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Chapter 4

Siya Rains

These past couple of days, Landon met up with us at Jimmy’s house. He hasn’t done anything since I mentioned having a boyfriend but somehow I still feel like he’s seducing me. Also the fact that Landon is the most intelligent person I’ve ever met didn’t help. I am sapiosexual and seeing him bring up so many good points and loop holes that it didn’t seem like Paul would have much of a case against Jimmy.

I literally only came up with two proves to help Jimmy’s case but a minute after examining the case entirely Landon already had seventeen points of argument. He was a lawyer and this was his job but he was exceptional at it.

The worst part was Landon’s stare, whenever he spoke, he made an eye contact with me so intense and dangerous, making me squeeze my thighs together tight as I heard his deep manly voice. I felt like his eyes stalked me like a lion stalks his gazelle.

Careful, patient but deadly.

I knew if I let my guard down even for a second, he is going to come at me with everything he’s got and destroy me.

For some reason that excited me and scared me at the same time.

As I wrapped up my last class for today, I realized how truly nervous I was about the first hearing tomorrow. All my students started stepping out of the class, when I heard a knock on the door, just to see George standing there with flowers in his hands.

He remembered my birthday!

“Happy birthday, Siya!” He hugged me briefly before handing me the beautiful bouquet.

“Wow, this is really sweet of you, but you really didn’t have to.” I smiled widely as I smelt the flowers.

“Of course, I did. I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you look beautiful today.” He said sweetly making me smile more. I was all dressed up today as it was my birthday and my elder sister, Rebecca was taking me out for some drinks at the club. I wore a little tight red bodycon dress and a coat over it but I was going to remove it once I leave.

“Thank you, I am going out for drinks, you can join us for a bit if you want.” I asked hoping he’d pick up on my poor attempt to ask him out.

“Actually, I have to set up a major surprise test for the kids tomorrow for their internal grades, so I can’t tonight.” I feel bad as he turns me down, “But maybe you and I can grab some coffee tomorrow.”

I smile and nod at his suggestion. Hopefully this was a date because this is one of my major struggles. People think I am really shy and can’t picture me ever making a move on someone. But I am actually a big time, full time move maker, I just need to make sure that my move will be well received.

As I head towards the club, someone hugs me from behind, “Happy birthday Siya darling!” I turned around and hugged Rebecca back.

God, it’s been so long since I met her.

“Thank you! I am surprised you were able to come today, since you met Alicia, it feels like you’ve been busy forever.” I exclaimed, referring to her girlfriend, they’ve been dating for five months now but they are totally meant to be.

“Yeah but I told her, I am going to hang out with my little sister today and find her a man, you have to break that dry spell, sweetheart.” Rebecca shook her head at me in disappointment. We were complete opposites of each other, she was so popular and a complete extrovert since our school days whereas my head was always buried in food or a Jane Austen book.

“I actually asked George out and we are going on a ‘non date’ date tomorrow.” I say proudly but she didn’t look impressed, “Anyways anything major happened with Alicia?” I asked her swiftly changing the focus.

“Yesterday, we went out for a romantic dinner, she confessed that she was in love with me for the first time ever and that I was her whole world. I was so surprised and awe-struck.” Rebecca gushed as we waited in line outside the club which was thankfully small.

“That’s so sweet! No one has ever called me their world, maybe I am just a village.” I pout to which Rebecca laughs.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll find someone soon.” She coos me like I am a baby as I finally take off the coat I’ve been wearing all day to cover up my slightly revealing dress.

“Wow Siya, you look great in that dress, everyone is going to look at you like a piece of meat in there.” I laugh at her words as the bouncer finally lets us in.

As I enter the club, my eyes make contact with a very familiar pair of eyes making my heart beat faster. No, that’s not him.

Siya, don’t be so delusional.

I feel like I want him to be here. Look at me in this dress. I wanted his attention. I was pathetic.

As we headed to the bar, Rebecca ordered a bunch of shots that we gulped down quickly to start a buzz but it just ended up burning my throat very bad. I never could handle alcohol well so I only had them on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas.

“Siya, I see some of my work friends on the other side of the bar, let’s go and say hi to them.” Rebecca said excitedly as she pulled my arm.

