think about that again.

“Don’t worry, we will be sitting in the study room. I have no bad intentions with you, right now.” He assures me to which I nod, a man like Landon doesn’t need to trick a woman to go to his room. He probably has hot models dying to be with him, why would he go for someone like me anyways.

But what did he mean by ‘right now’?

“I think it would be nice to talk to you when you are not running away from me but I would be lying if I say I didn’t enjoy our ‘little tussle’.” He says as his eyes shamelessly travel down my body and check me out which makes my body tremble with excitement.

God, I really need to get laid.

This is completely harmless.

As we enter his luxurious suite, I take a seat on the couch which has a coffee table in front of it where I arrange my files of the case. Landon offers me a drink but I decline, he finally takes a seat next to me after removing his blazer. I take in a deep breath as I try to ignore his very prominent, bulging muscles visible through his white shirt and his intoxicating scent.


Why is this man so distractingly hot?

“So Ms. Rains-“ I cut him off before he could speak. I had a plan in my mind. I needed to know if I can fully trust him. This case is very important to Jimmy, we can’t afford to lose it.

“Mr. Chambers, I have a condition first if you want this case so bad, I feel like you should be completely honest with me. I need to know why you hate your stepbrother. You need to tell me everything, so that I know that I can trust you. Because I can’t think of a single reason why a man would go against his family. Don’t leave anything out.”

He looked at me for a second after which he started taking off his shirt. I sucked in a harsh breath as I looked at him in surprise.

Oh god! What is happening?

“Woah Mr.Chambers! What are you doing? Put your shirt back-” I stopped dead when I saw a long ugly scar run from the left of his muscular, sculpted chest to his upper abs.

God! It looked like a deep and a very old scar.

“I used to get beaten up by my stepfather since the age of five. He used to hit me a lot after drinking alcohol. I know, it’s such a typical cliché, right? I used to be so scared that I never told my mother as I thought he would beat her up too. I was seventeen when I was dating this girl who happened to be someone Paul, who was 5 years elder to me, liked a lot too. He also took after his own father as a drinker.”

I stared at him with wide eyes, trying to take in this new information but seeing no ounce of expression on his face gave me chills. I didn’t want to hear what happened next. I wanted to cry just looking at that scar. It was so big and deep.

“Paul got so angry and in a drunken state he said he’ll carve out my heart so that I wouldn’t be able love anyone ever again, saying that he broke a glass of his bottle and cut me deeply with it, he left me on the school yard to bleed. I was a weak, lanky kid back then I couldn’t fight back. I felt like I was going to die. But luckily my brothers rescued me. They tried to ask me about what happened but I couldn’t tell. I knew if my mom finds out she could never forgive herself and she already had a weak heart. I finally told Nathan and he promised to keep it a secret and he has. Other than him only Aaron and my sister-in-law, Elizabeth know. Now I guess you do too.”

I stared at him while I felt tears rolling down my eyes. Yes, I get affected by such things. This explains so much. As I looked at his inexpressive face as he told me the horrifying truth about him, I finally understand why his eyes are so lifeless. I am surprised he is even alive based on the things that happened. I grew up in a very loving environment, I can’t imagine the horrors of such psychological and physical trauma.

Landon chuckled as he kneeled down beside me.
“Wow, you are actually crying. Don’t worry, after that my grandfather took me in. I never had to look at that bastard’s face again. By the way, if you want to survive in this world you need to be a little stronger than this.” He said as he wiped the tears off my cheeks. I looked at him with admiration. I can’t imagine getting out of the bed, if my life had turned out that way.

“Now your next question wa-” I interrupted him before he could complete his sentence.

“Don’t you want to talk about this more? I mean shouldn’t you let it all out.” I asked him in bewilderment.

“I don’t think I can ever let that out. I only shared this in the interest of full disclosure. It all done and gone. Nothing can change the past. But I feel Paul did carve my heart out as I don’t think I am capable of loving someone.”

I wanted to hug him.

He smirked while he looked at me as I continued to shed tears, “What did I just tell you, princess? Don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t need someone’s pity. You can’t blame me for being emotionless. At the age of five, I realized there are people out there who derive pleasure from beating kids up. I lost all my faith that day.” He says as he leans closer to me.

Suddenly, I become very aware of the fact that he is shirtless.

Suddenly he grabbed my hand and kept it on his warm skin against the scar as I felt his heartbeat. I touched the scar lightly as to not hurt him even though it was old and numb. I locked eyes with him as I felt my heart race. We didn’t talk at all, but there it was again. I felt it, the undeniable attraction towards his soul.

After hearing this I knew one thing, I wanted to be his friend. I wanted to make him a little happy. No one deserves an abusive childhood or the horrifying near death incident. It’s going to be difficult but I am going to save him.

“Landon” I call him by his first name, and he just looks at me with confusion plastered across his handsome face.

“I will give you this case, if you become my friend and let me help you out. Otherwise I wouldn’t take your offer.”


Hello All You Beautiful People,

I hope you enjoyed my second chapter. Please tell me your views on it. I would really appreciate it!!! I am sorry for the slightly dark theme but I had to cover Landon's past. Stay tuned for the steamy romance.

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