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Chapter 5

Siya Rains

As the opening arguments were about to be presented, I looked over at Landon who was sitting next to Jimmy behind the counsel’s table. Landon looked calm, but not in a peaceful way, it was like a silence before a storm, he didn’t look overconfident or nervous. It frustrated me how it was so difficult to read a man like him. I looked over at the opposing table, where Paul and his lawyer, Wyatt Miles sat who looked arrogant but the constant licking of his lips and sighing showed that he was a bit anxious.

My eyes widened when Landon suddenly turned his head towards me and caught me staring at him, he nodded at me in assurance and I gave him a small smile. I remembered last night where after I ran out of the club all of a sudden, I hailed a cab quickly and headed home. Not because I was scared that he was going to hurt me but scared because just in these few days, he has managed to do something I won’t let men do to me even after a month of dating them.

I remembered dropping a text to Rebecca, telling her that I wasn’t feeling well so I headed home, just when a message from Landon had appeared on my screen, making my heart skip a beat.

I am sorry, Siya. I think I might have crossed a line there. You said you have a boyfriend and I should respect that. I promise I won’t do anything of that sort again.

Sent by Landon Chambers

As Landon presented his opening argument, it was fascinating to watch him talk, there was a pin drop silence, and everyone was carefully listening to him. He had this dangerous, intimidating aura that demanded attention. You can’t ignore it. Landon only spoke when he thought it was important to get a message through. His opening statement was brief, to the point and awfully convincing.

Wyatt looked stumped, then took a few awkwardly silent minutes to get his documents in order and Landon’s deadly gaze on him just made it worse I think. He presented a good opposing argument but fortunately for our sake fumbled a bit, I could see that Wyatt had a very obvious tell. Whenever he lied about a fact in the case, he paused for a second before confidently lying.

The judge accepted our plea and moved the case ahead on the grounds of felony assault and battery penalties, Paul was granted a hefty bail till the court declares him innocent. I felt happiness erupt from within as the judge announced the next court date for the official trial. But my smile disappeared when I saw Paul approaching Landon and talking to him for a minute. Landon thankfully looked super composed after the small chat but I wasn’t convinced.

“Wow, you were great out there!” I complimented Landon as we stepped out of the courtroom.

“Yeah dude, you literally ripped their heads off and handed it to them,” Jimmy said excitedly making me laugh as Landon just nodded his head with a small smile on his face.

We bid Benjamin and his girlfriend goodbye. As Landon and I walked together, I finally asked him, “Are you okay? I saw Paul talking to you.” I ask him with concern and instinctively rub my hand on his huge bicep in comfort but pull away quickly when I realized it's better if I don’t initiate any contact with this godly man.

“I am fine, Siya. Stop trying to get me to talk about my nonexistent problems, it’s futile and a waste of our time. How about we talk about your boyfriend?” He says and smirks at me knowingly as if he knows something about my lie. He had the same look on his devilishly handsome face which he had in court.

“I know what you are doing Landon, I am not blind. Whenever I ask you any question that might make you uncomfortable, you just change the subject completely and say or do something that you know might shut me up. You did it in the suite when you-“ but he cut me off by taking a step closer to me and knocking all the air out of my lungs.

I looked around to see that we were standing in a very secluded area, there was literally no one around. I didn’t realize how we ended up here.

“What did I do to you in the suite? What did I say to you? Do you remember?” He rasped in my ear making shivers run down my spine as the hair at the back my neck stood straight.

“S-See you ar-are doing it-t again!” I stammered in a ragged tone as he suddenly grabs my wrist, twists it before pining it behind my back and pulling me into his chiselled chest which I could feel through his shirt.

“No, let’s talk about the boyfriend first, shall we?” He asked but it didn’t sound like a question at all. I whimpered as I felt him bite down on my ear, “You promised you wouldn’t do this! You can’t manhandle me like this!” I whined softly before biting down on my lip hard, hating how much I loved the way he was treating me and how turned on I was right now.

Shame on you, Siya.

“Aw kitten, you can’t fool me, I can hear how wet you just by listening to your voice, look at your face, so red and flushed. So don’t lie to me, I can see right through you. Now, how about you answer my questions?” He almost growled in my ear, making my legs give out at the intensity and euphoria I was experiencing.

“Now, what does your ‘boyfriend’ do?” He asked taunting me in a sexy manner as his free hand drew circles on my chest, dangerously close to my breasts, making goosebumps appear on my skin. I had prepared answers for these questions because I knew Landon and his sceptical nature.

“He is a banker,” I replied confidently but my heart galloped.

“His age?”

“Same as me”

“Where did you meet him?”

“At a coffee shop, such a typical cliché,” I answer finally feeling confident as I tackled all of his quick questions with an equally rapid answer.

I am so grea-

“His name?” My mind went blank as the question hit me like a pile of bricks. I forgot to think of the most important thing about my so-called boyfriend.

“He doesn’t have a name,” I answered stupidly.

Please, someone, volunteer to slap me hard in my face for that.

“Really? How does that work?” He chuckled as he spun me around to make me look him in his alluring eyes. His eyes, his hypnotizing scent had overpowered me. So I confessed, “Fine, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I do have a date right now in like ten minutes. I am not lying, he is meeting me here, we are going to have some coffee.” I inform him before trying to walk off as if he didn’t just bust my lie but unfortunately he blocked my way.

“Siya! I was looking for you everywhere. What are you doing behind the courthouse?” George asks as he walks towards me but stops when he sees Landon.

“We actually needed to discuss a few things, and it was really crowded out there.” I explained and Landon just grunted at my response, “By the way, this is Landon Chambers, Jimmy’s lawyer and Landon, this is George, my date.” I take a risk of calling George my date but by the look on his face he looked pleased so who was I to complain?

They shook hands for a second, Landon was not pleased. It was awfully clear on his face, hopefully, George wouldn’t ask many questions, “Wow, that a strong grip, I felt like my hand was being crushed.” George joked and I awkwardly laughed but Landon made no effort to be nice whatsoever.


“George, actually we were in the middle of a conversation, do you mind waiting at the gate, we need to finish this discussion,” Landon orders George to which he involuntarily nods his head.

“N-No, that’s not required, we’ll talk tomorrow.” I insist but George thinks that I just don’t want to inconvenience him, and doesn't realise that I am trying to avoid this Adonis.

“No Siya, don’t worry, this is an important case. I’ll wait up front.” He leaves before I could stop him.

Damn it!

My heart rushed as I felt Landon behind me, his big hands skimming the sides of my petite body. I knew I was dead when I heard his deep panty-dropping voice resonating in my ear, “Siya, as much as I have enjoyed this chase, I can't wait any longer. I am going to come to your house tomorrow night and make you forget all the men in the world. I will make you cry and beg on your knees. I am not going to lie, I will ravish each and every part of you and I know you won’t stop me because you can’t. You want it just as much as I do.” I feel all my restraints being cut loose as my core and body pulsed hard, desperately needing to be touched by him.

Before I could say anything he walked off, leaving me there like a confused hot and bothered mess. I groaned loudly at the way this man made me feel. It was not right. He can’t have this incomprehensible control over me. The worst part was that he knew he had an effect on me and used it against me. I haven’t been able to talk to him at all as a friend. He is clearly winning.

Landon-1, Siya-0

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