Landon Chambers (Billionaire Brothers Series 3)

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Chapter 3

Siya Rains

Landon chuckles loudly as soon as he hears the words that came out of my mouth, not because he finds them hilarious but because it amuses him, “You want to be my friend? Why?” He asks as a smirk plays on his lips. My breathing escalated as I realized how stupid it is to consider being this Adonis’s friend.

“Yes, I want to help you out. If you don’t agree, I won’t give you this case.” I breathe out and look at him confidently but seeing me play with my fingers nervously gives it away.

“So like friend with benefits?” He asked with that stupid sexy smirk still on his face which caused me to freeze.

What? Did I hear him right?

Firstly, he is way out of my league.

Secondly, I could never keep up with him. He’ll probably destroy me.

“No-No just friends.” I assert but he just shakes his head and chuckles like he knows what I am thinking, like he knows what I want. Like he could actually read my thoughts.

“First of all, it’s cute how you think I can’t read you. You won’t compromise this case just because I said no to being your friend. Secondly, you can’t repair a destroyed thing so maybe you should just give up.” I gasp as I feel his hands sliding up and down my calves, with his chiseled bare chest on display.

This is so inappropriate

“Thirdly, Women like you can’t be ‘just friends’ with me. I fuck women like you and by the way you are looking at me, I can tell you want it bad.” My eyes widen at his words as I feel my heart stop beating at this moment. I feel little tingles throughout my body as his hands slide up from my calves to my thighs.

Women like me?

No way in hell a man like him wants me.

“This was not a good idea. We’ll meet tomorrow when Jimmy is around, also I am not giving up, and I will help you, Mr. Chambers. Till then let’s keep things professional.” I try to make him understand but his eyes just rake my body shamelessly, making me want to squeeze my thighs together.

I quickly got up and stood at least three feet away from him,” And again, it’s a kind offer but I’d rather not mix business with pleasure.”

I pick a pad and pen on the desk as I scribble my number on it. I could see through my peripheral vision that he was getting up. I felt him behind me as I wrote my address too.

Okay Siya, be professional.

“I am going to fuck you, no matter what.” He said as he pulled my back against his bare hard chest. I felt his erection poking me as his hands explored each and every inch of my body audaciously. I bit my lip hard to control my moans as I felt his breath on my neck and his hand dangerously close to my breasts.

Oh god! That’s big.

He buried his head in my neck and I heard him take a deep breath. My breathing accelerated as I felt a pit in my stomach. I felt like I was going to burst with pleasure.

I just wanted him to touch me, caress me and do ungodly things to my body.

Professional, my ass.

“This is what you do to me. Today I am going to take care of this on my own as I remember you being in my arms, suppressing your moans as I touched your body and kissed your neck.” He said as his hands traveled around my body, squeezing my breast brazenly and playing with my nipples through my dress. I mewled loudly as I couldn’t contain it anymore.

This man has some nerve touching me like that on our second meet. It felt like he knew that I wanted it. Also I don’t think any woman has ever said no to this sinfully hot devil.

“But the next time I see you I am going to be inside you, watch you ride me and scream.” I gasped as I heard those filthy words that made him let out a loud groan of frustration which only turned me on further.

No one has ever talked to me like that.

This is man would be the death of me, well at least I’ll die satisfied

“Okay Mr. Chambers, this is inappropriate.” I look down, ashamed at how turned on my voice sounded and how flushed my face was like I was some virgin who never met a man before.

A man like him, no, you haven’t met a man like him before.

My brain coaxed and I agreed.

“Really? I think it’s a great idea. You can try to become my friend and I can try to get you to sleep with me. It’ll be a great game. Anyways, you started it but I will end it. I wanted to do this since the very first time I met you but I controlled myself. However you decided to walk in the lion’s den with those wide innocent eyes and full lips, you’d be a fool to think that I would let this opportunity out of my hand.”

I tried to turn around to confront Landon on what he said but he had held my waist tight and in place.

He ran his nose up and down my neck again, “Fuck, you smell so good!” I mewled involuntarily at sensation of a man’s touch after three years of celibacy. I was so wet that even if I wanted to stop it, I couldn’t. I wanted him to do unspeakable things to me but I hate him so much right now.

I think I am in trouble.

“I have a boyfriend.” I blurted out the first thing I could think of, hopefully he couldn’t tell that I lied. His hands fell from my waist and he turned me around to face those intense angry eyes that gave me chills.

“You have a boyfriend?” he growled and causing me to bite my lip hard and just nod fearfully.

“I h-have to go Mr. Chambers but we will m-meet tomorrow at Jimmy’s h-house to discuss everything.” I stammer and head towards the door hurriedly before he could say something.

“This isn’t over, Siya.” My heart leaps out of my chest as I hear him say my name for the first time but I don’t stop. I hastily exit the room and head home after this crazy turn of events caused by Landon Chambers.

As I lay in bed that night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about those greenish-grey eyes. I may have developed a little bit of a crush on him, but I know for a fact that I don’t want to have a no strings attached relationship and he doesn’t want a real relationship. Even if he did I would be his last choice. He dated Danika Williams for god sake.

Thankfully I called Jimmy as soon as I left the hotel and he agreed to have a meeting tomorrow with Landon. It’s best for everyone if we keep things professional. But I do need to help Landon even if he doesn’t want it.

I was always criticized for this habit that I had. If I see someone truly broken I feel the instant need to help them out and make them happy in any way possible. I did feel a bit bad for lying about having a boyfriend but that was the first thing I could think of to make Landon stop the pleasurable assault on my poor brain cells.

I would have probably ended up in his bed if I didn’t say that.

Truth to be told I haven’t dated anyone for three years and I have to break this dry spell. I have to start dating again, before I lose control and attack Landon like some bitch in heat. I remembered George, the philosophy teacher in our university who is pretty cute and kind of interested in me. Maybe I should ask him out.

I tried to think about George as I went to sleep but the wickedly gorgeous devil kept coming back to my mind, the mere thought of him caused my heart rate and breathing to sky rocket as I felt my core get drenched wet.

Good god! Please save me!


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