Landon Chambers (Billionaire Brothers Series 3)

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Chapter 8

Landon Chambers

I was regretting agreeing to come out for lunch with my now sisters-in-law, Elizabeth and Victoria. They were meeting for lunch near my office, so they begged me to join them. I finally agreed when Elizabeth emotionally blackmailed me using her only three weeks old fetus as a tool. When I initially met Elizabeth, she was such a sweet and shy girl, but now that I am familiar with her, she is always trying to irritate me. The fact that Victoria is also here just makes the teasing worst.

“Aw little Landon is catching feelings for a girrlllll.” Elizabeth teased me as they both giggled at the not so funny joke.

“I don’t like Siya. I just find her attractive but its irritating that she just wants to be friends with me even though she actually too wants to sleep with me.” I complain but then groan when I realize that I’ve become one of those guys who comes to their lady friends for advice on the girl they like.

I liked it better when I had only sexual feelings for women. But with Siya, she kept insisting on knowing me. I had never faced this problem in my life before. No woman has ever been interested in me emotionally, I was very closed off and I guess they liked it that way. I like it that way too but Siya just doesn’t let it go even though I’ve already opened up to her more about my life than I have to anybody ever.

“Wittle Wandon, wooks sho confused. All these feelings must be sho new to you. It’s okay, you have a wittle crush on her.” Victoria explained it to me mockingly as if I am a five year old child.

“You know what, I have to get back to work. I have already spent a lot of time just listening to you guys come up with silly puns to tease me but I don’t feel anything for her.” I try to get up but Elizabeth glares at me making me sit back down in my seat.

“Landon, on a serious note, this girl seems special. She actually cares about you and doesn’t sound superficial at all. Also you seem to like her no matter how much you deny it. Don’t screw everything up just because you refuse to accept the facts.” Elizabeth lectures me like she is my mother to which Victoria nods making me roll my eyes.

“For the last time, I don’t like her. But I do want to sleep with her. End of the story.” I tell them to which Victoria snorts.

“Really? Then why are you so jealous of George? He sounds like a good guy too.” Victoria questions me making me roll my eyes again.

Great! I have two agony aunts now.

“He is a good guy for her and I am not jealous of him. It’s just- I mean- you know what I don’t have to explain myself to you people.” I groan wanting to get out of here.

I hate talking about my ‘feelings’.

“I’ll tell you why you don’t like George even though he’s a good guy. Because he is the perfect man for a woman like Siya. He is emotionally stable, simple and uncomplicated. You know if you don’t interfere in their matter Siya would probably fall in love with him, they will get married and have two healthy kids.” Victoria illuminates and I listen carefully because irrespective of what I think, her explanation makes a lot of sense.

“You know at the bottom of your heart that if Siya falls in love with him, it’s all over between you two. Because she is not the kind of girl who will fool around with another man if she has one already. Whatever you guys have right now, you want to hold on to that. You like the way she makes you feel.” Victoria and Elizabeth smile at each other as they talk in detail about their nonsense theory.

“Yeah I agree with Victoria. Landon, marry this woman, I will give you 10 dollars.” Elizabeth says seriously making me laugh at her words.

I knew that she actually meant it.

Since her pregnancy, she has started betting 10 or 5 dollars on things for no reason at all. She says it keeps things interesting for her.

I don’t know what that means, and I didn’t bother asking because Nathan had already warned me that Elizabeth loves to argue. Period.

“Okay I am officially late, thanks to you girls. I have to get back to work, I have had enough jibber jabber for an entire month just in one day.” I say as I get up from my seat before hugging them both good bye.

I love them to death but I’d be lying if I say they didn’t annoy me, and they do it on purpose, I knew that.

I finally reach my office, it was around 5:30. I didn’t realize I was with Elizabeth and Victoria for so long. I asked my assistant if I have any meeting to which he thankfully said no. I was in mood to hear people talk.

“Mr. Chambers, you said a man named Jimmy Miller would come to drop off some files and that I should let him in your office but instead of him a woman came. I told her to wait for you but she insisted on just dropping off the files and leaving as she has a date. She arrived literally two minutes ago, she is still in your office. I also-“ I cut him off immediately as I could feel excitement build in me for some reason at the mention of a woman.

