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Chapter 7

Siya Rains

Yesterday after I forced Landon out of my house and closed the door on his face, I fell to the living room floor, my head was still spinning at the intensity with which the orgasm had hit me. That was the first orgasm that a man had successfully given me, or else all these years I’ve been responsible for my own pleasure. The most embarrassing part of this situation was that all he did was kiss me but I turned into some possessed nymphomaniac who desperately needed to be touched.

The look on his face was of pure wonder and surprise when he saw my reaction to mere touch. I need to put a stop to this before I lose my mind over this godlike man.

How can someone be so hyponotizingly attractive?

I am serious, this is a serious and an important question.

I wondered as I sat in the semi-filled court room for the official first trial of the case. The room was mostly filled with law undergraduates who worshiped Landon and some girls who were just in love with him I guess. I hated the fact that I felt jealousy when I saw some really pretty girls making eyes at him and giggling with their friends. I know they are just kids and I have no right to be jealous in the first place.

Watching Landon in court was a treat for me, the case was going really well, until Paul had the audacity to state that he had never met Jimmy in his entire life and that this entire case was just a way to sabotage his career and loot him off his money.

As the judge adjourned the court after announcing the follow up date for the second trial, I see an irritating smile on Paul’s face. I quickly head towards the table where Landon and Jimmy were sitting.

“Don’t worry Mr. Miller, we can get out of this. He doesn’t have much of a case because of which is resorting to such low blows.” Landon comforted Jimmy who just nodded.

“I have complete faith in you, Mr. Chambers. I’d like to thank you too Prof. Rains. If it wasn’t for you, helping me out so selflessly, I would’ve been lost.” Jimmy thanks us before bidding goodbye to us and leaving with his girlfriend.

I looked at Landon and took a deep breath in. I could feel my face turning red at the memory of me on top of him, vigorously grinding on his hardness and devouring his lips.

His eyes traveled down my body to the maroon half sleeve dress I had put on which was a little tight around my chest. Yes, sue me. Even though I didn’t want to get involved with him still I couldn’t muster up enough will power to actually do it. I started dressing up and wearing clothes I know he’d like. The look on the face suggested that he indeed liked the way I was dressed and he knew that I did it for him.

I felt shivers through my spine as he took a step towards me.

Okay, how do normal people breathe?

“Hello Landon, you were good out there but it seems like I may have a chance to win this case against you.” Paul comes up to us making me feel creeps crawl up my body at the sound of his voice.

Landon just snorted mockingly at Paul’s overconfidence but paid no attention to Paul as he gathered up his documents.

Paul face falls but he quickly recovers before moving his eyes to me, making me feel nauseated just by being in his presence, “Wow, how did I miss this pretty little thing here? I would ask you if you are Landon’s new squeeze but I know for a fact that he doesn’t get involved with the people he works with. So how about I buy you a nice lunch and then you can repay me by coming home with me.”

“Wow I am disgusted. I would say go fuck yourself but I think you would end up disappointing yourself too.” I retort with disgust evident in my voice. I see Landon smiling a little from the corner of my eye.

“Ooo feisty, I like feisty women, I will see you around, darling.” He winks at me and pats on Landon’s back before leaving us alone.

“He likes to get a reaction out of people, that’s it. With me, now it’s all words and no actions. He knows if he tries to attack me, he wouldn’t stand a chance.” Landon states before turning to a few girls standing near us to have a little talk with Landon.

It is true, Landon could probably rip Paul’s body into half if they ever get into a fight.

Even though he gave only a little information about his stepbrother, I was happy that he did talk. Landon conveniently avoids talking about Paul, so much so that I literally know nothing about him.

As I see the girls gushing over Landon and asking him questions just for the sake of talking to him irritated me more than it should have. Landon just nodded along a little before excusing himself and dragging me by my waist out of the courtroom. I see the girls eyeing me with surprise and whispering things into each other’s ear.

Great, I am back in high school.

“Now kitten, let’s talk about last night.” He whispers in my ear and I look around to see that I am in an empty room of the courthouse. My mind is literally always in a daze around this man, I can’t seem to focus on anything.

Just kill me.

“What are you talking about?” I say breathlessly as I feign ignorance while my heart rate elevates. No, I don’t want to talk about that, it’s embarrassing enough as it is.

“When you humped my brains out and came all over me then closed the door in my fucking face, leaving me so fucking hard that all I could think about was breaking down that door and pounding into you against the nearest wall.” I sucked in a deep breath as I tried not squeeze my thighs at his sexy voice dripping in my ear.

“Landon, that was a mistake, I really like George and I would suggest you stop pursuing me. Meet Jade once, you’ll forget all about me once you see her, She is that hot and also smart. Also if you-“ My words were cut when Landon dips his head into my neck and breathes in like he was tasting his prey. My panties were like Niagara Falls right now, I wanted to moan loudly. Scream and rip my hair out of my head at the building sexual frustration inside me.

This is how normal people react to hot men, right?

“You, I want you, screaming my name at the top of your voice, chanting it over and over again as I make you come hard like last night.” He growls in making my legs almost give out, turning me into a melted pile of jello. Before I could reply, he harshly grabs my hands and pins them above my head.

“You like it so damn much, when I do things to your body, don’t you? Would you like it if I bend you over this chair and spank you till you start speaking the truth? So drop this goody two shoes act or else I’ll fuck it out of you.” He roared in his low deep voice making my cheeks darken as I struggled against his hold.

“Just remember, when you struggle against me, your breasts are getting smashed against my chest just making it more difficult for me to control myself around you.” He warns me, making me stop my movements immediately.

“Please Landon.” I cry out of desperation, “Please don’t trouble me and frustrate me. This is wrong, we shouldn’t get involved. It’s not good for the case or for you. You will get any woman you want, let me go. George is a good guy for me.” I beg which just seems to make him angrier. He groans loudly out of frustration in my ear as his hands leave my wrists and travel down my body brazenly.

I regret wearing this dress.

Do you really, Siya?

My conscious mocked me.

“Fine, I will let you go if you promise to stop teasing me by biting those full lips, wearing tight clothes and making eyes at me like you really want me to do dirty unforgivable things to your body. If I hear George’s name again, I swear to god, I will make you forget it.” He proportioned to which I just nodded as I felt heat rush to my loins under his deadly gaze.

I tried to step out of this situation but suddenly he pins my front against the wall, making me feel his hardness as his hands abruptly and harshly grope my breasts making my nipples turn into pebbles at the touch of his powerfully skilled hands.

“Landon.” I whisper his name, almost not believing how turned on I sounded. No wonder he doesn’t believe me when I tell him I don’t want him. My head involuntarily falls back on his chest as I mewl loudly at the feeling.

“If you do any of the things I just said, not even god can save you from me. I know you like to test how much you can toy with me but still come off as an innocent little kitten who didn’t intend on doing anything.” He says as he spanks my ass making me gasp loudly at the action, “Remember my warning, Siya. Don’t tease me unless you want to actually play.”

He says as he walks out of the room leaving me flushed, as I tried to catch on to my breath and wondered how I can’t wait for this case to get over so I don’t have to see this sinfully hot devil again.

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