She loved being surrounded by people, I didn’t.

“No, I’ll need a minute to digest these shots, I’ll join you soon. Go ahead.” I lie because I really didn’t feel like socializing. I just wanted to get drunk and dance the night away which I can do with or without Rebecca.

Rebecca nodded before patting me on the back and walking towards the other end as she swayed her hips.

I laughed at her, she is so precious, literally the life of every party. I am really glad that she found someone finally. I sipped on my martini, which was my last drink for tonight and watched people dancing with each other. As a psychologist, I loved observing people, it was one of the most interesting hobby I had.

“Here with you boyfriend?” My breathing stopped as I heard the voice I was unknowingly dying to hear.

Landon is here.

Dressed in jeans and black t-shirt which was looked great on his sculpted body. This man is too devilishly hot for his own good.

Okay Siya, Breathe baby!

“No, I am here with my sister. What are you doing here?” I asked, I looked at his eyes but they were raking down my skin tight dress making me feel exposed as goosebumps started appearing on my skin. I could see his eyes go dark as they stopped at my breasts. The worst part was he could see my chest rising and falling because of the closeness between us.

“I am here with my brothers for a drink. You are here because?” He rasped making a jolt shoot right to my core. I looked up at him in his eyes and there it was again. That stare that made me squeeze my legs tight, my eyes widened when his eyes shot down to my thighs and caught my action. A smirk appeared on his face as he saw how he affected me. He knew exactly how he affected me and seeing that smile on his face made me feel like I was in trouble.

“It’s my birthday” I said which made him raise his eyebrows before asking me, “I am surprised that you are out in a club alone instead of hanging out with your boyfriend on a romantic date or some shit like that.”

“I will be with him tomorrow after our first hearing.” I lied through my teeth and hoped that he bought it, “Shouldn’t you be at home preparing for your opening statement instead of drinking?” I asked him to change the subject about my so called boyfriend because Landon had already brought him up twice in our two minute conversation like he was onto me.

“I don’t drink, but my brothers do so I am here to give them company. And about the opening statements, they are already prepared and practiced.” He tells me and I just nod at him dumbfounded.

“So your boyfriend doesn’t mind you going to a club dressed in tight clothes showing off yours breasts and curves while men eyefuck you and stalk you like vultures.” I gulped at his words but composed myself and shook my head to say no which made him laugh, “If you were mine, I wouldn’t let you out of my sight for a minute dressed like this, better yet, I would’ve tied you up to the bed and feasted on you.”

I gasped when I realized how close he was and how wet my panties actually were.

Why did he talk to me like that?

“How about a dance?” I shake my head to say no which makes him chuckle again, “I swear I won’t touch you inappropriately.” He promises causing me to look up at him and then sigh in resignation.

One dance can’t hurt.

Yeah right, keep telling yourself that, my brain mocked me.

As we head to the dance floor, I stood at least a foot away from him but he quickly pulls me onto his muscular hard body making shivers run down my spine,“Wrong move, kitten. You really think I wouldn’t do anything to you when you are dressed like you want me to be inside you.” My mouth hung at his foul words as I could almost hear my core pulse.

“This is inappropriate.” I complain but make no effort to get out of his embrace as I feel the alcohol starting to affect my system, my face turned red when I realized my breasts were mashed against his chest turning my nipples into rock pebbles.

“Is it, now? But you staring at me, every fucking day, with those innocent wide eyes. You think I am blind? You think I don’t see you pressing your sexy legs together, biting your lip. Desperately wanting to be dominated and fucked by me in every dirty way I can imagine. You can’t fool me, kitten. I can almost hear your devilish thoughts.” He muttered furiously in my ear as he held my hips against his and grinded shamelessly while he buried his head in my neck making me cry out softly at the torture.

His scent, his presence, the way his huge body towered me, and his simple gaze overpowered all my senses making me helplessly give in, without any fight.

I want him so bad.

I want him but I can’t.

I have to be his friend and save him, I knew perfectly well that I can’t save him if I start sleeping with him.

Most importantly, Jimmy.

The case.

As these words flash in my mind, I quickly push him away and rush out of there before I lose complete control over my body.

What is he doing to me?

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