Landon Chambers (Billionaire Brothers Series 3)

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Chaper 6

Siya Rains

As my date extended till 9 pm, I realized how much fun I was having with George, he gives me a warm and comforting feeling whereas with Landon, he scares me. I think whenever he’s around I can’t even trust myself, my heart starts beating rapidly, my breathing alters as I wait in anticipation. But George is a good and a safe guy unlike Landon. Who wants a relationship just like I do.

Siya, you really shouldn’t be thinking about Landon right now.

But how can I not? No matter what my mind keeps coming back to the words Landon said before leaving. Was he really going to come over? I can’t let that happen. I wouldn’t invite him in, this way he can’t take me to my bed no matter how appealing the offer is.

I focused back to the conversation I was having with George about his family, as he drove me home like a gentleman. I said I would take a cab but he insisted on dropping me home. As he pulled in front of my house, he killed the engine and we both stepped out of the car.

“I had a wonderful time with you, Siya. I always wanted to go out with you. I am happy that it finally happened.” He smiled brightly making me blush a little.

“That’s so sweet, George. I had a great time too, but I should really head in, it’s getting late.” I tell him as we hug for goodbye.

“I will see you again for a second date, right?” He asked hopefully to which I giggled a bit before nodding. His eyes lit up and then suddenly moved closer to me.

Okay Siya, he’s about to kiss you, stay calm and don’t freak out.

“Ahem Ahem!” I heard a cough as my lips were just about to touch George’s. I quickly whipped my head around to see Landon.

What the hell? And why did he look so good in his plain white t-shirt and jeans?

“I am so sorry to cut your date short, but a new information has come to light and it could be really bad for our case.” As the words fall out of his mouth, I look at him surprised and disappointed.

“That’s okay, Siya. I’ll see you at school?” I nod as he awkwardly pecks my cheek under Landon deadly stare and hops in his car before driving away.

“What new information?” I ask him immediately as I look up at his face straining my neck. How tall is he? I am wearing high heels!

“Nothing, just wanted to get rid of that guy. I thought you might end up inviting him in and I didn’t want that to happen.” My mouth hangs as the words fall out of his mouth. He heads towards my door and I follow him like a lost puppy.

“Where the hell are you going? I am not going to let you in my house and how dare you ruin my first date in three freaking years? I really needed to kiss him.” I groan in irritation as I realize how sexually frustrated I am, all thanks to Mr. Landon Chambers.

“Open the door, Siya or I will fuck you against it. I don’t care.” He growls at my statement to which I laugh at his almost mythically handsome godlike face.

He really isn’t going to take me-

Out of a sudden, my back was slammed on the door and before I could comprehend the situation his lips attack my neck as his massive hands shamelessly grope my ample breasts. Jolts rush to my core as I let out an embarrassing moan making him smirk at my reaction. I couldn’t think straight as I could smell his consuming and divine scent.

Okay, he was serious.

“If you want it so desperately, ask me for it! I will make you buck, scream and beg as I take you in each and every way I know. I will satisfy all your needs. George seems like a good guy, so he won’t touch or talk to you the way I do. You like to come across like a plain Jane but you can’t fool me. I know all your dark desires.” He whispered lowly in my ear as his hands continued to mash my breasts together before pinching my nipples making me cry out audibly at the intensity.

“See I like G-George, I will set you up with one of the most beautiful teacher in my university. She is really hot and I am just cute. Then maybe you’ll realize that we are better off as friends.” I say as I mention Jade, who would obviously not mind going out with Landon.

“Siya, I have had countless cold showers just thinking about your innocent wide eyes, your sinful lips and those beautiful breasts, looking at me, begging to be taken savagely. I will have you now, George won’t satisfy you ever, and you know it. You like it rough and dirty, you want to be punished and fucked hard.” I gasp as I push his chest hard but he doesn’t move. His words were driving me crazy, my hormones just wanted to give in and let him have his way with me.

“Fine, I’ll open the door, but you have to promise to maintain a three feet distance or else I will scream.” I warn breathlessly him as I see my neighbour’s car pulling in, and I really didn’t want them to see me like this. I had a very clean and a good girl reputation.

“I promise, anyways I will make you scream one way or the other.” He says making me shoot a serious look at him even though my face was red with shame and arousal. I open the door as I try to catch my breath at the unexpected yet satisfying moment which just left me wanting more from him.

As we enter my small apartment, I was picked up from my waist out of nowhere and I see that he is carrying me to my bedroom.

Son of a bitch!

“You promised Landon! I can’t believe I fell for your lie, let me go now at this instance.” I yell as I struggle against his strong body and throw a few punches in the air to no avail.

“Yeah, too bad.” He mocks sexily without a hint of remorse as I am thrown on my bed.

“Okay wait, I have a proposition.” I quickly say before he has a chance to climb on me and ravage me like the beast he is, “I will let you kiss me for one minute if you answer my questions. Take it or leave it.”

He looks at my helpless state and was probably laughing in his mind as given our situation, I was in no position to bargain.

“Fine, you get one question, but after that you can’t interrupt or stop me from doing anything.” He warns me as his eyes rake my body, my dress was bunched up to my upper thighs, my cleavage was on display while my chest rose and fell.

“You only get to kiss me.” I remind him to which he gives me a knowing smirk, “What did Paul say to you and how did that make you feel?” I ask him as I get up fixing my dress, while making him sit beside me at the edge of the bed.

“Well, he came up to me and warned me that he will make destroy me again the way he did when I was seventeen. He used a few untasteful and degrading words but I didn’t feel anything because as I told you, I stopped bad for myself a long time ago.” He said nonchalantly which just ended up confusing me. Facing your attacker after so many years should have a different reaction, right?

“No, wait that’s it?! What else did-“ I was cut off as Landon pulled me on top of him with ease against his chest. I could feel his warm yet muscular body against my soft curves. My breasts were smashed against his chest but as much as I tried to move, he held me tight in place.

“I am sorry, sweetheart. But I think I’ve answered my questions and now I will claim my prize. You said you wouldn’t stop me.” He said before pulling me further in his lap so that my mound came in contact with his big hard groin making me mewl at the arousing sensation.

He kissed me with fury as his hands bunched up my dress and before pulling it off me. I gasp as I realize I am sitting on his lap just in my bra and panties while he is consuming and tasting my mouth passionately and intensely. I whine in protest and shock but he ignores it, continues to devour my mouth like he has been thirsty for years while his powerful hands grope naked parts of my body like he owns me and has every right to do so. I scream in surprise as I feel him grind his hips right in my drenched core causing me to dig my nails in his shoulders hard.

I don’t know what took over me, but I grinded my core on his member unceasingly as I finally kissed him back feverishly. He broke the kiss before grabbing me by my hair and making me look right in his eyes. He watched me while I dry humped him like a nymphomaniac, my painfully erect clit felt vibrations as I groaned out in frustration.

“You look so pretty sitting on my lap like a good girl, if I start bouncing you on it, will you get all shy and embarrassed? Because it feels a little bit good? Go on, get yourself off as I watch a good girl like you become a whiny mess under my touch.” As his filthy words hit my ear, it did the job. I writhed and squirmed as he held me tight in place. I balled my fists and clenched my toes when I felt something build up in my stomach.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, like a deranged animal in pain making my bones turn liquid as I came crashing down to earth.

Oh my god.

I just quaveringly orgasmed all over him.

Like a bitch in heat.

While he watched me with uncompromising lust visible in his hauntingly beautiful eyes.

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