“Don’t disturb me, no matter what. I have very important things to discuss with her so keep in mind, don’t send anyone in.” I see fear flash in his eyes and he just nods his head at my warning.

I walk into my office and slowly close the door behind me so as to not make any noise.

I feel anger build inside me as I saw the dress she was wearing, for fucking George.

Really? What’s so damn special about him?

“Siya Rains. What the fuck are you wearing?” She jumps at my sudden and deep voice as the documents fall out of her hand. She turns around to face me and looked like a deer caught in headlights.

“Landon, I didn’t know you were going to be here, I swear to god. I called your office before coming to make sure you are not around. I swear I didn’t wear this on purpose, I was on my way to meet George and-“ Her eyes widen when she realizes she mentioned George’s name which I had asked her specifically not to do.

“I mean I was going out when Jimmy called in to ask for a favour to drop off these urgent documents and as it was on the way, I said okay.” She blabbed but I didn’t care about her reason.

I have to hand it to her. She walks in here like an innocent little lamb, having absolutely no clue that the big bad wolf will devour her. I look at her eyes which were filled with fear and excitement at the same time, they were so big and beautiful, they made her look like sweet little kitten that she is.

“Siya, I asked you to do just two things for me, one was don’t wear clothes that make me want to do ungodly things to you. Second, don’t talk about George or any other guy who is a romantic interest in your life and surprisingly you broke both of those rules.” I see her gulp as I approach her, she tries to move but I hold her in place by swiftly grabbing her by her waist.

“I am sorry.” She whisper cries at the closeness between us, with fear and arousal laced in her voice making me hard at the sight in front of me.

Damn, this woman will be the death of me.

“Sorry kitten, I don’t think sorry is going to cut it this time.” I hear her gasp loudly as I crudely bend her over my desk and push my erection in her, “Do you feel that? This is what you do to me! I think you should be punished for all the cold showers I had to take.” I hear her take a sharp intake of breath as I feel her waiting in anticipation for my next words.

I’ve imagined this so many fucking times in my thoughts. Her bent over at my will, helpless while I fuck her mercilessly, as she chants my name over and over again until that’s the only thing she remembers.

Damn it.

I raise her dress up so that I can get a good view of her ass, I feel her wiggle and struggle against me, making it more and more difficult to stop myself from ramming into her.

“I am going to spank you, so you learn your lesson.” I hear her whine as she continues to struggle, “Landon, I have learnt my lesson. I am sorry.” She pleads but I wasn’t having it anymore.

“Tell me honestly, did you wish that I would walk in on you in my office and see you were dressed like that just to get a reaction out of me? Don’t lie to me Siya!” I warn her as I deliver my first spank making her squeal loudly.

“Yes, I am sorry, I won’t do it again. I promise.” She cries out loud, not out of pain but with pleasure, as I spank her hard.

Innocent, my ass.

I swiftly turn her around again as I fix her dress for her. Her face was as red as a tomato. She looked embarrassed and flushed, but she had it coming.

“You can leave now, but no matter how hard you try, I am the only man who will be on your mind as you go on this date. Just keep remembering, the way I made you come that day without even touching you, as you desperately rode me to reach your peak.” I whisper in her ear as I nibble on the sensitive part of her neck before breathing her scent in which caused goosebumps to appear on her skin.

Her scent was so delicious and delicate. Just like her.

“Or today, the way I spanked you for being a bad little girl and teasing the hell out of me. Did you like it?” I questioned watching her avoid eye contact and shiver under my touch.

Fuck, this woman is extremely responsive.

“Landon, please.” She muttered almost inaudibly as her eyes close, too embarrassed to answer my question.

She pushed me with all the force she could muster before running out of the door to save herself from me.

Maybe Victoria was right.

I didn’t want her falling for George yet.

Because if she does, there is absolutely no chance of me ever sleeping with that sexy little tease.

And I needed to taste her and feel her under me at least once to get her out of my system.

She has managed to fascinate and entice me beyond my understanding

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